A Small Favour (Research Project)

Hello there readers!


It’s been, well, years since we last saw the Tempest family and unfortunately, they have now been lost to computer upgrades. But I’m not here to talk about the Tempests I’m here to ask a favour, I am in my final year of university, and am undertaking a dissertation project in which I am exploring shock tactics and propaganda in relation to their impact on animal welfare. In layman’s terms, I am trying to see if upsetting images make people more aware of animal welfare.

Part of this project features a survey and I would be unbelievably grateful if you would consider taking part! https://goo.gl/forms/xL2RmYDtkY9pbDWV2

So grateful I may consider putting a new story up very soon 😉


Anyone There?

Holy crabcakes its been like two months since I last updated. O.O Why you may ask? Well I’ve just finished the first part of my A-Level exams so I’m taking a break from a lot of stuff to just sleep! Also my mum recently gave birth to  my new brother so I’ve been spending lots of time with him. And finally, I am kind of running out of steam with the story currently. Hopefully I’ll have an update for you tomorrow but if not I do still float around on the app, the only problem is it takes like 5 bajillion years to even like a post so rest assured I am still reading all your wonderful works!

*big squishy internet hugs* Mollie xx

Two Years Of Tempest?!

Hello there lovely reader!

Today is a huge day for Tempest, why? You may ask. Well, it is two years to this day that I hurriedly uploaded my first crappy post to this blog thinking I could do a legacy in a few weeks. Since then Tempest has had:

3 game breaks wherein I’ve had to reinstall

22 births including spares

2 world moves

4 abandoned storylines

and one leader who has social awkwardness!

So in honour of this fantabulous day I’ve organised some festivities for us all, first of all is a new post here, and we also have this post. Some of you may remember last year when I picked my top 3 moments from every generation and gave you a sneak peak of what was to come. This year, not only are you getting a sneak peek but you’re also getting a cheap budget version of the Simmy’s! Now I know I didn’t give any of you a chance to vote but hey! Deal with it! 😉 There are 7 categories (one for every generation) and spares are included!


So first of all we have the nominees for, “Coldest Leader”


The nominees are;

Rose for her lack of care towards her parents deaths

Emmy, following James’ death

Skylar for her demanding to be turned into a werewolf

And the winner is… Rose Tempest, our founding mother!



Wasting no time we now have the nominees for, “Best Love Story”


The nominees are;

Jasmyn and Tek

Emmy and James

Pandora and Stefan

And the winner is… Emmy and James, whose love survived death and even brought James back!



Now onto, “Best Supernatural Character”


The nominees are;

Angelo, father of Pandora, a vampire

Sebastian, friend to Emmy, turns Skylar, a werewolf

Elijah, husband to Skylar, a fairy

And the winner is… Angelo, come on everyone loves a bad guy!



Next up, “Favourite Spare”


The nominees are;

Sophia, twin of Mina

Summer, twin of Scarlett

Zoe, younger sister of Jasmyn

And the winner is… Sophia, for her devil may care attitude that she probably got from Zoe!



Now its the gentlemen’s turn to scoop up some prizes, “Best Man Candy”


The nominees are;




And the winner is… Stefan, who is based off of a semi-famous singer I have a huge crush on. Biased? Oh yes.



Now for the penultimate category, “Best Naturally Occurring Hair Colour”


The nominees are;

Summer, for the ice blue locks inherited from her father!

Hailey, who got her dad’s stunning hair

Harry, who lets face it, rocks pink highlights

And the winner is… Hailey, because let’s face it, her hair is rad!



And the final category, “Best Leader with Social Awkwardness as a trait”


Okay, Mina gets the award by default, sue me!


Did you agree with my choices? Leave who you would have chosen in the comments below!


Sneak Preview for Generation 8

There’s no questioning it.. he is real. It’s impossible, but he’s standing before me, completely butt naked. Oh god,  he’s naked! Quickly I threw a blanket at him and he wrapped it round his waist,

“Akima? Are you okay?”

“I.. Uh.. Yes.. I’m fine.”

“I apologise for my nudity.”

“Oh no, its fine, well not fine as if I wanted to see you naked but er..” He laughs, its a sound that I’ve been imagining my whole life,

“Akima, relax. It’s me.”

“I know, and thats what’s not so relaxing about this situation!!”


I hope you all enjoy reading Tempest as I much as I enjoy writing it, despite all the hassle it gives me, Tempest has been a form of therapy for me and has given me an outlet when I saw no other, as I’m sure some of you may had noticed, Skylar’s teenagerhood was one of the longest teen phases in all the girls and that is because like Skylar, I had a Jane in my life. A Jane who was emotionally abusive and just not a nice person, Skylar’s struggle with her Jane helped me to vent my frustration about what had happened and helped me to move on, so for that, thank you Tempest, and thank you to my readers who are one of the only reason’s I’m still writing!


p.s. I have a simblr, it’s pretty rad. You should check it out.

Touching Base

Hell-Hello? You haven’t forgotten me have you?

