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I’ve had this post sitting in my drafts for two months because I am so indecisive, by the title I’m sure you can guess what this is about. After months of inactivity I have decided to retire Tempest. Today I tried to open the game and within 10 minutes it had crashed, don’t get me wrong I love writing but honestly I’m tired of waiting for the legacy file to open only to have it crash.

Since some of you have been reading Tempest for nearly two years I figured I owe you closure on the story so here goes,

Akima is abducted by Ronan who discovers her non-earthly origins and begins testing on her, due to a psychic link between Akima and Mina, Mina is able to find her daughter with the help of old friend Jimmy. Eventually Jimmy admits he’s had feelings for Mina and they end up married when Akima hits her teens. Akima has troubled teenage years that is mostly down to her talking to thin air, something Mina does not condone. Eventually Akima is able to prove to Mina that she was actually talking to her spirit guide which is common on Akima’s father’s home planet. After getting a witch involved the family is able to make Akima’s spirit guide a person who takes the form of a woman named Anastasia.

At this point the narrative would have been switched to Akima and it would follow her and Anastasia as they begin to fall in love in Akima’s early 20’s. Anastasia proposes to Akima who declines her because she feels obligated to provide heirs to her family, Anastasia reveals that she can take the form of whatever Akima so desires and therefore they would be able to reproduce. Akima and Anastasia produce three children, Jezebel, Atlas and Triton(Jezebel and Atlas would have been twins) . Of course since Jezebel is the only girl she becomes heiress by default.

Jezebel’s narrative starts from childhood where she is constantly tormented by nightmares of a hellish place and vampires. She is eventually booked into therapy and is no longer affected by them until she becomes a teenager. The narrative then switches to Angelo (Jezebel’s great-grandfather) who has become a demon after all his years in hell, Angelo is unaware of how much time has passed and believes it only to be a few years, he plans to possess Pandora to kill Stefan and eventually kill her. During this time Pandora has become incredibly sick and tragically dies in Stefan’s arms with his death following hers after three days. After the funerals Jezebel becomes increasingly locked away  and tries to use a Ouija board to contact Pandora who she was close to. Angelo, now searching for a body to possess senses a member of his bloodline leaving themselves open and “hops in”. Jezebel, possessed by Angelo murders her parents while they sleep before being subdued by her twin who locks her into the basement while trying to find a cure.

Months pass and Jezebel begins to fight for control over Angelo, she regains control briefly and Atlas releases her so she can visit her boyfriend, once at the house they have sex and afterwards Angelo takes over and kills Jezebel’s boyfriend. Atlas, worried for his twin drives to the boyfriend’s house and finds Jezebel/Angelo laughing. He again is able to get her back into the basement and everything continues as it was until Atlas realizes Jezebel is pregnant. Throughout her pregnancy Angelo becomes weaker, allowing Jezebel to regain control for small periods of a time and tell Atlas what he needs to do to save her. They plan to exorcise Angelo after Jezebel gives birth after worries that an exorcism could harm the unborn child. Jezebel is able to maintain control over Angelo once she goes into labor but after the child is born, her body contorts and she screams as Angelo mentally crushes every bone in her body. Triton and Atlas are able to exorcise Angelo from her body but it is too late and Jezebel is dead. Triton then points out to Atlas that since Jezebel gave birth to a boy the matriarchy must be continued by a non-Tempest woman.

Jezebel’s son (named Kalani) is raised by his uncles and has no idea about the circumstances of his birth. He is at school, aged 10, when he is called into the principal’s office and told his uncle’s have died in a car accident. After months of going through the legal system Kalani is eventually put into a foster home. When he becomes an adult Kalani receives property deeds through the mail for a house in St Claires and he moves there. Upon moving in he discovers a series of letters written by Rose in the event that a male must become the heir, he is reminded that he is loved and valued by Rose and all of her descendants. This would effectively end the Tempest legacy and start the second legacy I was planning but I have no plans to continue Tempest, however I may start a new legacy at some point so feel free to stick around 🙂

Thank you for an amazing two years and thanks for sticking around! I’m still gonna be floating around WordPress creeping on all of your amazing work!



2 responses to “That’s All Folks!

  1. Wow. You certainly had it all figured out. Sounds like it would have been fun.

    You could always write without playing anything.

    If you do write anything else, sims or otherwise, let me know as I’d love to read it.

    • I’m planning a BMTL challenge at the moment and I will probably post about it on here, I honestly feel that if I’m going to start writing again that it would be best for me to start afresh. I was actually considering writing without playing but I didn’t feel it would be right haha!

      Thanks for commenting and I will let you know if I write anything else (I mean you could read my English Literature essays if you want 😉 )

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