Gen 3:21 Decisions

“Are you sure your mother would allow it?”

“Emmy is our daughter Tek.”

“I know she is but your mother might have an issue with you naming Emmy heiress.”

“Emmy is the best option.”

“How can you tell? Merida and Anastasia are still toddlers! I think you’re just trying to make up for the fact you didn’t give birth to her!”

“Maybe I am, but I truly believe Emmy would be a fantastic leader!”

“Can’t you wait until the triplets are older before deciding?”

“Roxane is a good judge of character and she thinks Emmy is the best choice. She says Anastasia will be too vain and Merida too shy. Emmy is perfect.”

“If you are happy to name Emmy as heiress now then okay, its just you can’t exactly take it away if you change your mind.”

“I won’t change my mind,” I smiled at Tek before going to find Emmy, eventually I found her in her bedroom, standing beside her bookshelf looking as if she’d been caught doing something bad,

“Hey kiddo, what you up to?”

“Oh uh nothing, just reading.” I looked at her suspiciously,

“You don’t seem sure.. But anyway your father and I have some news for you!”

“You aren’t pregnant again are you?”

“No, your father and I decided to name you heiress!”

“Really? Why not Merida or Ana?”

“Your grandmother is a very good judge of character, she thinks Ana would be too vain and Merida too shy. She thinks you will be perfect!”

“Is that grandma Tempest or grandma Logan?”

“Grandma Logan. We haven’t spoken to grandma Tempest about this. She’s coming over for dinner tonight to discuss the heiress, I want you present of course. Your aunt Zoe can’t come tonight as she’s on a date with her girlfriend and uncle Phoenix is out in Lucky Palms with some friends.”

“What about grandpa and uncle Dmitri? And what about grandma and grandpa Logan?”

“I think grandpa is coming as well as uncle Dmitri, if my parents let him out of studying. As for grandma and grandpa Logan, they’re out at some horse auction tonight.”


“And of course Chelsea is insisting on a white dress for both of them, this wedding will cost a fortune, and the white represents purity, something Zoe hasn’t exactly got!”

“Mother!” I hissed gesturing discreetly to Emmy,

“Ah yes! Little ears! How are you Emmy?” Emmy choked on her juicebox, she was always nervous around my mother and tonight was no exception.

“Uh I’m fine, grandmother.” My mother studied Emmy for a split second then turned to me,

“Where’s that son in law of mine? Hiding from me?” As she spoke Tek walked into the room humming and then saw my mother and looked ready to run out of the room,

“Ah there you are! Why are you covered in paint?”

“Apologies Scarlett, Jasmyn didn’t tell me you were coming over tonight. I’ve been working on some paintings for a gallery in Bridgeport,”

“Ah yes, you paint. That’s right. Anyway let’s get down to business! You’re naming Emily as heiress no doubt?”

“How can you tell?”

“I might be old but I’m still sharp. And Emmy is sitting at the table while your ‘nanny’ plays with the triplets. Why you would need a nanny I have no idea, you have 3 siblings who are always able to look after them!”

“Zoe’s always with her girlfriend and seems to have no time for us anymore, Dmitri is at college and Phoenix is busy with work. I can’t always rely on my siblings, besides Ceres is a great nanny.”

“Hmph. Well anyway, Emmy do you want to be heiress?”

“I thought once the leader chose their child to be heiress that that heir has no choice but to accept.”

“Mother! I am leader and I have chosen my heiress, if you have a problem you will have to deal with it. Emmy, you can decline it if you want but earlier you seemed happy about it.”

“I am happy about it, I can’t wait to be leader!”

“Good, that’s exactly the attitude I want to hear. And I’m sure your great grandmother Rose would love to hear that too sweetheart. Now, run along. Your parents and I have some family stuff to sort out! Dmitri go play with Emmy.”

“Mother, I’m not a child.”

“Dmitri go look after your niece for 15 damn minutes or I will remove you from my will.”

“Scarlett don’t upset yourself, remember what the doctor said. You have high blood pressure!”

“Mortimer I was there at the appointment!” As mum and dad began arguing my mother’s life span Dmitri and Emmy sneaked away from the table while Tek watched them leave, looking like he’d be glad to join them.

“Right, so you’re naming a child that you did not give birth to as heiress? I wonder what my mother would say to that..”

“I don’t think grandma would have had a problem with it. What she would have a problem with is you trying to use the fact she’s dead to make me feel bad about every decision I make as leader!”

