Gen 6:14 The Photoshoot

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Sophia Elizabeth Tempest





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Please note this is a more glamorous look than either of the girls will have in the story, I doubt Mina’s job (if she is picked) would allow her hair to be that particular style anyway… 😉 I just wanted to play about with them a little before the story begins!



Gen 6:13 Ahead of Time


I pinched Darius’ cheeks and tried to fight back tears, today was his wedding day and I couldn’t be prouder of my baby boy,

“Oh my baby boy is all growed up!” I teased him while he rolled his eyes,

“Jeez mum, I’m getting married not dying!!”

“Your mother knows, but it just feels like yesterday you were our little baby, and now you’re getting married, and then you’ll be making us grandparents!”

“Oh Stefan don’t wind him up! They’ve got plenty of time for that!” I swatted Stef’s shoulder as we waited for Darius’ transport to take us to his top secret wedding venue, we didn’t even know and as far as his bride was concerned I’m sure they mentioned blindfolding her. Eventually a black limo pulled up and we piled in, I noticed immediately that it was impossible to see out of these windows and shook my head.


“Oh son.” Stefan spoke before I was even out of the car, when I looked up, I too was astounded,

“Darius, how did you know?”

“I’ve seen the only wedding photo you two have and its not hard to find this spot.” Darius’ wedding was being held on the exact spot the Stefan and I had been married on, Stefan wrapped his arm around me and smiled at Darius,

“It looks lovely son!” I nodded while the twins ran off to play in the sand,

“Girls! Girls? GIRLS!! Watch your dresses!!”

“Stop fusing mum! Today isn’t an overly formal day!”

“So what time is the bride getting here?”

“About 5 minutes.. PLACES PEOPLE PLACES!!” Darius stood under the arch and waited as another black limo pulled up and his wife to be climbed out with her parents


Rachel grinned at me while she helped Hannah fix her veil, Hannah had always admired the dress I had worn to my first wedding and she had asked to wear it for her’s and she looked absolutely stunning in it, I glanced over at Darius who looked like he had won the jackpot on the lottery. The service was beautiful and simple, just like their relationship, Hannah had said.


They did the traditional cutting of the cake and then they took us to the spa for their reception which was unusual but Hannah had been adamant that her wedding day should be relaxing as well! Vince and Stefan immediately ran out back and dived into the pool in some shorts the spa had lent them while the twins stood idly with me and Rachel until Hannah ran up to them smiling, already changed into her jeans,

“Girls, I’ve got you two a present!”

“What is is?”

“Well.. I know you two love kittens don’t you?” The twins looked at each other and then at Hannah as if she were asking if they had feet,

“Are you insane?! Of course we do!!”

“Well then maybe you should go look in the box behind the reception counter.” The girls ran off and in a few seconds their squeals filled the room and they came running back, each with a kitten in their arms,


“Thank you so much Hannah!!”

“Hey, I’m your big sister now, it’s my job to spoil you!” Darius came through to the reception and pulled Hannah towards him gently and swept her up in his arms for a movie style kiss,


“Really! Well I never! Never have I seen such a horrendous PDA!” Rachel jokingly whacked Darius with her purse and followed up with, “Go get a room you two!” Darius looked up at her and grinned,

“Maybe we will!” And dragged a laughing Hannah off into the spa leaving Rachel and myself ever so slightly speechless. After a few hours of extreme pampering and helping the girl’s name their new kittens the spa owner was beginning to lock up so I ran through the spa looking for Hannah and Darius praying they would be decent when I found them.


“Um, lovebirds, we’re being turfed out, and you two have a plane to catch early tomorrow morning!”


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Gen 6:12 Forsaken


I felt bad about not letting Darius come to the hospital to see the girls after they were born but neither Stefan or I were in any fit state to have him running about and so he stayed with one his classmates and then was brought back to our home by Rachel. Rachel, Hannah and Vince are now living with us temporarily until they can all find their own place, it’s a little inconvenient having 8 people all under one roof but Stef had work done on the basement and their bedrooms are all down there. Darius adored having his best friend live with us, and the two bonded so much. Bringing the girls home had been an absolute nightmare because they screamed the entire car journey. Apparently they aren’t a fan of Stefan’s driving either!


