My Legacy Rules

Since every legacy is different I decided I would make my own rules but add some of the original Sims 3 Legacy Creator, Pinstar1161’s ideas to it. If you wish to read the standard rules click here.

But here are my rules,

1. My legacy shall continue up to 10 generations or further (max. 12 generations)

2. I can switch households to make my sims marry into another legacy family but this is not to be done in excess

3.I can use cheat codes to take away money or while building. Mood cheats are allowed if more than 3 people in the household are in red.

4.I can use custom sims for the family, I’m not only limited to townies.

5. If more than one appropriate heir is available then an heir poll shall be held for 4-24 hours, the most voted for then becomes the heir


Now for the more in-game rules

1. Any child born out of wedlock is deemed illegitimate whether born of the leader or not.

2. The spare may have children but these, like children born out of wedlock, are not allowed to be heir

3. The leader may remarry

4. No male is allowed to lead, this is a matriarchy

5. If the heir should die and the leader is unable to produce another, the female spare will take over, if the only sibling is a male then he must provide an heiress who is born within wedlock and she will take over. If the heir dies the current leader carries on until there is an heiress

6. The family graveyard plot must not be destroyed under any circumstances.

7. Only the heiress/leader is allowed a profession, all other sims must have stable careers.

8. Divorce is highly frowned upon


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