Gen 7:14 Concerns


“Hey darling, what have you got there?” I bent down to look at the doll Akima was playing with, it was cute in a hideous patchwork kind of way.

“Papa buy me dolly!” Akima gestured a chubby fist to Nico who was drinking his morning coffee and promptly choked on said coffee,

“Akima sweetie I’m not your papa!” Akima glared at him for a minute before turning back to her doll and singing to him,

“What’s your dolly’s name Akima?” I asked, frantically trying to shake of the discomfort of my daughter thinking Nico was her father.

“Rydder Googly-Boo.” She looked me straight in the eyes with a dead serious look on her face,

“Rydder?” She nodded. “Googly-Boo?” Akima nodded once more before picking up her song where she left.


“So is everything packed?”

“Almost, just got some clothes of mine upstairs to pack and then we can load up the truck!” Nico nodded and picked up Akima awkwardly, setting her down in a playpen in the shaded part of the front garden.


“Passports?” I nodded,

“You definitely handed in your notice two weeks ago?” Again I nodded,

“Like I’d forget that. You, my friend, are looking at an unemployed single mother!” Nico guffawed,

“Well, if you ever need anything..”

“I know. You’ll be on the first flight out!”

“Yes. And don’t forget I’m coming over for Christmas!” I smiled and pulled Nico into a hug,


“How am I supposed to cope without you Nico?”

“You’ll be fine Mimi.”


“Shh baby girl, try to get some sleep, it’s going to be a long flight for you!” Akima folded her arms and frowned,

“No sleep. Wanna play with Googly-Boo!” I kissed Akima’s cheek and placed her into her seat next to me, pulling Rydder from my bag and setting him next to her. Soon enough Akima fell asleep with her arms around her doll. I stayed awake the entire flight. God knows how I’ll explain having a two year old daughter in the space of 18 months.


“Mina! And who’s this little monkey?”

“Her name’s Akima,”

“Oh sweetheart you should have told us you were adopting!” Mum scooped Akima out of my arms and pulled her close for a cuddle.


“Er. Mum, she’s mine.”

“Oh, haha, don’t be obtuse Mina!”

“Look at her and tell me she’s not mine.” Mum lifted her head from Akima’s and studied her face while dad and Sophia stood behind her, jaws hanging.


“Can we go inside and I’ll explain.” I took Akima back from mum and everyone sat down in the living room as I explained the ludicrous story of how Akima came to be, but mum and dad weren’t that disbelieving, after all they used to be vamps and they are friends with werewolves, to question the existence of aliens, to them, was stupid. Sophia was the hardest to convince until Akima walked straight over to her and said clear as day,

“Auntie Soph-soph!” and pointed to her face, beaming at her, Sophia laughed and pulled her onto her lap,

“Yes sweetheart, I’m your auntie!”


After a few hours the truck arrived and dad and Sophia helped me unload while mum was feeding Akima, who was going to be seriously spoilt for as long as we lived here! By the time we’d unpacked it was well past Akima’s bedtime so I had to separate her and her apparent family favourite, Sophia. She wriggled as I took her upstairs,

“No bed! Kima not tired!”

“Come on baby girl, just ten minutes?”

“No!” As she tried to protest again she gave a huge yawn and I laughed at her,

“You sure you’re not tired?”

“I not tired!”


I settled Akima down with Rydder and she drifted off almost straight away, I stood beside the cot, rocking on my heels, making sure she was asleep before going back downstairs to where everyone had assembled in the living room at my request,

“Okay, so I have some bad news.”

I explained to my family about the situation and they agreed that the best plan of action was to wait and see, nothing was definite but that property purchasing was a must. Mum and I, acting as joint leaders, chose St Clare’s to relocate to, it would be perfect for future generations, but we were only able to buy a small cottage on a large lot due to overcrowding in the town, mum shrugged and said it was better than nothing and I agreed.



“Hey Akima, what day is it today?”