“Stefan, now that the twins are born.. I was wondering if you would mind living up to the promise you made me on our wedding night?”

“You want me to become human, don’t you.”

“Is that too much to ask of you?” He kissed my cheek,

“You’ve given me three wonderful children. Of course it’s not too much to ask! I’ll head out to the lab now, do you want to come with?” As I was about to answer a cry from our room changed my mind,

“I can’t,  I doubt the twins would enjoy a trip to the lab!” Stefan smiled and kissed my cheek once more before dashing out to the car and speeding off. I went into mine and Stefan’s room and the minute I opened the door the crying stopped, I walked over to Sophia’s crib and found her contentedly kicking her legs and sucking her thumb, and as I looked over at Mina I found her little face red from crying,

“What’s up little one? You can’t be hungry again!” Sighing, I carried Mina into the kitchen to heat up her bottle, Mina is the smallest of the two, and incidentally is the greediest, often waking Stefan and I up around 7 times in one night. The doctors said she would probably stop doing that in a few weeks and that it’s good she’s got an appetite, it means she’ll be as big as Sophia soon.


“Now are you gonna go back to nap time or are you going to keep your sister up?” Mina’s eyes began to droop in response, so I walked her back to the room and as I did Sophia began crying, so I placed Mina in her crib and picked up Sophia,

“This isn’t usually your feeding time.. OH! You need a diaper change baby girl!” Sophia might not eat as much as Mina but she sure as heck poops enough for the both of them! The twins were both now napping, giving me an opportunity to try and catch up on some sleep but as I did I heard Stefan’s key in the front door, I quickly ran out and gave him the “shh” sign and gestured to the bedroom,

“I’ve just got them to sleep.. You’re not, I mean, you’re the same.”

“I’m not supposed to take it alone because it can cause drowsiness and other nasty symptoms.” Stefan pulled a small vial from his pocket and led me into the spare room where he sat down and downed the entire bottle. Then he lay back and closed his eyes,

“See you when I’m human!”


It had been 3 hours and finally Stef was awake, and admiring his tan skin,

“So? How do I look?”

“Exactly the same except now you don’t glow! This is going to make getting to sleep so much easier!”


Gen 6:11 Rage


“Your move. Child.” Angelo smirked, expecting me to walk away, to back down. But to his surprise I leaped onto him, pinning him to the floor and sank my teeth into his neck, his guards formed around us,

“No guards. I can handle him.” Angelo shoved me off and pushed me to the other side of the garden, making me crash into the fence with a loud thud,

“You didn’t even buy me dinner before biting me! Did you learn no manners from me?” Angelo walked towards me and picked me up by my throat,

“Now, shall we try again?” He dropped me abruptly and once more took up his defensive stance and once more I lunged for his neck this time with my hands, digging my now lengthening nails into his neck, black blood spurted out from his veins and he made an odd gurgling sound as I dug my nails deeper into his throat as I pushed him to the ground.


I knew this wouldn’t kill him, but it would sure as heck hurt him. Once more he wrenched me off, blood now spurting from his neck injury. I needed to either burn him or stake him, Angelo’s guards were now crowding around him but again he sent them away,

“You fight when I tell you to fight you imbeciles!! You know full well he can’t kill me!” Angelo then moved slightly, almost turning his back to me. Big mistake, I leapt onto his back and pushed him into the ground,

“Don’t be so sure old man. You forget who trained me.” I grabbed him once more by his throat but this time dragged him to our tree, his blood burning the grass as it stained it, I shoved him against the tree,

“Funny. It almost seems like you want to die. To finally be with your whore.” Angelo tried to growl but it sounded like a tiny kitten’s mew compared to what he is capable of.