“I’ve never used my mother’s memory in that way!”

“Yes you have!! I wanted to move to Sunlit Tides, what do you say? ‘Oh that’s a shame, granny Rose is buried here,’ when Tek proposed and I told you I agreed to take on his name as well as my own, ‘I wonder what granny Rose would think. I doubt she would approve..’ And now this, mother, I am leader now. You had your time, and now I am head of this family, I make the decisions. And that includes your care homes.”


“I’m proud of you today.”

“Oh really? You aren’t proud of me everyday?”

“Of course, but today you stood up to your mother for once. So many times I’ve seen you wince while talking to her because she tries to make you change your decisions. You stood by what you believed in today and for that I’m proud of you.”

“Well I’m hardly going to let her sit there complaining about me picking Emmy based on the fact that I didn’t give birth to her am I?”

“You let her complain about you taking my name, your dad was pretty quiet tonight.”

“I think he’s still in shock about Zoe marrying another woman.”

“How does your mother feel about that?”

“I don’t think she thinks ‘granny Rose would approve.” Tek laughed and pulled me closer,

“Would she approve of this?”


Gen 4 Heiress Vote!! -closed-

Emily Rose Tempest (Emmy)


Animal Lover

Hopeless Romantic


Green Thumb

-Emmy was adopted by Tek and Jasmyn to help Jasmyn deal with her miscarriage. When she was a child she began building a secret lair in her room with the help of Tek’s elf stepmother, she then began exercising her hidden magical abilities. Emmy is now a teen who wishes to further her magical abilities, and maybe use her magic to find her perfect match.

Side Note: Technically, Emmy is Tek and Jasmyn’s daughter, but for the purpose of the storyline she is adopted. She will still carry key Tempest features, such as Rose’s black and red hair.

Anastasia Harlow Tempest


Mean Spirited


Party Animal


-Anastasia is one of the triplets Jasmyn and Tek had following a brief vampiric experience. Anastasia dislikes Emmy and frequently calls her weird due to Anastasia fear of the supernatural. Anastasia is not the only family member aware of Emmy’s “experiments” but she is the only one who refuses to tolerate it. Anastasia intends to move to Bridgeport to become a famous stylist and then marry a rich client.

Merida Charisma Tempest





Dog Person

-Merida is the other female triplet but unlike Anastasia, she fully accepts Emmy’s love for magic and often helps her with particularly complicated potions but refuses to allow Emmy to experiment on her. Merida is somewhat quiet and can always be found in the library with a book when she isn’t helping Emmy. Merida wants to become a famous author, writing about her sister’s potions without giving her secret away. She intends to live with Emmy no matter what.

And here’s a cute little pic of baby Nathaniel.. because he is adorable!!

Gen 3:20 How Many??

“Agh! Tek come here quickly!” I’d dropped a plate thanks to these stupid ‘braxton hicks’ Tek came running in and raised an eyebrow at the plate, concern etched on his face,

“Are you sure you don’t want to go to the hospital?”

“Tek, these are false contr-woah!” The next one caught me off guard and nearly had me floored,

“Okay that’s it! Get in the car. I’m calling your parents to look after Emmy, Ceres is out of town at the moment.” I nodded and walked out to the car, breathing deeply hoping they would soon subside but the second I got out of the kitchen my waters broke.

“I knew it! You’ve never dropped a plate before! Do you think you can make it out to the car?”

“Well I can hardly walk to the hospital can I?” He smiled, used to my bad moods by now and helped me into the car while phoning my mum who was staying at a nearby hotel due to me banning her from my house after she dyed Emmy’s hair black and gave her contacts to ‘help her fit in’ thankfully, Emmy’s hair had pretty much rejected the hair dye.


“Okay Jasmyn, we need a big push from you now!”

Soon after I pushed I heard a baby crying, Tek brushed my hair out of my eyes, smiling with tears in his own.

“Its a girl!”



Our celebration was slightly short lived as the doctor began encouraging the next onset of pushing.

“Can’t you do it for me?” I pleaded with Tek and he smiled in response,

“Um ‘fraid not Jasmyn.”

“Come on! One big push for us Jasmyn,” I pushed hard, headbutting Tek in the process, who then fell on the floor,

“Tek are you okay honey??”