“My birrday!!”She clapped her hands and I smiled at her, her 6th birthday in Sunlit Tides, her growing had slowed down when she tuned 3 and now she’s hardly even a toddler, after a little “incident” on her first birthday here we chose to always have family parties. We were waiting on Hannah and Darius who had been delayed by Ariel falling down the stairs, she’s fine, just a combination of unlucky and clumsy the poor kid!


“Okay Akima are you ready to blow out the candles?” Mum passed Akima to me and I helped her to reach the cake,


“Oh plumbob! Not this again!” We all ducked behind a sofa as sparkles enveloped Akima and her small body seemed to explode, I was the first to peer over and did a double take,


“So does this happen every milestone birthday or something?” Akima shrugged,

“I don’t know, but boy was that uncomfortable! Can I open my presents now?” She didnt even wait for an answer, she just ran straight to the pile of gifts and clicked her fingers, one present appeared to unwap itself,

“Hey! No cheating! Unwrap them properly that’s part of fun!” Hannah laughed at Akima’s impatience

“For you maybe.. mortal!” She grinned over at Hannah who burst out laughing,

“Sweetheart, I’m not mortal, trust me!”

As seemed to be the theme with all of her other birthdays Akima was spoiled by everyone, even receiving cards from the neighbors. On particular card had been withheld from Akima after I noticed the stamp was from Lucky Palms.


After we’d tidied up I settled down in the office to read the letter, I was probably overreacting but Nico always emailed us on Akima’s birthday, he’d never sent us a letter. I ripped it open and a small slip of paper fell out, landing face down.

“Soon” read the paper, in handwriting that I couldn’t quite place.


Gen 7:9 Undisclosed


“Man I can’t believe we wont be coming back here again!”

“I know it’s so sad!” Sophia nodded as we packed the last of our things into suitcases and closed our bedroom door for one last time. The girls were all saying their goodbyes downstairs, with mascara running down their faces and screeches of promising to visit, Daphne turned to us,

“You girls better have a spare room because you sure as hell aren’t keeping me away from Sunlit Tides! I’ll be over next Christmas!” Daphne smiled at us both and pulled us into a hug.




“So you’ll bring all my clothes to my house while I’m at work?”

“Yes Soph! Now go, you can’t be late for your first day on the job!” Soph grinned and dashed out to her car. Since we’d come back we’d both been offered very good jobs, well Sophia had. I’d been offered a job in an undisclosed project out in Lucky Palms, I knew it paid well and that’s about the only thing I knew. I’d be given a house with all expenses paid for me, and they would explain everything when I got to Lucky Palms. I accepted after mum and dad had contacted the people offering me a job to make sure it wasn’t a scam or anything.


The minute Sophia and I came home from Uni she bought a house of her own, a small two bedroomed place near the ocean, we’d been helping her move her stuff bit by bit over the course of a few weeks and we’d arranged to get it all set up for her before she came home from work so our first plan of action was to set up a baby swing for Ariel, Hannah and Darius’ daughter since neither of them could find a sitter and they were both determined to help.


After an hour or so of manoeuvring sofas and chairs, Vince, Darius and dad had completed the living room while mum, Hannah and I had finished the kitchen and dining room. The whole time Ariel had watched us, in almost eerie silence, Hannah whispered that it sometimes unnerved her when Ariel was as quiet as that, as she spoke Hannah scooped Ariel up and sat on the sofa with her to feed her,


By the time Sophia came home at 7pm we had completely finished the whole house and were all collapsed on the sofa in her living room, trying to keep our eyes open,

“Guys!! You didn’t have to do this!”

“Nonsense, no daughter of mine is sleeping on the floor!”

“But I would have managed!”

“Soph shut up and get over it.” Sophia laughed and plonked herself on my lap,

“So who’s cooking dinner?” A collective groan rose up in the room as she began dialling a number for pizza, before scooping up Ariel and giving her a huge cuddle,

“How’s my favourite fanged niece doing?” Ariel made a soft cooing sound and we all smiled, Ariel and Sophia were almost enviably close, sometimes I think Ariel may actually prefer Sophia to Hannah.