“Finish me then. Inherit everything I own.”

“You think I’m not strong enough to do it. You underestimate the lengths I would go to, to protect your daughter. In fact, no. You’re not her father. You’re a sperm donor and a monster.” Angelo smirked,

“Such kind words from such a lovely young man. You forget that I only got to where I am today by murdering my leaders. You will become just like me. Bitter, old and twisted. So go ahead, kill me. And become everything I was.”


Without thinking I jumped, giving into the rage that had built up inside, pulling Angelo with me and impaled him on a branch. Straight through his heart. His body went limp instantly and the blood dripping from his throat dried up. I landed in front of the tree,

“Go home. All of you. Locke, take over from Angelo and I swear if I see any of you low life scum hanging around here again, I will kill you where you stand.” The guards ran as fast as they could, leaving Rachel standing before me, she took a step closer and held up her palms,

“I promise. I mean you no harm.”

“Leave. Now.”

“Stefan, please, listen to me.”

“You have two minutes.”

“I’m not married to Angelo.”

“The rings on your finger say otherwise.”

“I’m married to Vince. That baby in the newspaper? Her name is Hannah, she’s mine and Vince’s daughter. Angelo threatened to kill her if we didn’t go along with saying Hannah was his.”

“Hannah, the Hannah my son plays with?” She nodded,

“I’m so sorry.”

“Get off of my property. Now.”

“Stefan, Pandora is in labor, and something is wrong. Let me stay to help her, please. Vince is already down there with her, I made him go down while you were distracted. He wouldn’t hurt her.” I ran down into the basement and threw the door open and off it’s hinges to find Pandora kneeling by the sofa with Vincent next to her comforting her,


“What’s wrong?”

“She says she feels like one of the babys isn’t in the right position and it’s blocking the other one.” I knelt by Pandora,

“Shh its okay. We’re going to take you to hospital now okay? Just close your eyes and hold onto me.” I embraced her before scooping her up into my arms,


I asked Pan to close her eyes until we were at the hospital, she didn’t need to see the state of the garden right now. Rachel and Vince followed us in their car, making sure none of Angelo’s followers were hanging about. Pan was in agony and was screaming that she had lost her baby as she was taken away into a delivery suite. I was asked to wait in the waiting room by one of the senior nurses who had a very serious expression on her face. I sat beside Rachel and Vince, and prepared myself for the worst.


But, I’m pleased to announce that at 9pm.. Pandora and I welcomed our twin daughters, Mina and Sophia into the world. The nurses explained that Mina’s butt had got stuck on the way out and then she had stopped moving, making Pandora think that she had lost her. Mina and Sophia both had to be delivered by C-section due to this complication, meaning Pandora was still pretty damn woozy when I came into the room to see the girls. The girls had been put in identical babygrows and only the names on the cribs could tell me which one was which,


Mina Sky Tempest


Sophia Elizabeth Tempest

Gen 6:10 Hidden Truth

Stefan’s Point of View


“Where’s your wife, vermin?”

“She’s not here.”

“Don’t lie to me. I can smell her. Pandora, return to the house immediately and we will forgive this blip.” Angelo used his command voice, I knew Pandora would be able to hear everything he said,

“What do you want Angelo?”

“My daughter.” I noticed how a couple of Angelo’s followers, who had seemingly appeared from the fog, were twitching next to him. Itching to fight. I’ve got to keep Angelo talking for as long as I can, I need to buy time and somehow get around them. I saw a black haired woman peek out from behind Angelo and then she hid behind him once more,

Rachel?” I looked at Angelo incredulously, “You brought your wife to attack me?” More fidgeting,

“Of course, the perfect bonding experience no?” Angelo smiled humorlessly at me.


Pandora’s Point of View


“Pandora, return to the house immediately and we will forgive this blip.” Hearing his voice sent chills down my spine and I felt one of the twins do a nudge kick.

