Gen 5:10 Moon


I stared at the moon on the poster, this would never work. But I had to give it a shot. I stared intently at the poster and willed my inner wolf awake, a barely audible growl escaped my lips as I forced the transformation upon myself. I bit into my lip, muffling my screams as sheer agony tore through my veins, making me into the monster inside.


Angelo turned round after hearing my growl, and horror crossed his face. I stood on my legs, I was half transformed, my jaw misshapen in the same way Sebestian’s was, the way it was now stuck. He couldn’t change back thanks to Angelo. I pulled the bars apart and barked in a voice thick with blood,

“Leave my family alone.” Angelo laughed then stood behind Jane, hands placed either side of her head,

“One step closer, bitch and I’ll kill her.” I ran full pelt at him but as we collided I heard a sickening splash of liquid that came from neither Angelo nor me.

“I warned you. But it would appear it was you who slit her throat with these clumsy claws off yours.” Angelo now pinned me down, his hands holding my wrists, showing me my claws, now stained with blood. I growled once more and Angelo released me only to run out of the room, laughing to himself.  I crawled over to Jane and knelt beside her, a long slit ran across her collar bone,


“Sky, look after Jess.” Jane almost whispered to me,

“No Jane. You’re fine, I’ll bring you to a hospital and you’ll get better!” Jane smiled at me and shook her head,

“Don’t lie to a dying woman. Just stay here until I leave.” Jessica clung to me, silently sobbing as I heard voices and people running, hands pulled me away from Jane but these weren’t cold vampire hands, these hands were warm, forgiving.

“Sky, are you okay?” As I tried to nod pain ripped through me and I screamed, Elijah held me and began whispering to himself, the roaring in my ears stopped me from hearing him but then he shouted,

“Christina!! Is Jane okay?” A sob from across the room,

“No. she wont make it of here, hey shh Jessie, I’m here. How’s Sky?”


“Barely here. Her organs are failing her, a half transformation is deadly. Her body can’t repair the internal damage fast enough. She’s in agony,” I felt water on my face as Elijah cradled me as he had with our daughters. I coughed a little, spitting out blood and managed to ask Elijah,

“Pandora. Where?”

“Shh baby its okay. She’s safe. Try to relax darling.” I lay back on Elijah’s arms and felt the warm silk of sleep wash over me for the last time, before everything faded to black I felt Elijah gently check for a pulse then heard him whisper,

“Bye, my love.”



This concludes Generation 5.


Gen 5:9 Sleeping Beauty


“Who are you and why are you in my parent’s house?” The man looked up, whiskered hair along his misshapen jaw,

“You’re a Tempest daughter?” I nodded once,

“I thought he killed the daughter.”

“They had another. What are you doing here?”

He took me from my wife. Killed her and my baby, made me watch it all. He made me mad with rage, telling me the beast was just watered down. He unleashed the beast and tethered it. I was his puppet. I apologize to you child. Your mother and I were friends. Before your dad died, for the first time that is.”

“The first time?”

“Wow your parents really did shield you huh? I assume you know about your mother at least.” I nodded,

“Obviously. What’s your name?”

“Sebestian Tempest. I’m, I was your uncle, I married your aunt Merida.”

“The ‘he’ you refer to. His name is Angelo isn’t it?”

“Ironic name. It means ‘of the angels’ but he, he is a demon. What business does he have with your family?”

“I’m the mother to his daughter. He killed my relatives so that I have no place to run to.” I sat down on the sofa as my reality truly sunk in. Sebestian sat next to me,


“You look like your aunt, you know that? What is your name child?”

“Don’t call me child. My name is Skylar.”

“Skylar, I promised your mother something a long time ago, before she even met your dad. I promised her I would protect any child of Tempest for as long as I may live. I live to serve Tempest. With this in mind I would like to pledge my protection to you.”

“Thank you Sebestian. Tell me, how strong is a werewolf when in changeform?”

“Well from personal experience, I could crush a 4×4 in around 3 seconds. Why?”