“Yeah, keep pushing!!” Tek eventually reappeared with a red mark on his forehead,

“Okay Jasmyn, one really big push!!” Eventually another baby was handed to Tek who was now grinning like a kid at christmas time,

“Its a boy!”

“Okay the last baby will be coming in about 10 minutes,”

“Wait, what?? How many am I supposed to be delivering here??”

“Triplets. Didn’t you know?”

“My doctor said it was twins, oh my god Tek we don’t even have 3 cribs!!”

“I’ll sort it out, you’ve got a night in hospital don’t forget!”
Eventually I delivered our third and final baby, another girl.

“Any names yet?”

“Thank god we had two of each we liked, Anastasia Harlow Tempest, Nathaniel Lincoln Tempest and Merida Charisma Tempest.”

“Which of the girls is which?”

“Hmm, Tek pass me one of the girls,” Tek helped to move me to the rocking chair and handed me a bundle of pink blanket, I pushed the blanket away from her face and studied her,

“This one’s Merida.” Tek looked down at her and nodded in agreement, before picking up the other girl,

“Which would make this one Anastasia.” I stood up to go put Merida in her crib and almost immediately the doctor was by my elbow, guiding me. I gently scooped up Nathaniel,

“Poor boy, he’s gotta grow up with four women in his house.” Tek smiled at me as he put Anastasia in her crib and then came over to look at his son,

“With a chick flick loving father as a role model?”

“You’re not that bad!” I handed Tek the blue bundle of baby and smiled as I watched Tek holding him.


“Have we definitely got all their stuff??”

“Jasmyn, besides the babies there isn’t much to bring home!”

We’d just finished loaded up the car and I was thinking of all the things we could have forgotten, as I climbed in I counted the babies again, yup definitely 3. Tek looked behind him into the car seats and smiled to see the 3 faces staring back at him. Tek slammed on the brakes when we arrived home and gaped at our house,

“What did Roxane do??” We were looking at our house now covered in “its a boy” and “its a girl” banners while Roxane stood in the garden playing hostess but she dashed over to us the second she saw us unloading the car,

“Let me see my grandkids!!” Roxane cooed over the babies while I looked about for Emmy,

“Where’s Emmy?”

“She’s upstairs in her room, large crowds make her uncomfortable.”

“I’ll go make sure she’s alright,” I handed Anastasia to my mother and went to go find Emmy, who somehow seemed to have grown much older almost overnight.

“Hey there kiddo.”

“Mum! Did you bring the babies home?”

“Yup! And I have a surprise, there isn’t two, there’s three!” Emmy grinned up at me, putting her book down.

“Can I see them?”

“Of course, but you have to come downstairs.” She nodded and slid reluctantly off her bed.


“That is the last time we allow Roxane to throw a party at our house.” Tek and I had managed to settle the triplets down and had just finished un destroying our house.

“Agreed.” I moved over to Tek and snuggled up with him,

“Come on Jasmyn, bed.”

“You sound like my mother,”

“Well you’ve just given birth to 3 babies, I’d say that warrants an early night, wouldn’t you?”

“Fine, but you’re carrying me upstairs.” He turned and raised an eyebrow,

“You say it like it’ll be a challenge!”

Tek and I were just drifting off when one of the babies started crying, waking the other two, I got up groggily and threw a pillow at Tek who almost fell out of bed as we went to go settle them down again. We went into the nursery and Emmy followed us shortly afterward holding her lamp,

“Did somebody hurt the babies?”

“No sweetheart they’re just hungry, go back to bed.”
Emmy put her lamp down and walked over to the nearest crib, Nathaniel’s and held his chubby fist for a few seconds and whispered to him, almost instantly he fell back asleep,
“I think he had a nightmare mum,”

“What would a baby have a nightmare about Emmy?”

“Maybe not being near its mother?”
Emmy was now whispering to Merida and Anastasia as I watched, stunned by how she settled them down. When all three were asleep Emmy picked up her lamp and returned to her room,

“How on earth?”

“I have no idea.”

Gen 3:19 Third Time Lucky

“Jasmyn come out please honey.”

“If I come out I’ll be sick on you. Stupid seafood, we are never going back to that restaurant Tek!!”

“Yes dear,” I heard Emmy toddling over to Tek,

“Where mama, daddy?”

“Mama is feeling poorly Emmy.” I came out of the bathroom, looking horrendous.

“Hey Emmy, I think its time for bed!” I picked Emmy up trying to avoid throwing up again as my stomach twisted.