“Hey, its okay babies. Mummy’s fine” I leaned further into my seat, my back had been hurting ever since I woke up but I hadn’t had any time to tell Stef. I tried to calm down by breathing deeply but I knew what was happening.

“Agh!” I yelped in pain as my first painful contraction hit me. Oh god not now. I tried to lay on the floor to ease the pain, anything but nothing was working. The twins wanted out. Now.

“Babies, please not now. Hold on until daddy gets down here!!” I clutched at the arm of a sofa to try and pull myself up to get into a more comfortable position. I began hearing footsteps upstairs and prayed it was Stefan although I had heard no fighting,



“Do-don’t call me that. What are you doing here?!”

“I’m here to protect you. I swear.”


“Rachel convinced Angelo to not allow me to fight. She asked me to protect you. Are you in labor Pandora?”

“No, I just thought it’d be fun to breathe heavily.. of course I’m in labor you idiot!!”

“Oh ,er, what do I do?!” I sighed,

“Just protect me, I’ve given birth before. I can do it again.” Vince took a seat on the sofa I was squatted by and awkwardly adjusted his shirt and cleared his throat,

“So.. How are things?”

“Vince, skip the pleasantries for the love of god. You locked the door after you came in didn’t you?”

“Of course. Also remind Stefan that under a mat is never a good place to hide a key.

“I’ll keep that in mind.”


Stefan’s Point of View


“Come on then, hit me.”

“I’m biding my time.”

“You have no time to bide. If you don’t hurry up and kill me you might miss the birth of your second child.”

“I’m giving you a chance to back down now Angelo..”

“Oh for god’s sake. Pandora darling daughter, here’s a fun fact about your wonderful husband! He murdered Frida. He’s a cold hearted killer. He will do the same to you and your children, if you return to the house then you will be safe I promise.” Angelo smiled at me, baring all his teeth.

“Your move. Child.”

Gen 6:9 Never Forget


“So two girls?”

“Stef we’ve been through this. Not one girl. Two.”

“B-bu-but that’s two times the poop we had to deal with Darius!!”

“Your maturity never ceases to amaze me, dinosaur.” I smiled up at Stef who was now staring at the scan in absolute awe,

“Is the doctor definitely sure its twins?”

“Either that or our child will be rather disfigured…”

“Have you told Elijah yet?”

“I was going to phone him later today, and let him know. Do you want to tell Darius now?”

“Hey Darius! Get your butt down here! You’re in big trouble mister!”

“Stef!!” I nudged him but he winked at me in response,


“I’m in trouble?”

“No sweetie, dad’s just messing around. I went to have my scan to see the baby while you were at school today,”

“Oh cool. Can I go play with Hannah later?”

“Honey don’t you want to know if you’re having a little brother or sister?”

“Oh sure. Whatever.”

“You’re going to have two little sisters!” A look of utmost horror crossed Darius’ features making me giggle slightly,


“I’m afraid so son!” Stef sympathetically patted his son’s back, “We’re going to be overrun with women!”

“Can I go tell Hannah?” I rolled my eyes, Darius practically lived at Hannah’s house ever since they met on her first day in school. She was a few months older than him and because of this he looked up to her greatly.

“Sure. I’ll drive you. Want me to pick you up anything Pan?”

“Ummm cookies? And asparagus! OH! And a mars bar! And a steak. And a snickers.. No. Just the other stuff. NO, the snickers too.” Stefan raised an eyebrow and laughed,

“So you haven’t been having unusual cravings?”

“Nope.” Stef kissed my forehead as he left, dragging Darius behind him. I yawned and sank down into the sofa, hoping to get a couple minutes nap before Stefan returned with the groceries.



Angelo’s Point of View

4 Months Later


“So you’re trimming down the army size because?”

“It’s been 7 years Locke. He’s had a child. I doubt either of them have been keeping up with their training since they left. We could easily take him with just the 5 of us. We’re all over a century old!”

“And Rachel?”