“It’s useful information to have. I have one more question.”

“Ask away,”

“How does one go about becoming a werewolf.”

“Well, in my case, your mother accidentally hexed me. But a bite usually suffices.” I stood up now and stood before Sebestian,


“You understand I will do anything for my children don’t you?” Sebestian nodded,

“With this in mind, I ask you to transform me.” Sebstian face changed from confusion to one of outright horror,

“I cannot knowingly make a human into the kind of monster I am. I will guard your house, anything but that.”

“You’re not strong enough yet. Angelo could come at anytime! I beg you! Would you not do the same for your child?”

“My child is dead.”

“Then protect mine!”


“You have no idea what kind of world you are about to enter.” Sebestian grabbed my wrist and sunk his teeth into it, fire chased the blood in my veins, until it reached my heart. I felt the world’s edges darken and shut my eyes. When I opened them once more Sebestian stood before me in sharp detail, the night outside the window seemingly lighter,

“Welcome to my world.”


Sebestian walked home with me and helped me to explain everything to Elijah who was surprisingly accepting of my choice. He suggested that Sebestian begin training me in everything I needed to know, we began training the next week. Starting off with scenting chew toys which was the most demeaning moment of my life. As my daughter’s grew I began to feel as if the threat Angelo had made was simply empty. Pandora was approaching her birthday and we hadn’t seen hide nor hair of Angelo.


Pandora’s birthday cake was sickeningly sweet and even Harry and Elizabeth found it hard to digest, eventually we gave up on trying to eat it and I took Pandora out for her birthday shopping trip, once in a shop’s changing rooms I sat on the sofa while Pandora tried on a dress, the door opened and fog rolled in, I giggled although it was nothing funny, I saw a flash of Angelo’s face before everything turned black.


I awoke in a cell with a doggy bowl and chew toys scattered around me mockingly, when I sat up I discovered I was shackled to the wall and a poster of the moon had been placed on the wall above me. Angelo cleared his throat and I found him sitting on a couch next to my crude cell.

“She’s a fast runner that Pandora. We didn’t get her. Although, by bringing you here, and killing that mutt I suppose we’re almost there. Now you’re going to sit here while we go find your lovely little family, including Jane and Jessica. Then we’re going to kill them and make sure the Princessa is fully vampire. The Princessa of course being the beautiful Pandora who you played host too. Lucky for you your twins didn’t eat much of that cake. It’s too easy to drug food these days..” He tutted while I growled and pulled on my shackles. Angelo merely laughed in response,

“Aww poor baby. No full moon for a few weeks either. So no super strength for you.” He stood up and leaned close to the bars, “You’re pathetic Skylar. A helpless child compared to me.” He spat in my face and I pulled harder on the shackles,

“At least I’m no monster.”

“I’ll give you that Sky. But ah, we have company. We’ll continue this discussion once our entertainment is finished yes?” As he spoke Jane was dragged in. with Jessica not far behind her.

“Now here’s the fun part of the evening Skylar! You get to pick which one dies. Your ex-girlfriend or your step daughter.” Jane looked up at me, and mouthed,

“Choose me.” I shook my head,

“I wont choose.” Angelo shrugged,

“Now I had a feeling you would say that.”


“Burn them.” Angelo gestured to one of the vampires nearest who grabbed a branding iron and pressed it to Jessica’s arm, her screams echoed throughout the room.

“Now. Jane or Jessica.” I looked down at my floor then up to Jane,

“Skylar for god’s sake let me die! You owe me nothing, not anymore!”


Angelo grinned, flashing fangs at me he turned his back and began to converse with the other vampires, I had to think of something and quick, I stood up and looked around my cell..


Gen 5:8 As Normal As Life Gets


After Pandora’s birth, our lives began to race ahead of us, before Elijah and I knew it we were welcoming our second and third children Harry and Elizabeth into our family and my parents were finally moving out, Jane moved out just before Elijah and I got married but of course came to our private wedding with Jessica, my new step daughter. Our wedding was small and select, we didn’t even bother with fancy clothes, the only thing that mattered to us was our love, and we didn’t need fancy clothes for that. I was also over the moon that Jess adored her step sister, Pandora and would always keep an eye on her when I was busy with the twins.