“Are you feeling better?”

“Not really, I think I need to go out to the store tomorrow.”

“How come?”

“I’ve been throwing up all day. I doubt its just seafood.”

“Do you think..?”

“I don’t want to curse it,”

“I’ll be back in 15 minutes.”


“Going to the store, okay?” I smiled at him from the bed as he nearly fell over trying to get dressed,

“Tek its 2am. It can wait until tomorrow.”

“I don’t care, now go drink something.” Tek dashed downstairs and within seconds the car screeched away. I padded into Emmy’s room and stood over her cot for a few minutes until another wave of nausea hit me. Eventually after dashing to the toilet about 3 times my stomach began to settle and Tek finally came home.

“Jasmyn, I have a stick for you to pee on,”

“Wow Tek, ever the romantic!”

“Well how else do you explain a pregnancy test? Where are you?”

“I’m in the bathroom.”

“Roger that!” He ran into the bathroom, trying to look as nonchalant as possible but his eyes gave him away.

“Tek, I don’t need you in here while I’m peeing.” Tek left and waited for me outside the door, I followed him afterwards.


“We have to wait 5 minutes.”

“I’ll go check on Emmy,” I went back to my medical journal in bed while Tek was in the nursery.


“Tek I can check it myself!” I shut the door and walked shakily over to the sink, I picked up the test and smiled,

“Tek, come in here.” He came in, face pale but he looked at the test in my hand and pulled me into his arms.

“Maybe this time we should see if Roxane could do a bit of magic, just to keep the baby safe.” I nodded with my head on his shoulder,

“That’s fine by me.”


“You’re what??”

“Roxane for the billionth time, I’m pregnant!”

“And you want me to use some magic?”


“I’ll be over in 5..”

“Right! Jasmyn if you just stand there for a second, and Tek stop looking so worried! She’ll be fine!”

As she spoke sparks flew from her fingers and she began directing them at me, my whole body was tingling as she began to really aim the sparks at me, using her wand to isolate it.

“Right. That should do it, there’s a healthy baby there by the way.”

“You mean you can scan me?”

“Kind of, I can hear the heartbeat from here. And I can tell its healthy.”

“Ah okay then,”

“But that doesn’t mean you don’t need to go to hospital appointments. In fact because of past events, you will be monitored very closely. And by the way, Jasmyn I need a word with you.”

“So it was the falling off Orion that caused all the problems?”

“That’s what the doctors think. They offered surgery if I miscarry again.”

“Well you won’t be miscarrying again, amazing what some sparks can do isn’t it?”

“Thank you Roxane”

“Oh, and I’ll be re-modelling the spare room for Emmy by the way. I’ve got some awesome bookshelves that would go a treat!”

“Great! I’ll help as much as I can,”

“Don’t worry sweetpea, I’ve got it under control!”


Tek pointed out to me when I hit 3 months pregnant that my bump was unusually large but the doctors always said it was due to me having a lot of amniotic fluid and nothing to worry about but at 6 months pregnant I was beginning to waddle and the bump was getting in the way. Emmy loved listening to the bump now she was old enough to understand what was going on and why mummy and daddy were redecorating the nursery.

“Whens the next scan Jas?”

“Uhm, next week I think, why?”

“Maybe we should mention that you’re concerned by the bump size?”

“I don’t think so. The doctor said all bumps are different,” Tek nodded,

“Can I listen to it again?”

“You are so strange!” I laughed as he did a mock hurt face and bent down to listen to the baby,

“Jasmyn.. I swear I hear more than one heartbeat..”


“I think we need to phone the doctor and just ask, I mean Roxane might have botched the hearing spell.”

“Okay then go phone, I’ll get Ceres to come over and look after Emmy.”

Ceres was our babysitter who was nearly always our first choice as Emmy got along so well with her,


“Hmm well it would appear there’s at least two babies in there..”

“Two?? As in not one??” Tek appeared panicked at the thought of twins while I was concerned at the fact the doctor said ‘at least’

“What do you mean at least?”

“We’ve had cases before of hidden twins, even hidden quadruplets. But I doubt you are having more than twins. Do they run in your family Mrs Tempest-Logan?”

“Yes, my mother was a twin and so are my siblings,”

“That would make sense. But yes, nothing wrong with either twin. Both heartbeats are normal, but due to the fact they are twins we will have to deliver early.”