“Well, granted, she’s younger. But she’s still got the capabilities to fight!”

“And Hannah?”

“Obviously she won’t fight. Besides her ballet recital is the day of the attack. It’s fine.”

“You seriously plan to attack in broad daylight though?”

“They live in such a remote part of the island, no one would ever notice. Besides, Vince is now a police officer while Rachel holds a reasonably high place on the island’s council. We can easily block off their road after their son goes to school.”

“What will we do with the child?”

“I’m sure Rachel can take care of another child easily. He’s already so close to Hannah, it won’t be a problem. It’ll be just like how we took Pandora. Except this time the damned rat won’t escape us.”

“And Pandora?”

“We kill her. She disgraced me and the house. Even Vincent agrees that getting rid of her would be the best option.”

“So 10am tomorrow?”

“Be ready.” Locke saluted and left the room. As unpleasant as this was going to be, murdering my daughter, I can’t help but feel positive. My grandson will be coming to live with me and I won’t have to deal with the stigma of a female heir.


“Now. To make sure that we are especially safe…” I ran into the ballroom, there she was. The very woman who had helped Stefan to bring Pandora back to him. Belinda Crumplebottom. She was barely alive, weak enough to cast any spell I so desired. I stroked her hair and whispered,

“Oh Belinda sweetheart, be a doll and wake up for me. I need your help.” She awoke immediately and flinched away from me,

“What do you want?”

“Oh only a little help. I need you to make the island especially foggy tonight. And keep it up till morning.”

“Then you’ll let me go?”

“Of course. I am, after all, a man of my word.”

“Fine.” Smirking, I turned on my heel and returned to my room. I was going to need to rest for tomorrow.



Pandora’s Point of View


Sleepily, I rubbed my eyes and slowly opened them to find Stefan standing at the window, his back tense.

“Stefan?” I groggily called out, “What’s the matter?”

“It’s very foggy this morning. It got worse after Darius left for school.”

“What’s the problem with that?”

“Remember your training with Connor? About what to do if you absolutely had to attack during broad daylight?”

“Cover the area with fog.” I gasped in horror, “But Stef, the girls are due any day now and I can’t fight. And you barely train!”

“Excuse you, I don’t need sleep. I train while you’re in bed. Don’t worry, I’ll handle it.” Stef walked away from the window and sat at the foot of our bed,

“If they come today, you stay inside, in the basement. Until I come and get you. Promise me.”

“I promise.”

“Thank you.” Stef rubbed his jaw and frowned, “What a mess. But I can’t say you aren’t worth it.”

“Stop flirting and be serious.”

“Believe me I am being serious.”

“How long do you think we have till they get here?”

“About 20 minutes I’d say.”

“Can you help me down into the basement then?”

“Of course.” Stefan scooped me up gently and carefully carried me down the stairs and put me down on the sofa,


“I’m locking you in okay?”

“A lock wouldn’t stop any vampire who tried to get in.”

“I know but let’s pray that won’t happen.”

Gen 6:8 New Beginnings


“Come on Mrs. Tempest! We’ve got a house to get to and a bed to christen!” Stefan pulled me into a taxi straight from the beach where we had been married not 10 minutes ago,

“So where is our new home?”

“About 15 minutes away.. It’s very.. You.”

“And what’s that supposed to mean?”

“Well, you never liked the castle or the glamour. So I bought the least glamorous shack I could possibly afford.”

“You’re kidding right?”

“Of course!” Stef pulled me closer and wrapped his arm around me, after a while we pulled up at a gorgeous brick house, the model of a perfect family home,


“Come on Pandora! This is it!” Stefan scooped me into his arms and carried me bridal style into the house, setting me down in a fully furnished living room,

“Are all the rooms fully furnished?”

“No, only the spare rooms and upstairs bathroom need furnishing and decorating.”

“How many rooms?”

“3. Our room is downstairs. Come on, I’ll give you the grand tour!”


“This is beautiful Stefan, thank you so much.”

