Two Years Of Tempest?!

Hello there lovely reader!

Today is a huge day for Tempest, why? You may ask. Well, it is two years to this day that I hurriedly uploaded my first crappy post to this blog thinking I could do a legacy in a few weeks. Since then Tempest has had:

3 game breaks wherein I’ve had to reinstall

22 births including spares

2 world moves

4 abandoned storylines

and one leader who has social awkwardness!

So in honour of this fantabulous day I’ve organised some festivities for us all, first of all is a new post here, and we also have this post. Some of you may remember last year when I picked my top 3 moments from every generation and gave you a sneak peak of what was to come. This year, not only are you getting a sneak peek but you’re also getting a cheap budget version of the Simmy’s! Now I know I didn’t give any of you a chance to vote but hey! Deal with it! 😉 There are 7 categories (one for every generation) and spares are included!


So first of all we have the nominees for, “Coldest Leader”


The nominees are;

Rose for her lack of care towards her parents deaths

Emmy, following James’ death

Skylar for her demanding to be turned into a werewolf

And the winner is… Rose Tempest, our founding mother!



Wasting no time we now have the nominees for, “Best Love Story”


The nominees are;

Jasmyn and Tek

Emmy and James

Pandora and Stefan

And the winner is… Emmy and James, whose love survived death and even brought James back!



Now onto, “Best Supernatural Character”


The nominees are;

Angelo, father of Pandora, a vampire

Sebastian, friend to Emmy, turns Skylar, a werewolf

Elijah, husband to Skylar, a fairy

And the winner is… Angelo, come on everyone loves a bad guy!



Next up, “Favourite Spare”


The nominees are;

Sophia, twin of Mina

Summer, twin of Scarlett

Zoe, younger sister of Jasmyn

And the winner is… Sophia, for her devil may care attitude that she probably got from Zoe!



Now its the gentlemen’s turn to scoop up some prizes, “Best Man Candy”


The nominees are;




And the winner is… Stefan, who is based off of a semi-famous singer I have a huge crush on. Biased? Oh yes.



Now for the penultimate category, “Best Naturally Occurring Hair Colour”


The nominees are;

Summer, for the ice blue locks inherited from her father!

Hailey, who got her dad’s stunning hair

Harry, who lets face it, rocks pink highlights

And the winner is… Hailey, because let’s face it, her hair is rad!



And the final category, “Best Leader with Social Awkwardness as a trait”


Okay, Mina gets the award by default, sue me!


Did you agree with my choices? Leave who you would have chosen in the comments below!


Sneak Preview for Generation 8

There’s no questioning it.. he is real. It’s impossible, but he’s standing before me, completely butt naked. Oh god,  he’s naked! Quickly I threw a blanket at him and he wrapped it round his waist,

“Akima? Are you okay?”

“I.. Uh.. Yes.. I’m fine.”

“I apologise for my nudity.”

“Oh no, its fine, well not fine as if I wanted to see you naked but er..” He laughs, its a sound that I’ve been imagining my whole life,

“Akima, relax. It’s me.”

“I know, and thats what’s not so relaxing about this situation!!”


I hope you all enjoy reading Tempest as I much as I enjoy writing it, despite all the hassle it gives me, Tempest has been a form of therapy for me and has given me an outlet when I saw no other, as I’m sure some of you may had noticed, Skylar’s teenagerhood was one of the longest teen phases in all the girls and that is because like Skylar, I had a Jane in my life. A Jane who was emotionally abusive and just not a nice person, Skylar’s struggle with her Jane helped me to vent my frustration about what had happened and helped me to move on, so for that, thank you Tempest, and thank you to my readers who are one of the only reason’s I’m still writing!


p.s. I have a simblr, it’s pretty rad. You should check it out.


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