Gen 7:13 Back To Reality


“Nico! Did you get that?”

“Yes. Foods ready in the fridge and she needs a nap today at 3pm.”

“Okay, thanks, and please make sure she gets that nap, she was cranky last night!” Nico nodded and then waved me towards the door,

“Mina, hurry up you’ve got work!”

“I don’t know if I can face Ronan though.. He’s back from Venice today.”

“Girl, you’re going to walk into that lab, smug as hell that you have a stunning baby girl and you are going to work like its for sale and the rent’s due!”

“The rent is due Nico!”

“Well that’ll help make you work a bit harder!”


Nico knows everything about Akima, sure he didn’t believe at first but I guess he has no choice since he saw what Akima could do… I pull up at work and scurry into my lab trying to go unnoticed, thankfully it works and no one sees me. I pull out my phone intending to turn it off and find myself staring at my screensaver of Akima, she’s absolutely stunning, she infatuates everyone she sees, especially Nico. Baby girl has that man wrapped around her little finger, he spoils her absolutely rotten but I suppose since I’m not there it’s a good thing!


Briefing today had been short, get on with your own research had been the directive, but I had no major projects to do. I tapped my desk idly before switching on my computer, let’s see how home’s doing.


I went onto the Sunlit Tides server system and watched the live cam of the island, smiling to myself as I thought of my parents out in the garden, dad now enjoying his early retirement and mum taking care of her garden. I explored the island for a bit before I found myself staring at the bottom of the volcano, the one place I’d never been allowed. Curiosity caught me and I scrolled my way to the top, huh. That’s weird. There’s a lot more smoke than usual, not as if its anywhere near close to erupting but strange even so. I minimised the live cam and began reading up on the volcano.


“Although Mt. Dollow is unlikely to erupt in the near future, it remains an uncomfortable truth that Sunlit Tides is very much a ticking time bomb of disaster, a truth that many residents choose to ignore.” It was like ice and had been shot through my veins. That was my home. Most of my family history is there. How could no one ever tell me? My fingers worked faster than my brain now, calculations, charts, research, I barely remember focusing. I stepped back from my white board and looked over the equations, 50 years. That’s all it would take. Shit. 70 years at best before the volcano would erupt, before the ground would shake and split. 70 years before Sunlit Tides is wiped off the map completely.



Gen 7:12 Impossible Part 1


I rolled over and winced at the sunlight coming in through my window, urgh my skin’s getting more sensitive. As I rolled back over onto my shaded side my stomach gave a twist and I ran to the bathroom,


“Mina? Are you alright?”

“I’m just a bit ill, that’s all. Don’t worry G.”

“Oh good, it worked.”

“Excuse me?”

“You asked me for a child, I granted your wish, did I do something wrong?”


“How exactly did you do that?”

“ETP, then DM.”

“Yeah, explain that in a human terms.”

“ETP is embryo transferral, that embryo is 100% of my DNA so I did a DNA merge so the child would receive around 50% from each of us, anymore and then it lacks viability.”


“So, I’m pregnant?” I rubbed the back of my neck with my hand, this is going to put a spanner in the works in terms of I don’t know, my entire life!

“Yes, and it may be worth noting that this pregnancy is highly advanced, I mean normal alien gestation time is probably 3 hours, but because she is half alien, I estimate the time at maybe 3 days?”


“Well you’re in a matriarchal family, Mina.”


This is insane, I’m like 14 hours pregnant and yet I’m already in maternity wear, how on earth do I explain this to Ronan? Or my family? Oh god Soph’s going to kill me.

Gen 7:8 Last Chance


“Hello? Anyone else back yet?” Sophia called out once we were inside, we heard a door open and a girl came running down the stairs,


“Hey guys!!”


“The one and only, like the toned down hair?”

“Love it! It’s very different!” Daphne smiled at us and then gestured to the stairs,

“Well go get unpacked and get changed, the rest of the girls should be arriving soon and we’re going out to a bonfire party on the beach!” Eventually all the others arrived and at like 9pm we made our way down to the beach, it looked so odd now that it was completely empty! Usually its ram packed but it is the middle of the night!


