Anyone There?

Holy crabcakes its been like two months since I last updated. O.O Why you may ask? Well I’ve just finished the first part of my A-Level exams so I’m taking a break from a lot of stuff to just sleep! Also my mum recently gave birth to  my new brother so I’ve been spending lots of time with him. And finally, I am kind of running out of steam with the story currently. Hopefully I’ll have an update for you tomorrow but if not I do still float around on the app, the only problem is it takes like 5 bajillion years to even like a post so rest assured I am still reading all your wonderful works!

*big squishy internet hugs* Mollie xx


2 responses to “Anyone There?

  1. I’m still here! 😛 I understand how you just took a long break. I’ve taken a long break but i don’t have any excuses for doing so. I just gave up because i found my family boring LOL I dunno, i guess sticking to legacy rules and shizzle is just not my thing and just contentiously writing and updating isn’t my thing. I still like to read your legacy though! 😛

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