“Thank you all for coming, and also for insisting on paying for my pizza!”

“No problem, Mina wont let us help out with her move so its the least we can do helping you!”

“Dad, I’m moving to Lucky Palms. Not a 10 minute drive away!”

“Stef stop winding her up, come on, we need to help Mina pack in the morning anyway so lets head home! Night Sophia, see you bright and early tomorrow!”

Bloated with an obscene amount of pizza we all waddled in unison to dad’s car, as we drove off I felt as if half of me was missing, this was gonna be the first time in my life I haven’t lived with Soph. And when I move out to Lucky Palms I’ll probably only see her via the internet and on holidays.


Our room felt so weird without her prancing about and generally acting like an ass, but at least I’ll be able to get to sleep at a reasonable hour for once! Or so I thought, I rolled over and glanced at the clock, 2:00am, as I rolled back over my phone light up and I saw a text from Sophia. We stayed up for a while texting until I heard birds tweeting and began to actually feel sleepy,


meme-from-iphonetextgenerator (1)


After what felt like maybe 10 minutes of sleep mum and dad woke me up to finish packing up anything I wanted to take with me to Lucky Palms, which incidentally wasn’t a lot.



Holy plumbob! This house is huge! I have two living rooms! Why on earth would I need two? I found a letter on my kitchen table explaining all terms of tenancy basically no parties in which the house could get destroyed, any pets or children must be supervised at all times etc etc. I went upstairs to go check that all my furniture I’d picked out was here, yup all present and correct.


This house is technically two houses that are joined together by a bridge/corridor thing so I decided to go inspect the other and found another fully furnished bedroom with a half wall nursery built in.


Of course. They know I’m part of a legacy family.. But I’m hardly planning on having kids while I’m here! Oh well. I suppose it’ll be useful if Hannah and Darius ever come to stay. As I played with the mobile hanging above the cot my doorbell rang so I dashed downstairs and found a guy at my door,



“Mina Tempest! It’s Jonathon Davis! We spoke on the phone?”

“Oh yes, please come in!”

“I just came to make sure you’re all settled in, which it appears you are. Is everything to your liking?”

“Um yes? I was just wondering as to why there’s a nursery though?”

“Well you are part of a legacy family so we assumed that you would have children, which reminds me, my adoptive brother is a nanny, so if you ever do need a nanny, here’s his card.”

“Oh, er, thanks?”


“No problem, anyway I’ll leave you to get properly settled down and I’ll see you in the labs tomorrow where we’ll explain what’s going on!”

Gen 7:6 Exams


“You ready for the exam tomorrow Soph?”

“I will be, when I finish this cheat sheet!”


“Shut up Mimi. You’re not mum!”

“I’m not trying to be! But if you get caught you’re screwed!”

“I won’t get caught! Aand done!” Sophia finished her sheet and then threw herself on her bed,


“Are you going to get your nose out of that book any time soon Mina?”

“Another hour. Then I’ll go to sleep.”

“Okay well, I’m going to bed now so keep it down!”

“I’m reading a book Soph.. That’s hardly death metal.” Sophia grunted and slid under her sheets, turning away from me. After an hour I put my textbook on my side table and slid under my blankets, turning off my light as I did so.


“Sophia come on! We’ve gotta get down to the gym in 40 minutes!”

“Urgh,” Sophia rolled out of bed and stumbled into our bathroom, leaving me to do some last minute cramming.


“Good luck, womb buddy!” Sophia shoved my hat over my eyes playfully as we ran into the gym. As soon as the test began I heard her shift from behind me but thankfully none of the invigilators  had noticed. I made my way steadily through the test when a piece of paper fell on the floor from behind me. Immediately invigilators grabbed Soph’s exam paper and walked away with it.


I tried to find Sophia after the exam but I was told she was in the Dean’s office and wouldn’t be out for a few hours.