“How early?” Tek appeared to have found his voice after the initial shock of discovering we’re expecting twins.

“No more than six weeks of course. Your wife may well go into labor naturally at an early date. Have you started your birthing plans yet?”

“I’m having a hospital birth,”

“Ah, I see. And I assume you will be present?” He turned to tek

“Of course! I’m not going to miss the birth of my first child for anything!”

“Very well then! If you have no other questions I’ll be seeing you in 2 months!”

Gen 3:18 Stalker

This had to be paranoia. There’s no way he can find me here. I try to tell myself these things as I jog through the park on my way home from work. But for the past week I’ve been feeling like there’s someone watching me. The way I felt before I left Lucky Palms, as I look behind me I panic that I’m not looking ahead and run into someone,
“Whoops, sorry! Wait..YOU?!”

“Mrs… Tempest?” He spat the last word,

“Get away from me before I call the police.”

“You call the police and I will kill precious Emmy.”

“Stay away from her.”

“So I can attack your husband? And you! Marrying him of all people! He can’t make you happy!”

“He does. Something you would never be able to do.”

“Well, lets see how much he loves you after this.”


Urgh, where am I? And what is that smell? My limbs are numb and my wrist throbs like a bitch. I can hear Emmy’s snuffly breathing but I can’t see her, panic grips me as I try to find her.

“Mama!!” Slowly I pull myself off the floor and stagger about, when I find Emmy she is in her crib crying,

“Hey shh. Mama’s here,” I freeze as I nuzzle her hair, she’s the smell, the smell that is making me hungry, the smell that is burning my throat. Emmy’s little hands push against my face as I feel my teeth get longer and I press my lips to her throat but something stops me. I put Emmy back in her crib shaking with horror, did I just try to bite my daughter?? Emmy’s eyes burn into me from across the room, accusingly.

“Mama doesn’t feel well, go back to sleep Emmy!” I walk backwards out of her nursery and find myself in another room with a stone altar. I walk towards it but Emmy starts screaming and as I try to run to her, everything goes black again.


“What the??” I recognize the walls, I’m in the basement but that doesn’t exactly explain why I’m lying on a stone altar, identical to the one in my dream. The intercom we had installed by the basement door crackles into life as I stand up, and I hear Tek’s voice, clear as if he were standing right next to me

“Jasmyn, can you come up here please? There’s someone here to see you.”

“Who is it?”

“Says her name is Eliza, your aunt?”

“Send her down please!”

Within seconds Eliza was down in the basement staring at me,

“That bloodsucking noob.” She grabbed my face and stared into my eyes, looking for something in them

“Would you mind explaining what you’re doing here Eliza?”

“Checking up on my beloved niece and discovering she’s been turned into a vampire.”

“Excuse me?”

“You mean you didn’t know you were turning? Oh Jasmyn,” She pulled me into a hug and smoothed my hair down,

“You mean that  dream..”

“Its the dream that supposedly explains whats happening. Mine was no help whatsoever. Showed a cemetery with bloodstained  tombstones. Didn’t half frighten my dad when I told him.”

“Who turned you?”

“I was born this way, but born vampires only turn fully when they are teens. My dad was a vampire, but my mother cured him before I was even conceived. Thank god none of my kids have the vampire gene.”

“So I’m a vampire?”

“Newly turned, what was your dream about?”

“I nearly bit Emmy and it was dark.”

“Hmm, well I can’t tell you not to go near your daughter but I think you need to tell Tek about this so he can keep an eye on you when you’re with Emmy.”

Eliza began explaining a potential way of curing my little “issue” provided I wanted to,

“Wait a second, you were injured by a horse when you were younger weren’t you?”

“Yes..” Eliza began grinning,

“Vampirism cures minor injuries such as that.”

“You mean that I would be able to conceive as a vampire?”

 “Once you get the cure from the lab you would be able to conceive as a human too.”


“So, you’re telling me you’re a vampire?”

“Pretty much.”

“And your old boss is your ‘creator’?”


“O…kay. And you want me to help find a cure for you?”

“Well, Eliza said that the laboratory in town has a potential cure for it, so I was going to try that before we start poking about.”

“Do you want to go now?”

“If we can.”

“Are you sure you want to do this?”

“Would you still love me if I stayed this way?” Tek’s jaw dropped as I spoke,

“What the hell? I wouldn’t care if you were a werewolf who never shaved of course I’d still love you!”