Since being home with my parents I realised how much I actually enjoyed the parties Daphne threw, she knew how to keep all her guests entertained. Since this was the last term Sophia and I would have we knew we had to make the most of it, and for Sophia that involved streaking while completely out of her tree, for me that involved trying not to get so drunk I wouldn’t wake up with no recollection of what had happened. As I looked over at Sophia I saw her getting a finger wagging from a police officer who told her that streaking is an offence, and all my dear sister was doing was yawning in his face!


When I saw her being dragged off to the car I quickly ran after them and spoke with the officer, claiming Sophia had a mental handicap, thankfully he believed me but insisted that Sophia was taken back to the sorority with someone to look after her, I was about to volunteer when Patricia pulled me back and insisted she went with them. She wouldn’t listen to me protesting, just told Jemma to go get me another drink.


“Hey Mina! How’s the family? I mean.. besides Sophia.” Alyssa had come running over to me,

“They’re good, although mum and dad decided to completely disturb Sophia and I with their PDA’s. Yours?”


“Well, mum and dad decided to drop the bomb that they’re getting divorced. Over Christmas dinner, in front of my grandma, so that was eventful. Mum wants me to move to France with her.”

“Ah man, Lyss I’m so sorry to hear that!” Alyssa shrugged,

“Like I didn’t know anyway. You begin to get suspicious when your dad starts sleeping in your brother’s room.”


Most of us staggered home when the sun began to rise, all of us aching for our beds, as we all stumbled through the door Daphne grinned at everyone,

“And that, ma petites enfants, is how you return to uni!” Her comment was met with various groans and moans of needing sleep and final exams.


“Hey nerd, get up, Daph’s making breakfast!” Sophia threw a cushion at me and I reluctantly slid out of bed, half crawling down the stairs,


“So I was thinking, we can go on a study night to the library tonight? Never to early to start preparing, besides dad will flip shit if we fail the finals!” I nodded, sleepily chewing on the pancakes Daphne had made for everyone. After a while the sugar rush kicked in and I found a quiet room to study in.




“C’mon loser! Exam day!” Sophia sat up, her hair sticking up in all directions, and she stumbled into the bathroom, coming out an hour later,

“How long do we have?”

“50 minutes, but we’ll need to leave in about half an hour.” She nodded and returned to the bathroom to brush her teeth.


“Good luck Mimi!”

“You too Soph!”


“So how did that go?” I asked Sophia as she pulled me into a hug,

“It wasn’t that bad actually! You?” I shrugged, I’d found it easy, now all we had to do was wait till the end of the week thanks to the University’s grading system. The week was a tense one, Daphne threw no parties and we were all pent up by results day,


With shaking hands I opened my emails, and burst out laughing, I’d passed! With flying colours apparently! Grinning, I turned to Sophia who was sitting on the floor, she read her email intently, then her face cracked into a grin,

“Looks like this bitch isn’t getting disinherited anytime soon!” We phoned our parents who cried down the phone, because they were so proud I hope. They also told us Hannah had given birth to a girl who she had named Ariel, she was perfectly healthy, and Hannah was coping just fine, although she was looking forward to having two babysitters on dial when we came home the next week.

Happy Holidays From The Tempest Family!

I wish everyone a very merry Christmas and a fabulous new year! I was trying to come up with a fun kind of christmasy thing to do with Tempest but I couldn’t think of anything except from doing some family holiday cards, so I chose to do one featuring all the leaders, including Mina!


Again, wishing you all a merry christmas and thank you so much for reading Tempest and giving me honest feedback :’)


Gen 7:7 Home for the Holidays


“There’s my girls!!” Dad came running out the door behind mum and swept us both into his arms,

“Where are Hannah and Darius?” As Sophia spoke we saw Hannah waddling towards the door, smiling at us”

“Come in girls! You’ll catch your death of cold!”

“Dad! The twins are home!” Hannah called down the stairs into the basement and Vince came up shortly, his hair now greyed and signs of aging now visible, it took me a second to realise why Vince had aged, but once I looked into his eyes it was clear. He had given up vampirism.


It broke my heart to see Vince looking so low, but at least he had mum and dad to take care of him, and judging by the size of Hannah it was obvious that he’d have a grandchild to look after soon enough.