After making sure all the kids had eaten their lunch, I went into my art studio, my love of painting no doubt inherited from my grandfather, I was in the middle of something that I hoped would be a masterpiece when Elijah called for me,

“Sky, there’s something here to see you.” Followed by a loud humming noise as if a wolf was growling softly,

“I’m coming,” I ran down the stairs and saw Elijah stood in front of the living room door, his wings beating softly hardly making a sound, while Angelo was stood opposite, showing his teeth,


“I merely came for what is mine. Give me Pandora or I will kill your spares.”

“Over my dead body.”

“That can be arranged fairy boy!”

“This coming from someone who looks like an extra from Twilight.” Angelo hissed in response but neither man made any attempt to move,

“Shes mine, her blood is vampire! You wont be able to keep her healthy!”

“She’s not a vampire, and she is my daughter. Not yours. Leave now, or do I have to ask my mother’s wulfen friend to help you out?” Angelo snorted,

“You, you are nothing more than a birthing queen. She is mine and solely mine. She is no heir of yours.”


“Call your mother. I’ll deal with this piece of trash.” Elijah spoke to me without removing his gaze from Angelo

“No need, mummy dear wont be able to answer the phone in the state she’s in.. Nor will daddy.” Angelo’s mocking tone made my breath catch in my throat,

“And now for the ever-dramatic ‘you killed them?’ Boy.. This never gets old.. Everytime I come to collect a child its the same routine. Although Pandora is a lot more special than the rest, of course you know this already Skylar. But I wonder if you told your husband your ‘dirty little secret’ as it were.” I clenched my hands and hissed,

“Shut up.” Elijah was looking at me now, still blocking Angelo’s path into where Pandora and Jessica were now hiding behind the sofa with their sisters,

“Whats he talking about Sky?”

“My mother.. She was a witch. And through basic inheriting.. I am too.”


While I explained this to Elijah, Angelo had dropped his stance and cocked his head to the side slightly when Pandora appeared behind Elijah,

“Mum who’s this man?”

“Nobody sweetheart, go keep an eye on the twins!”

“Mum, his eyes are like mine!”

“PANDORA! Get in the living room now.”

Angelo watched the display with mild amusement on his features,

“No matter. I shall come for her when she is old enough to be trained. Teenagers are much easier to look after.”

“You touch her and I will kill you.”

“You? Skylar, the kind of hex you are capable of wouldn’t leave a single mark on me. You’re a pathetic watered down excuse for a witch.”


Angelo left, leaving Elijah and I standing in front of the living room, frozen.

“How did he get past the gate?” I gestured out the window, “There’s an armed guard out th-oh.” A body next to the gate told me that Elijah and I had overestimated an armed guard.

“I’m going to go see if Angelo was telling the truth about my parents. Can you stay here with the girls?”

“Of course.” Elijah kissed my cheek and I ran outside, barely pausing at my gate and throwing the door to my parents house open, the acrid smell of blood seeped out, stepping inside was like being on the set of a horror movie, dried blood covered the walls, scratch marks on furniture, floorboards ripped up. Angelo didn’t do this by himself. He’d had help. As I stepped through the broken house I found a man stood in the corner, barely making a sound.


Gen 5:7 Pandora

Elijah came to visit Jane and Jessie every month but when I was around 8 months pregnant he wanted to surprise Jessie so he turned up at the house completely unannounced and I answered the door, pregnant as sin,


“Skylar? What are you doing here?”

“I, uh, I live here.”

“And you’re pregnant?” I saw his eyes searching my hands for a ring,

“Yes. Jane and Jessie are out in the park if you want to find them.”

“Sky, why didn’t you tell me?”

“About what? The baby?”

“Everything, the baby, you leaving Bridgeport?”

