Generation 3-Jasmyn Tempest

As a young child Jasmyn wanted to travel, while on a trip to Champ Les Sims she has a seemingly minor injury.. Little does she know it will affect her married life.


Jasmyn’s Introduction

Chapter 1-Champs Les Sims

Chapter 2-Accidents Happen

Chapter 3-Birthday

Chapter 4-Inappropriate Guest

Chapter 5-Night Out

Chapter 6-New Job

Chapter 7-New Home, Same Town

Chapter 8-Unwarranted Attention

Chapter 9-Leaving

Chapter 10-Roxane’s Secret

Chapter 11-Escape

Chapter 12-Mafia Family

Chapter 13-Bachelorette Party

Chapter 14-Tempest-Logan

Chapter 15-Surprise

Chapter 16-Secrets

Chapter 17-Emmy

Chapter 18-Stalker

Chapter 19-Third Time Lucky

Chapter 20-How Many??

Chapter 21-Decisions


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