 Mum and dad essentially bundled us both into the house while Darius grabbed all our luggage. Mum called us into the kitchen and handed us some cookies,

“So you didn’t bring any friends home for Christmas dinner?” We shook our heads, and mum smiled,

“Well then lets hope everyones hungry because even Vince had trouble carrying this turkey in, I mean.. before he..” We both nodded, sparing mum the awkwardness but Sophia spoke up,

“Why did he give it up?”

“He told me he saw no point in living till the end of time itself if he couldn’t spend it with someone he loved and he doesn’t think he could ever find someone else.” As mum finished her sentence, Vince entered the room,

“You gossiping about me again Pan?” He smiled at mum, it didn’t reach his eyes but it was close enough.


Mum giggled slightly and dad came into the room, frowning slightly at Vince, before grabbing some beer out of the fridge,

“Ahem. Stefan, it’s 4 in the afternoon, put it back!” Dad smiled over at mum and put the beer back before sweeping mum up into his arms and planting a movie style kiss on her, Sophia and I gagged and laughed from behind them. We got up and went into our bedroom to unpack, the bunk beds still standing, in the bedding we had had since we were kids.


“Girls when you’re done unpacking could you come into my office for just a second? We need to have a talk about your grades.” We both nodded and shortly went into his office, he’d converted Hannah’s old room into the basement to an office space.


Dad looked up from his laptop when we entered the room and closed the lid,

“Sit down please,” we took the seats he gestured towards,


“So. Your grades, not so hot eh girls?”

“Dad I-.”

“Let me finish. I know you two are very bright girls, and these exams are only worth 15% of your final grade so obviously your mother and I are not too upset about your grade, Mina. However, Sophia, if you dare even consider trying to cheat again we will disinherit you. That, my dear, is a promise.”

Sophia bowed her head and nodded,

“There’s no point in even trying to pretend I could be a spare.”

“Soph don’t be ridiculous, you can be spare as long as you aren’t cheating on tests.”

“Dad I cant be spare. I’m infertile.”


“Sophia how do you know that?”

“I had a scare at uni.. Mina took me to the doctors. I don’t have the required hormones to support a child to full term. So disinherit me here and now.”

“Sophia.. I’m sorry. I didn’t know! You aren’t going to be disinherited for being infertile, and as for being spare you know that area is nothing to do with me. Mina, go get your mother.”


“Sophia, sweetheart whats wrong?”

“Mum I can’t be spare.”

“What are you talking about?”

“I can’t have children. So there is no point in having me as spare.”


“Oh darling! You don’t need to carry the child yourself for her to be heiress! Didn’t I ever tell you about your great great grandma Emily?”

“Yes but didn’t her grandmother have a problem with her being heiress because she wasn’t seen as a full Tempest? Hell, are we even Tempests?”

“Yes you are. Don’t let anyone ever tell you you aren’t. Emily was binded to the family, allowing genes from even Rose to be passed down to us. That counts.”

“Whatever. I would never want to be leader anyway.”


“Well then you’d best pray that Mina doesn’t die before she’s provided an heiress. If this is what you want then fine. You are no longer spare. Hannah’s daughter, when she’s born will take over that title.” Sophia nodded, resting her head on her hand, she didn’t look unhappy, she looked peaceful.



“Girls, Santa’s been!!” Mum gently shook us to wake us up and groggily we followed her downstairs where Hannah lay on the sofa with Darius sitting on the floor in front of her. Presents were handed out and soon we began tucking into christmas lunch. During the lunch I noticed Hannah shifting about and rubbing her bump a lot. After dinner we all returned into the living room where Hannah took up her position on the sofa once more, with Darius by her feet.


“You okay Hannah?”

“Yup, this baby appears to think my bladder is some kind of trampoline though!” She smiled over at Darius, who returned her smile within an instant. Sophia and I flopped down onto some pillows on the floor, as dad began messing around with the tv, attempting to put on some christmasy dvds, eventually mum pushed him out of the way and got the dvd to play within seconds. Dad pulled mum into his arms while Vince sat in a rocking chair next to Hannah, who had now fallen asleep. Sure the tension between dad and Vince did make things awkward but this was probably one of the most peaceful christmases I’ve ever had.