“Soph what happened?!”

“I got caught. My exam is void but I’m allowed to do it again when it comes around to final exams. They phoned mum and dad. I’m in big trouble when we go back home.”


Our results were emailed to us, I wanted to throw up when my inbox pinged. I made Sophia open it and her eyes widened in surprise.

“Oh Mimi..”

“What?? How bad is it?”

“You got a D.” A D? How did this happen? I revised all week!

“Mimi it’s okay. You can make up the grade during final exams!” I humphed and flopped down on the sofa, sulking like a spoilt child. It was silly to get so upset but I know I can do so much better than a D!




After she was caught cheating Sophia actually began studying for the exams, she even taught me a couple of study techniques! Sophia also began to spend more time with me and set aside saturday nights to either force me into going out or just watching movies with me, one night she turned to me, grinning,

“Lets go out tonight!”

“Urgh not another party Soph!”

“No, there’s a new tattoo bar opened, lets get tatted!”

“Sophia, do you honestly think that getting a tattoo is high on my list of priorities?”

“No, but we’re young and reckless, so lets go twinny!”


The second we got into the car I began to suspect Sophia was a tiny bit off her ass. She turned on the stereo and began blasting out Young Volcanoes by Fall Out Boy,

“We are wild, we are like young volcanoes. We are wild, Americana, exotica, come on Mina take it away!!”

“Sophia turn it down!!”

“No it goes, ‘Do you wanna feel a little beautiful baby?’!”

Sighing heavily I raised my hands and shouted, “Yeah!” Sophia laughed as we sang along, horrendously out of tune. We entered the tattoo bar and Sophia began pointing out designs and insisting we get something ‘twinny’.


Eventually Sophia picked a design that was actually pretty cute, two swallows flying towards each other, Sophia got hers on the back of her shoulder blades, while I chose to have mine on my thighs.


Gen 7:5 Disguise


“Mina are you going to continue ignoring me?”

“I’m not ignoring you.”

“Mina, I was drunk! Big deal!”


“You promised mum.” I fixed the feather in my hair and tried to leave the room when Sophia grabbed my wrist,

“Dude seriously? Are you jealous of me or something?” I yanked my wrist away,

“Hurry up, the party’s starting soon.” I left the room and wobbled down the stairs on my new shoes.


“Where’s Sophia?”

“She’ll be down in a minute Daph, when is everyone arriving?” As soon as I asked the doorbell rang and the room began to fill up, I saw Sophia talking to the guy from last night and rolled my eyes, making a beeline for the keg, where Patricia was doing a kegstand, supported by Geri, I stayed for a while, even doing a kegstand myself before I became to uncomfortable to stay inside so I decided to go sit by the bonfire for a bit, and keep an eye out for Jimmy.


After a few minutes of watching drunken jocks throw herbs into the bonfire I stood up to leave but as I turned I found Alyssa and Jimmy wrapped around each other near the tree,


I stormed away from the fire and back to the keg where I began replacing any fluid in my body with alcohol, if Sophia could do it, then so could I! Almost in an instant my world became a bit brighter, I tried to walk and found my legs felt slightly jellylike, I staggered over to the sofa and tripped, finding myself on Geri’s lap,

“Mimi, are you okay?”

“I’m fine.. Better than fine.”


My head is pounding, what the hell happened last night? I struggled to sit up and found various people sleeping on the floor near me, I crept into the kitchen and began making coffee when some hands found my waist,

“You changed your costume Mina?”

“What? Jimmy get off!”

“That’s not what you said last night! And you were a fairy yesterday!”

“No I wasn’t Jimmy. This was my costume all night!”


“Then who the hell was I kissing by the bonfire? Oh god it wasn’t Sophia was it?!”

“No. It was Alyssa. Jimmy you should leave.”


“Just go, I’ve gotta start cleaning up.”


I’d cleaned up the kitchen when Sophia staggered in, shoving past me, and throwing up in the sink.