“Thank you, but I think I have to do this.”

“As long as you’re sure about it.”

“I’m resisting a very strong urge to rip your throat out. I think I need to do this.” Tek pulled me closer for a second and then followed me into the lab.

“Ah Mrs Tempest-Logan?”

“Yes we spoke on the phone.”

“So we did, if you and your husband could follow me please.” We were led into a room like my office and told to wait while the formula was completed.

“Right, here’s the formula, drink it when you get home. Side effects can include vomiting and temporary memory loss. I recommend your husband stays with you while the transformation undoes itself. In case you pass out or anything.” I nodded and left the lab with Tek.

“Thank you for coming with me,”

“Anytime darling.” I unbottled the formula and downed it, almost throwing it up again.

“Woah, that tastes foul.” Tek put his arms around me, steadying me. I felt a stinging feeling all over and then fell back into tek a bit more,


“Are you okay?” I opened my eyes and his lit up,

“You’re back! Your eyes aren’t glowing.”

“I wasn’t aware I’d gone anywhere, where’s Emmy?”

“Roxane picked her up an hour ago, she’s fine.”

“You mean we’re alone?”

“For the whole evening.”

Gen 3:17 Emmy

I slumped on the bathroom floor feeling utterly crushed. Last week I’d. taken a pregnancy test which came back positive, and now I was bleeding. I’d told Tek about the test but we both tried not to get our hopes up too high.

“Tek, could you come here for a minute?” I tried to stand up as he came through the door but I just couldn’t,

“Jasmyn? Sweetheart are you okay?” I shook my head and my vision blurred as I tried to look up at him,

“Oh god, come on, hospital. Now.” Tek helped me into the car and held my hand the journey, by the time we got to the hospital I was shaking and could barely stand.


“I am truly sorry Mrs Tempest-Logan,” I held my head in my hands as Tek sat next to me, staring at the floor,

“You may try again in a couple of months.” I bit my lip to stop myself from screaming at this doctor, I don’t want to try again, I shouldn’t be miscarrying, I’m healthy!!

“Is there any way to determine whats going wrong?” Tek spoke up, devastation still clear on his face.

“Well, we could certainly try to determine what is causing this. We will need your wife’s consent though.” I looked up,

“I’m in.”


“So its down to me that we cant conceive?”

“Jasmyn, its not your fault!”

“Oh I’m sorry, you have a womb that was damaged when you fell from a bloody unicorn??”

“Sweetheart calm down please! It’s not your fault!” I huffed and looked up at him,

“What do you want to do then?”

“I think we should consider adoption or maybe fertility treatment.”

“Well, there’s a children’s home about an hour away from us, maybe we could visit in a few weeks and just look into adoption. And go for fertility treatment later.”

“Do you want me to go and phone them now?” I nodded and pulled him closer

“Thank you,”

“Anything for you.”


“So you are looking into adopting a younger child? Well, we have a girl here, her mother gave her up when she was a few months old.”

“Why is she still here?”

“People in this town can be rather suspicious, the child has unusual coloured eyes, which sparks the ‘she’s a witch’ panic. Its ridiculous, she’s a year old for crying out loud! Anyway, would you like to see her?”

“Of course,”

“She’s adorable!” Tek was first to speak when we saw the child, “Can I hold her?”

“Of course!” Tek scooped her up into his arms,

“What’s her name?”

“My name Emmy!” The girl in Tek’s arms was grinning up at him,

“Her name is Emily, but we tend to call her Emmy for short.” I moved closer to Tek and studied her face, she smiled at me and touched my cheek,

“Pretty lady,” Tek smiled at me,

“She’s not wrong there,” He tickled her under her arm and she squealed at him.

“I think she likes us,”

“Yes, she isn’t usually like this when we have visitors, its rather strange,” Ms Ritz smiled at us, “Well, not strange but rather unusual behavior for her.”

“Hmm, cant say I’m complaining,” Tek was now playing blocks with Emmy on the floor, playing the big kid, I chewed my lip unsure of whether to join them when Emmy turned around and smiled at me,

“Mama play too?” Disbelief registered on Ms Ritz’s face when Emmy spoke to me,

“I’m sorry, Mrs Tempest! We try to teach the children not to say such things!” I smiled at her,

“I dont mind at all, in fact.. I think we’ve found our daughter,”

“Well, okay then. If you could come to my office we can look at adoption papers and you should be able to take her home in 3 weeks provided everything goes through okay.”