Gen 6:11 Rage


“Your move. Child.” Angelo smirked, expecting me to walk away, to back down. But to his surprise I leaped onto him, pinning him to the floor and sank my teeth into his neck, his guards formed around us,

“No guards. I can handle him.” Angelo shoved me off and pushed me to the other side of the garden, making me crash into the fence with a loud thud,

“You didn’t even buy me dinner before biting me! Did you learn no manners from me?” Angelo walked towards me and picked me up by my throat,

“Now, shall we try again?” He dropped me abruptly and once more took up his defensive stance and once more I lunged for his neck this time with my hands, digging my now lengthening nails into his neck, black blood spurted out from his veins and he made an odd gurgling sound as I dug my nails deeper into his throat as I pushed him to the ground.


I knew this wouldn’t kill him, but it would sure as heck hurt him. Once more he wrenched me off, blood now spurting from his neck injury. I needed to either burn him or stake him, Angelo’s guards were now crowding around him but again he sent them away,

“You fight when I tell you to fight you imbeciles!! You know full well he can’t kill me!” Angelo then moved slightly, almost turning his back to me. Big mistake, I leapt onto his back and pushed him into the ground,

“Don’t be so sure old man. You forget who trained me.” I grabbed him once more by his throat but this time dragged him to our tree, his blood burning the grass as it stained it, I shoved him against the tree,

“Funny. It almost seems like you want to die. To finally be with your whore.” Angelo tried to growl but it sounded like a tiny kitten’s mew compared to what he is capable of.

“Finish me then. Inherit everything I own.”

“You think I’m not strong enough to do it. You underestimate the lengths I would go to, to protect your daughter. In fact, no. You’re not her father. You’re a sperm donor and a monster.” Angelo smirked,

“Such kind words from such a lovely young man. You forget that I only got to where I am today by murdering my leaders. You will become just like me. Bitter, old and twisted. So go ahead, kill me. And become everything I was.”


Without thinking I jumped, giving into the rage that had built up inside, pulling Angelo with me and impaled him on a branch. Straight through his heart. His body went limp instantly and the blood dripping from his throat dried up. I landed in front of the tree,

“Go home. All of you. Locke, take over from Angelo and I swear if I see any of you low life scum hanging around here again, I will kill you where you stand.” The guards ran as fast as they could, leaving Rachel standing before me, she took a step closer and held up her palms,

“I promise. I mean you no harm.”

“Leave. Now.”

“Stefan, please, listen to me.”

“You have two minutes.”

“I’m not married to Angelo.”

“The rings on your finger say otherwise.”

“I’m married to Vince. That baby in the newspaper? Her name is Hannah, she’s mine and Vince’s daughter. Angelo threatened to kill her if we didn’t go along with saying Hannah was his.”

“Hannah, the Hannah my son plays with?” She nodded,

“I’m so sorry.”

“Get off of my property. Now.”

“Stefan, Pandora is in labor, and something is wrong. Let me stay to help her, please. Vince is already down there with her, I made him go down while you were distracted. He wouldn’t hurt her.” I ran down into the basement and threw the door open and off it’s hinges to find Pandora kneeling by the sofa with Vincent next to her comforting her,


“What’s wrong?”

“She says she feels like one of the babys isn’t in the right position and it’s blocking the other one.” I knelt by Pandora,

“Shh its okay. We’re going to take you to hospital now okay? Just close your eyes and hold onto me.” I embraced her before scooping her up into my arms,


I asked Pan to close her eyes until we were at the hospital, she didn’t need to see the state of the garden right now. Rachel and Vince followed us in their car, making sure none of Angelo’s followers were hanging about. Pan was in agony and was screaming that she had lost her baby as she was taken away into a delivery suite. I was asked to wait in the waiting room by one of the senior nurses who had a very serious expression on her face. I sat beside Rachel and Vince, and prepared myself for the worst.


But, I’m pleased to announce that at 9pm.. Pandora and I welcomed our twin daughters, Mina and Sophia into the world. The nurses explained that Mina’s butt had got stuck on the way out and then she had stopped moving, making Pandora think that she had lost her. Mina and Sophia both had to be delivered by C-section due to this complication, meaning Pandora was still pretty damn woozy when I came into the room to see the girls. The girls had been put in identical babygrows and only the names on the cribs could tell me which one was which,


Mina Sky Tempest


Sophia Elizabeth Tempest