“Anything to ensure you’re happy and will stay with me!” Stef then quite literally swept me off my feet and threw me onto the bed,

“Wait, wait, wait!”

“What is it?”

“Stef.. I don’t want you to be a vampire while we’re… You know. Locke told me about bloodlust and stuff like that.” Stef looked down at me,

“I’m around 60 years old, I can control bloodlust. I don’t think it’s wise to forsake vampirism at least until Angelo is no longer a threat to us. Is that fair?”





“Stefan! Come here!!”

“Whats wrong?! Is it the baby?!”

“No, look at this newspaper.” Stef grabbed the newspaper from my heads and hissed as he read the article,



“But why would Rachel marry that pig?! Least of all have a child with him?”

“Stef, I don’t think she had a choice in the matter, do you?”

“Of course she had a choice!”

“We don’t know that.. Do you think maybe now he’ll be sidetracked by his new heir and might forget about us?”

“I’m not sure Pan… Don’t get your hopes up sweetheart. Anyway, I’ve gotta get back to this new book if we want a complete nursery before little Darius makes an appearance!” We’d had the great gender reveal scan last week and we had found we were having a little boy which had made buying all the furniture for him a damn sight easier but we still needed at least one girl if we want to continue the legacy my great, great, great grandma Rose set out to found. Stefan had been helping me to remember more about my family with the help of public records at the library and my stepfather who we had been able to get back in contact with. He was raising my teenage siblings Harry and Elizabeth with the help of my mother’s friend Christina and his other daughter Jessica. Stefan had taken me to visit the family several times and with each visit the tension was becoming less, they were becoming more used to the idea of my husband being a vampire, particularly when we’d revealed that I was pregnant.



“So how long until I get to meet my little nephew?”

“Around 3 weeks now Lizzie!”

“Do you know if he’ll be like… Stefan?”

“Stefan doesn’t think so. I’ve had no obvious cravings for anything other than normal food. If this baby were a vampire I should have had some cravings for blood by now. At least that’s Stef’s theory. Would dad accept it if the baby was a vampire do you think?”

“He’s accepted Stefan pretty well! It would take him a while to get used to it I suppose.”

“Anyway enough about my foetus! How are you? No boyfriends?”

“Not really.. Harry has a different girl every week!”

“Really?” Elizabeth nodded and laughed,

“Ever since he learned to drive.” I sighed and leaned back in my seat, Darius had been using my bladder as his own personal trampoline for the past week, and now he had worked out how to kick my back, which was highly uncomfortable,

“Are you okay Pan?” Dad peered round the corner, “Do you want anything? Ice tea? Foot rub from the idiot who thought it would be a good idea to prank his school?”


“I’m fine, just can’t wait to stop being the size of an elephant. What did Harry do?”

“Toilet papered his principal’s entire office. The idiot left his mobile on her desk! Anyway are you staying for dinner?” He slapped Harry’s head as he walked past,

“If that’s alright with you. Where’s Stef?”

“Out in the sauna most likely, I assume he’ll be joining us?”

“Yup. What’s for dinner?”

“Curry. I heard it can move along labour.” Dad smiled at me, his laughter lines around his eyes crinkling.


“This is really good dad!” I tried not to sound overly surprised but Stef is no whiz in the kitchen and I was used to eating burned food, but this was perfect. Dad brought out the waffles made especially for me for dessert and I wolfed them down keeping pace with both Harry and dad, suddenly a twinge in my side made me flinch and Stefan noticed,

“Are you okay?”

“Um. I don’t mean to alarm anyone, but I think I might be going into labour.” Stefan sprung into life, helping me out of my chair and half carrying me to the car, dad followed us out and kissed my forehead,

“Have a good tim-er baby?” I laughed at his uncertainty and nodded,

“I’ll try!” He slammed my door and Stefan sped off to the hospital, we got stuck in some traffic due to some pretty random fog that had caused an accident but thankfully we arrived just in time.


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