I haven’t updated in like a month and I am sorry for that, recently I had some troubles involving coursework and I am now completing all my stuff for media so that’s fun! Plus I’ve been looking at universities (praying for Brighton argh) so I’ve been busy. I also have mocks after my half term break so I’m trying to revise for them but honestly I miss writing so much D:

I will attempt to update more frequently soon, I will try to get an update out tonight as well! I just wanted to touch base and also just say, just because I’m not commenting on your legacies doesn’t mean in anyway I have stopped reading them, its just when I do read them I’m shovelling cornflakes down my throat 5 minutes before school and I only have one hand free to scroll! I hope you are all doing well!

Island Paradise + Some Polls For You! (Closed)

As we all know by now my game is very temperamental and I rely on mods for it to function correctly without crashing and because of the new patch and EP my mods are outdated so I will need to wait until they’re all stable and updated before even considering opening my legacy file because I had this problem before and even the backup save file was corrupted and I don’t want to risk that this far into the legacy. I hope you will continue to support Tempest and I have a couple of polls for you regarding the second chapter of the Tempest family story. I’ve been planning to follow up Tempest after generation 10 with a rainbowacy style following the generation 10 leader.

Which world should it be set in?

Originally my plan was to set it in Lunar Lakes but that changed after I fell in love with Isla Paradiso, so I am considering setting it there but I decided to let you, the reader, decide!

Isla Pardiso Won!

Style Of Legacy

Side note: “unlockacy” is what I call the legacy when you build the final house at the start and you unlock empty rooms with each milestone, such as marriage and children etc. You may choose up to 3 options in this poll 🙂 and the top 3 will get chosen! (Unlockacy and humble beginnings conflicted so humble beginnings was cancelled out because it was second to unlockacy)





Style of writing

Usually I write in first person and I prefer to read in third person (i.e. like the Southern Prettacy) and I love to challenge myself as a writer. So, what’ll it be? Third person or first?

First Person

See you guys later! Oh and p.s. I am writing a TON of chapters right now so when everything is sorted I’ll have lots of updates except for the last week of August because I’ll be in Croatia 🙂

Edit (10/07): Thanks to everyone who voted! *squishy hugs*

Tempest’s First Birthday!

Oh my gosh! I honestly cannot believe I’ve managed to maintain a blog for a year! I wanted to say a massive thank you all so much for staying with me all this time, it’s weird to think that this time last year I was shouting at my laptop while trying to work out how WordPress works! As I cannot do a post to celebrate due to exams I’ve decided to share a few of my favorite moments from each generation, I hope you guys enjoy!

So here we go!

My Top 3 Moments From Generation 1-Rose Tempest

Rose and Edward Tempest meet for the first time


Rose and Edward get married


Rose picks her heiress


My Top 3 Moments From Generation 2-Scarlett Tempest

Scarlett and Summer graduate high school


Getting ready for Scarlett and Mortimer’s wedding


Mortimer asks Scarlett to marry him again and promises to change


My Top 3 Moments From Generation 3-Jasmyn Tempest

Tek helps Jasmyn up after falling off a horse, this was also the first time they met


Tek stays with Jasmyn and this is also when they begin to fall in love


Meeting Emmy, Tek and Jasmyn’s adoptive daughter




My Top 3 Moments From Generation 4-Emmy Tempest

James (quite literally) crashes into Emmy’s life


James’ resurrection


Emmy and James’ ghost baby, Hailey



My Top 3 Moments From Generation 5-Skylar Tempest

Skylar’s first love, Jane


 Skylar meets Elijah at a photoshoot



(My favorite chapter to write, purely because it challenged me as a writer) Skylar and Jane die at Angelo’s hand,




And now, because Pandora’s generation has not yet been written.. I have a sneak preview for you all 😉


“I opened my eyes blearily, I was cold and I could hear water dripping, I moved my legs and found them to be swathed in white velvet. I sat up, I was still clothed thankfully but I had no idea where I was, I looked at my surroundings and found myself to be in a broken down shack on an old sofa.

“You’re awake finally?” A man with dark hair turned to me, smiling, immediately I slipped into a defensive stance,

“Who are you and why did you bring me here? Where is my husband?!” A sad frown crossed his features the second I said the word ‘husband’

“He’s not your husband, I saved you from a loveless marriage. Do you really not know me.. Pandora?”

“How do you know my name?”

“It’s me my love!” He knelt by me and took my hands, staring into my eyes, I began to look away but something made me stop, he smiled at me as I began to almost search his eyes,

“Do you need help remembering who I am?” I nodded lamely..”


So I will return to writing tempest in… 4 DAYS 😀

Why I Haven’t Updated Recently

So I think some of you must have noticed by now I haven’t updated in a while and here’s why,

I’ve just had a half term (10 day holiday mid way through term, or semester) and my friend from Hong Kong stayed with me, meaning we were out of the house a lot of the time so I didn’t have time to update,

Also I have my Biology exam on the first of May and have been revising like hell for it!

I have also just set up a Youtube channel for vlogging etc so Tempest updates will be posted hopefully every Thursday, and then I’ll film a video on Friday, edit on Saturday and upload either on Saturday or Sunday. Or this is the plan, which will probably change as I have more exams around May/June time and then will be moving schools in September to go to sixth form college where I will be studying,

-English Lit.




So with all this going on you can understand why I’m falling behind on updates! 😉

Also please do check out my youtube channel here 😛