“Because I had nothing left to say to you.” Elijah’s hands formed shackles around my wrists and he pulled me close to him,

“Please. Give me on more chance, I’ll give you everything. No more secrets.” His forehead was now pressed against mine, his gold flecked eyes staring into mine,

“No. It’s not fair to you. Why should you raise another man’s baby?”


“Because I’m willing to. You honestly have no idea how long I’ve been looking for you. Ever since you left.” Elijah pulled me into his arms and softly pressed his lips to mine,

“Just let me love you,” He whispered and he stepped back,

“You’d be willing to raise the baby, with not questions asked as to who the father is?”

“I’m fairly sure I could guess.” Elijah’s eyes darkened a little,


“Thought so. So in the interest of no secrets whatsoever, can we go somewhere a little more private?” I led him to my room, unsure of his angle,

“You’ve seen those scars on my back correct?” I nodded once more,

“Wanna know how I got them?”

“If you’re okay with telling me.” He lifted his shirt slightly and turned so his back was facing me, I saw the muscles in his back tense before the scars began to smooth over and look like they were expanding, before I could turn away two blue wings unfurled,


“Most of my kind don’t have the scars though. Those were a lovely little present from my father as he thought my mother cheated on him, to be fair he was right. But even so.” I stepped towards him and traced down the scars, they ran from just below his shoulder to just above his pelvis, he shivered as I traced them,


“No. It doesn’t hurt, just feels strange, nobody’s ever touched me there without intending to hurt me.” He turned to face me and smiled,

“See? No more secrets. I can give you everything you need and more.”

“Isn’t that a lyric from a Beyonce song?”

“Uh, well, yes. But I mean it,” His cheeks went red, “Anyway, are you willing to give me one more chance?” He pulled me into his arms,

“As long as you don’t hold the fact that I’ve got a baby against me.”


“Never. So is it a girl or a boy?”

“They said at my scan it was a little girl, but they aren’t always accurate.”

“Any names yet?”

“None yet, I’m still getting used to the idea of being a mother.” He smiled and pulled me close once more,

“I’ve missed you, being in my arms, even your mere presence.” Now it was my turn to blush, the front door slammed and we heard my mum call out for me,

“Sky! I’ve got some paint samples for the nursery!” She burst into my room and then paused awkwardly in the doorway as she saw Elijah standing beside me,

“Oh! I’m not interrupting anything am I?”

“Uh no. Mum, this is Elijah.”

“Nice to meet you Mrs Tempest!” Mum smiled at him,

“Wow.. A fairy, good catch Sky!” And with that she walked out of the room, leaving me utterly speechless,

“She seems nice, do you think she’d give me her blessing?”


“Blessing to do what?”

“Ask you to marry me of course! Or should I forget about asking for the blessing and just whisk you off to France?” I laughed,

“She’d murder us! Asking for blessing is probably the best idea, but maybe we should think about that later, like after the baby’s born?” He nodded,

“When’s your due date?”

“About 3 weeks from now,”

“And no names? Wow, Sky!”

“You could always name her or him, to cement your involvement?” He cocked his head to a side,

“Why not after one of her grandmothers?”

“Well that depends, what was your mother’s name?”

“My mother’s name was Tracy. But my grandmother on my father’s side had a nicer name, she was named after one of the queens of the fae, Pandora.”

“That’s a beautiful name!”

“Really?” He bent down to talk to my bump


“Are you a little Pandora?” A kick told us that my baby-our baby definitely wanted to be a Pandora, but as she kicked I felt a twinge in my back,

“You okay Sky? Your face is kind of screwed up,” As he spoke I felt my waters break,

“Ah, do you think you can make it to the hospital?”

“Just about. My bags in the nursery, through there.” I gestured with one hand while the other stroked my belly, Elijah grabbed the bag and ran to the garage to get the car while mum who had heard me cry out was helping me down the stairs and into the car,


After 19 hours of labor, Elijah and I welcomed baby Pandora into the world, once we arrived home we introduced Jessie to her soon to be step sister and then put her to bed, Elijah sat in the rocking chair in the nursery for most of the night, watching over Pandora while I slept.

