Generation 7-Mina Tempest


Mina is the daughter of Pandora and Stefan, her and her twin appear to have not inherited a vampire gene from either parent but it was noticed that the girls grew abnormally fast, her father considers them to be “Human Plus”, a human who is not 100% human but more 75% human and 25% something else. Mina currently resides in Lucky Palms working on an undisclosed project.


Mina’s Introduction

Chapter One-High School

Chapter Two-Great Expectations

Chapter Three-University

Chapter Four-Settling

Chapter Five-Disguise

Chapter Six-Exams

Chapter Seven-Home For The Holidays

Chapter Eight-Last Chance

Chapter Nine-Undisclosed

Chapter Ten-Crash

Chapter Eleven-Secrecy

Chapter Twelve-Impossible (Part One)

Chapter Twelve-Impossible (Part Two)

Chapter Thirteen-Back To Reality

Chapter Fourteen-Concerns


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