“Mimi. I think I might be pregnant.”

“What? Sophia that’s not possible! You wouldn’t be throwing up already!”

“No. Before we came here.”

“Oh you idiot! Come on!” I grabbed her arm and pulled her into the car,

“Where are we going?”

“I’m taking you to the doctors, we cant go round thinking you’re pregnant. We need to know now.”


“You know, you could have let me put some shoes on Mimi.”

“Sorry.. I’m just a little panicked, how can you be so calm?? You could be pregnant!” As she turned to answer me her doctor entered the room.

“Miss Tempest?” I pulled Sophia up, we’d be sitting waiting for the results for the past 20 minutes, Sophia’s hands clammy against mine, as we walked into the doctor’s office.

“Your test result was negative Miss Tempest. I’m afraid it doesn’t seem like you could ever conceive.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, based on your test result, it would seem you lack one of the hormones necessary to support a foetus to full term.”

“Oh. Well I guess mum’s screwed if you die Mimi.” The doctor handed Sophia some leaflets after she stated she never wants children anyway.

“Soph are you sure you’re okay?”

“I’m fine Mimi. Like I said, lucky mum didn’t pick me to be heiress. Now can we go into town and get me some goddamned shoes? And then maybe a coffee?”


“Shall we go back to the dorm and tell mum and dad?”

“We’re going home soon. We can tell them then. And hey, I’m going to save a fortune on birth control in the long run!”

Gen 7:4 Settling

Our first weeks at Uni were uneventful, we settled in quickly and began to enjoy the independence of university.


On our fourth week Daphne had called us all into the living room and announced that it was her birthday soon and wanted a costume party, so we all began party planning, besides the freshers evenings this would be the first uni party on campus so it needed to be HUGE.

I had noticed that Sophia was not really spending a lot of time with me anymore, she was out at the bowling alley with her friends, often leaving me in our room to study alone. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t miss her but it’s not fair of me to keep her away from her friends.


It was friday night, so obviously Sophia would be out at the bowling alley and then the bar with the guys, I sighed, settling down at the desk to get some revision in when I heard a knock,

“Mina? It’s Jemma, can I come in?”

“Sure!” I shut my laptop lid and spun round so I faced the door, Jemma leaned on the door fame,

“Sophia’s out again?”

“Of course,”

“Do you mind if I hang out with you in here for a while, Patricia’s brought one of the fraternity boys over?”

I gestured to the sofa in my room,

“Feel free!” She flopped down on the sofa and examined the room,


“Nice place!”

“Our parents decorated, worried we’d miss our mother’s ‘home touch’.” She nodded once more, we must have stayed talking for a few hours about unimportant things until a crash downstairs alerted us to my twin’s return home, we heard Daphne going downstairs and making sure she was okay.


“She’s utterly hammered. Again. Mina you should go talk to her.”

“I’ll talk to her in the morning. I can’t stand her when she’s drunk.” Daphne shrugged,

“Well, she’s on the sofa downstairs, I tried to bring her up here but she told me to leave her alone. Although not so politely.”

“I’m so sorry Daphne!” She smiled,

“It’s no problem Mina, anyway, I’m gonna hit the sack.. after all it’s my birthday tomorrow!” She left and shortly after Jemma followed.





Urgh. I suppose I better go check on the alcoholic now, I crept downstairs, knowing she’d still be passed out, but I wasn’t expecting to find her how I did, curled up on the murphy bed with some random guy,


Mina’s Introduction


My name is Mina Sky Tempest. My middle name of Sky comes from my grandmother who sacrificed herself in order to save my mother. I’m not really sure I want to be heiress… Children don’t really interest me, that’s not to say I dislike children, I just can’t see myself ever being a mother. My social awkwardness is most likely to drive away any potential suitors anyway! I have a twin sister called Sophia who wants to be a cop one day, me? I want to be a scientist! I want to unlock the secrets of the universe!

Gen 6:14 The Photoshoot

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