Gen 5:6 Disgrace


“Skylar, we trusted you! And look at all of this! You’re pregnant, your face is splashed all over these magazines! You’ve totally disgraced the Tempest name! You’re lucky your father and I are still keeping you as heiress!”

“I’ll turn it around I promise!” Mum chewed her lip slightly,

“Fine, but if we ever have to talk about this again you are in trouble. Do you know who the father is?”

“Yes. But I don’t want him anywhere near my baby.”

“Sweetheart if he’s the father he has rights!” Dad looked uncomfortable at mentioning this,

“So the 5th generation Tempest heiress is a single mother? Fabulous.”

“Mum please stop! I’ll make it work!” Mum huffed and then left the room leaving me and dad at the table,


“Who is the father?”

“Angelo. I was drunk and well I don’t know what his excuse is!” Dad looked down at the table sadly,

“I’m so sorry about your mother. She assumed you’d been gallivanting around with every man you saw, so its only ever been.. Angelo right?”

“Um. No there was one other but he’s not the father. I was on the pill.” Dad’s facial expression changed from one of sadness to one of high discomfort,

“Who was this guy then?”

“My ex-boyfriend, we were together for 6 months, I’m pretty sure I mentioned him?”

“Oh, Elijah? Why did you break up?”

“We got into a stupid fight and then I couldn’t face him after this happened, I can’t imagine him wanting to raise another man’s child.” I gestured towards the small curve in my stomach,

“Jane’s daughter is his isn’t she? Surely when he comes to see her he’ll find out about the baby, after all Jane is living with us.”

“I know, but I’ll deal with that when I have to.” I stood up and went to go to my room when Jane caught me on the landing,


“Sky would you mind keeping an eye on Jess tonight? I’ve got work remember?”

“Sure thing. Hey, you haven’t told Elijah about this yet have you?”

“I emailed him telling him I’d moved back home but didn’t mention you. He’s coming here next week to visit Jess but we’re taking her out for the day and then he’ll stay in the hotel before going back home the following night.”

“Thank you!”

“Skylar you can’t avoid him forever. He’ll find out eventually.”

“I know.. I just don’t know what to say to him.”

“He’s still in love with you. He told me,”

“Jane don’t you have to get ready for work?” Jane humphed,

“Jess is in the living room but I want her to go to bed in 2 hours.” I nodded and then went to find Jess, she popped out of her toybox giggling contently,


“Hey there little monster!”

“Anty Sky!” I laughed and picked her up to tickle her,

“Are we going to try walking again tonight Jessie?”

“Yeah!” I placed her on the ground and lifted her up into a standing position,

“Come on Jessie!” She toddled over to me before collapsing at my feet, I scooped her up and held her above my head,

“Good girl!”


Gen 5:5 Truth

“Urgh I still need to go and get some more pills!” I hadn’t seen Elijah in about two weeks and my pills had run out a week ago, guess no woohoo for me for a while! Elijah and I were meeting for dinner in about an hour so I threw away the empty pack on my counter without a second thought and finished my make up.


“So I was talking to my friend Jane the other week,”


“She said you’re her daughter’s dad.”

“Ah, Jane Williams? Yes, that’s true.”

“Why didn’t you tell me?”

“Cut me some slack Skylar its hardly something you can easily mention!”

“Fine. How often do you see her?”

“Once or twice a week, work allowing. Jane showed you a photo?”

“She’s beautiful.” Elijah smiled and kissed my cheek,

“Most girls run a mile when they find out I’m a dad.”

“It doesn’t really bother me,”

“Well that’s good, considering its your friend. Anyway, movie starts in 10 minutes, best get a move on!”


“So anything else I should know about you?”

“Hmm, well my half-sister is that writer who clearly adores you.”

“Wait.. Cherry is your sister?”

“Yes. We have a different father, we all still live with my parents, Bridgeport’s an expensive place to live.”

“Are you aware she’s a drug addict?”

“That’s just a rumor.”

“I saw her!”