“I’m so relieved someone is finally adopting Emmy, she’s the only one of the children here who hasn’t got a home,”

“I’m surprised nobody adopted her, people tend to go for babies first.”

“Not when that child has unusual eyes, as the case appears to be.”

“But she’s gorgeous regardless of her eyes!”

“I’m glad you feel that way Mr Logan.”

Eventually we signed the papers and we went home to go prepare the nursery for Emmy, Tek had gone baby mad and had stayed up painting the room with me until 3am.


“Mrs Tempest?”


“It’s Fran from the children’s home, your paperwork went through and Emmy is waiting to be picked up anytime you’re ready!”

“Are you serious? We finished the nursery yesterday, can we pick her up today??”

“Of course you can! What time will you be coming?”

“Hang on let me ask Tek, I’ll phone you back.” Tek was down in his basement art studio working on some more paintings for galleries,

“Tek!! The paperwork went through we can go pick up Emmy!” Tek half threw down his paintbrush,

“Then what the hell are we dithering around in here for? Lets go!”

“Hang on let me phone Fran and make sure thats okay with her!”

Tek tapped his foot impatiently, waiting for me to give him the all clear, finally Fran agreed to us picking Emmy up within an hour.

Emmy didn’t make one noise of complaint when Tek and I came to collect her, in fact she squealed and ran over to me, holding on to my legs. Tek smiled and tickled her which made her entire face light up with laughter.


Emmy, it turned out was an easy child to look after, provided she was taken out to the park at least once a day, a job Tek loved doing, especially when it came to the spring riders. Tek had also become part of the video camera parenting group, if Emmy was doing something as little as playing with a toy Tek would be running around getting his camera out, it was so sweet.


“Okay, Emmy, time for bed say night to daddy,”

“Night daddy,” Tek was busy working on a painting of Emmy and me but he turned and gave her a quick hug, trying not to get any paint on her. Emmy snuggled down fairly easily with her teddy bear in her crib and no sooner had I put her in her crib was she asleep.

I leaned over to kiss her cheek and whispered,
“Thank you” into her little ear, she started her snuffly breathing as she fell into a deeper sleep.

Gen 3:16 Secrets

“Jasmyn, at least eat something!”

“Tek, I’m gonna be late!” He threw an apple at me from across the kitchen as my carpool beeped impatiently, I made it just as Dr. Jones was about to drive off,

“Dear god, what time did you get to sleep last night Dr Tempest?”


“I remember when my husband and I were in the honeymoon period.. Woohoo every night! Lucky if I get some once a month now. Enjoy it while you can Jasmyn!”

“Of course, Justine.”

“No pregnancy yet?”

“Uhm. No.” That was a lie, but I’d lost it so early on, Tek had no idea still..

“Hmm.. Surely you would have had at least one scare by now!”

I shifted awkwardly in my seat, this is not something I ever tend to discuss with colleagues, Justine noticed my unease and pointed out the new graffiti by the grocery store while I drummed my fingers on the dashboard.


“Honey, I’m home!” I called out trying to figure out where he was, while trying to hold back a snigger at how my voice sounded

“In the kitchen, go get changed, we’re going out!” I dashed upstairs to get ready,

“Would you mind telling me where we’re going?”

“I told you last night, surprise!” I dived in the shower as Tek called up the stairs to me to hurry up.

“You ready yet?”

“Give me a sec,” I ran down the stairs and fell into Tek who was standing by the door,

“Woah! Jeez, we haven’t even had dinner and you’re already throwing yourself at me?” He winked as he helped me out to the car.


“So any particular reason for that dinner?”

“Other than to spoil my beautiful wife? I wanted to see you without your nose in one of your research journals. And I think we need to talk.”


“While you were at work, Dr Topolski called. He said you needed to come in for a post miscarriage examination. Care to explain?” I looked at my feet, now buried in the sand, I knew he would find out but I never pictured it like this.

“It’s pretty obvious what happened isn’t it? I lost our baby.”

“Why didn’t you tell me?” I looked up and saw hurt in his eyes, hurt that I had denied while dealing with it.

“I was afraid.”

“Of what? Jasmyn, I’m nothing like your dad was. Surely you know that.”

“I know..” I saw splotches of water on my hand, Tek saw I was crying and pulled me closer,

“Hey shh, I’m sorry,”