“Whatever. I don’t want to argue with you over this.”

“How can you just brush it under the carpet?”

“Skylar, I said leave it!”

“Fine.” I slammed the car door shut and began walking home but felt Elijah following me so I quickly turned into the alley and went into the nearby club.


I felt like I was acting the spoilt child but he’d been so condescending! I found the bar in the club and ordered a few drinks, eventually a haze formed around me and I felt an overwhelming sense of depression, I just wanted a shoulder to cry on, I staggered along to Angelo’s apartment where he opened the door, and raised an eyebrow at me and let me in, I grabbed hold of his shoulders and pulled him towards me,

“Make me stop caring.” He frowned slightly, the frown slowly changing to a smirk when two fangs slid free from his teeth and his eyes turned coal black, he pressed his lips to my neck and whispered,

“You’re drunk my dear Skylar but nonetheless I want this. I can make you forget, I can fix you.”He kissed along my collarbone and down my arm, kissing once more on my wrist before slowly sinking his teeth into my skin. The haze around my world broke, snapping like an elastic band. I felt a slow ripping sensation, like metal claws grating into my brain but I couldn’t cry out, the pain would ease up for a few seconds and then it would begin all over again, each fresh wave of pain tearing into my heart. Eventually my pain ceased and Angelo pulled away,


“My puppet.” He whispered to me, his hatred filled eyes searing into me, my blood around his mouth, but then another barrier broke and my world was covered with yet another haze, this one warmer and more loving,

“My love,” I replied to Angelo, my lips moving without my consent,


What the hell? My head ached and my wrist had some weird dents in it but other than that I was just confused, I went to brush my teeth when I fell to the floor, pain starting from my wrist began circulating round my body, reminding me of what had happened the previous night, I curled up on the floor by the bathroom, as all my memories came flooding back. I sat in silence for a few minutes and then my intercom beeped into life,


“Hey its Tony, listen, Elijah’s here and he says he wants to apologize.”

“I don’t want to hear it. Thank you Tony.” Tony was the building’s newest doorman and was almost frighteningly attentive. I heard Elijah say something but then the intercom went dead. I played with a lock of my hair before a thought hit me, Angelo and I.. we’d woohooed.. But my pills.. Oh those bloody pills! I put my head in my hands and fought the tears, I had no reason to be feeling sorry for myself!


Every day, without fail, Tony would be calling me on the intercom either telling me Elijah was there or he’d sent flowers, and each time I rejected it. By the time 3 months had passed I’d expected Elijah to leave me alone but he didn’t. He’d been so persistent one night that Tony had snuck me out of my apartment and told me to go to a club, a choice he regretted when he was cleaning up my puke from the lobby carpet. I found myself relying on alcohol more and more especially as Angelo had called me into his office to give me an official warning, basically telling me I would be fired in 3 weeks if I didn’t stop drinking “so damn much”.


I giggled my way through the latest photoshoot of mine, flirting with the photographer, the works, when he got up in disgust and spoke to Angelo who went almost purple and screamed at me,

“Thats it! You’re done! Pack your bags and go home! I am not having the reputation of Angel Models being dragged down further by your antics!!”

“The rep was gone when you got me pregnant, you bastard!” I stumbled out of the studio and packed my bags crying. And then for the first time I felt it, that child in me, it was kicking,

“Hey baby, I’m not being a very good mommy am I?” One kick,

“You know I love you don’t you?” Two kicks. I cradled the bump and finally felt like I’d accepted it, the reason I couldn’t see Elijah again.


“Woah Sky where are you going?”

“Angelo relieved me from my contract. I’m going home.”

“Are you sure?”

“Well I can hardly raise a Tempest child in Bridgeport can I?”

“You’re pregnant? Oh Sky, why didn’t you tell me?”

“Because it was a drunken mistake.”

“Whose is it?”


“He fired the mother of his child?”

“I don’t care. I don’t want him in my life. I’m going home, do you want to come?” Jane nodded,

“I’ll get my stuff sent over. Are we going now?”