Gen 7:9 Undisclosed


“Man I can’t believe we wont be coming back here again!”

“I know it’s so sad!” Sophia nodded as we packed the last of our things into suitcases and closed our bedroom door for one last time. The girls were all saying their goodbyes downstairs, with mascara running down their faces and screeches of promising to visit, Daphne turned to us,

“You girls better have a spare room because you sure as hell aren’t keeping me away from Sunlit Tides! I’ll be over next Christmas!” Daphne smiled at us both and pulled us into a hug.




“So you’ll bring all my clothes to my house while I’m at work?”

“Yes Soph! Now go, you can’t be late for your first day on the job!” Soph grinned and dashed out to her car. Since we’d come back we’d both been offered very good jobs, well Sophia had. I’d been offered a job in an undisclosed project out in Lucky Palms, I knew it paid well and that’s about the only thing I knew. I’d be given a house with all expenses paid for me, and they would explain everything when I got to Lucky Palms. I accepted after mum and dad had contacted the people offering me a job to make sure it wasn’t a scam or anything.


The minute Sophia and I came home from Uni she bought a house of her own, a small two bedroomed place near the ocean, we’d been helping her move her stuff bit by bit over the course of a few weeks and we’d arranged to get it all set up for her before she came home from work so our first plan of action was to set up a baby swing for Ariel, Hannah and Darius’ daughter since neither of them could find a sitter and they were both determined to help.


After an hour or so of manoeuvring sofas and chairs, Vince, Darius and dad had completed the living room while mum, Hannah and I had finished the kitchen and dining room. The whole time Ariel had watched us, in almost eerie silence, Hannah whispered that it sometimes unnerved her when Ariel was as quiet as that, as she spoke Hannah scooped Ariel up and sat on the sofa with her to feed her,


By the time Sophia came home at 7pm we had completely finished the whole house and were all collapsed on the sofa in her living room, trying to keep our eyes open,

“Guys!! You didn’t have to do this!”

“Nonsense, no daughter of mine is sleeping on the floor!”

“But I would have managed!”

“Soph shut up and get over it.” Sophia laughed and plonked herself on my lap,

“So who’s cooking dinner?” A collective groan rose up in the room as she began dialling a number for pizza, before scooping up Ariel and giving her a huge cuddle,

“How’s my favourite fanged niece doing?” Ariel made a soft cooing sound and we all smiled, Ariel and Sophia were almost enviably close, sometimes I think Ariel may actually prefer Sophia to Hannah.


“Thank you all for coming, and also for insisting on paying for my pizza!”

“No problem, Mina wont let us help out with her move so its the least we can do helping you!”

“Dad, I’m moving to Lucky Palms. Not a 10 minute drive away!”

“Stef stop winding her up, come on, we need to help Mina pack in the morning anyway so lets head home! Night Sophia, see you bright and early tomorrow!”

Bloated with an obscene amount of pizza we all waddled in unison to dad’s car, as we drove off I felt as if half of me was missing, this was gonna be the first time in my life I haven’t lived with Soph. And when I move out to Lucky Palms I’ll probably only see her via the internet and on holidays.


Our room felt so weird without her prancing about and generally acting like an ass, but at least I’ll be able to get to sleep at a reasonable hour for once!Β Or so I thought, I rolled over and glanced at the clock, 2:00am, as I rolled back over my phone light up and I saw a text from Sophia. We stayed up for a while texting until I heard birds tweeting and began to actually feel sleepy,


meme-from-iphonetextgenerator (1)


After what felt like maybe 10 minutes of sleep mum and dad woke me up to finish packing up anything I wanted to take with me to Lucky Palms, which incidentally wasn’t a lot.



Holy plumbob! This house is huge! I have two living rooms! Why on earth would I need two? I found a letter on my kitchen table explaining all terms of tenancy basically no parties in which the house could get destroyed, any pets or children must be supervised at all times etc etc. I went upstairs to go check that all my furniture I’d picked out was here, yup all present and correct.


This house is technically two houses that are joined together by a bridge/corridor thing so I decided to go inspect the other and found another fully furnished bedroom with a half wall nursery built in.


Of course. They know I’m part of a legacy family.. But I’m hardly planning on having kids while I’m here! Oh well. I suppose it’ll be useful if Hannah and Darius ever come to stay. As I played with the mobile hanging above the cot my doorbell rang so I dashed downstairs and found a guy at my door,



“Mina Tempest! It’s Jonathon Davis! We spoke on the phone?”

“Oh yes, please come in!”

“I just came to make sure you’re all settled in, which it appears you are. Is everything to your liking?”

“Um yes? I was just wondering as to why there’s a nursery though?”

“Well you are part of a legacy family so we assumed that you would have children, which reminds me, my adoptive brother is a nanny, so if you ever do need a nanny, here’s his card.”

“Oh, er, thanks?”


“No problem, anyway I’ll leave you to get properly settled down and I’ll see you in the labs tomorrow where we’ll explain what’s going on!”


5 responses to “Gen 7:9 Undisclosed

  1. Whoa. My first comment in awhile. Finally catching up.
    Remember me, huh? Huh? Yeah I changed my name so it’s a normal thing if you don’t recognized me. Besides, I don’t write comments very often, but I’m still following the story, I give you my word πŸ˜€

    Oh! I just started a new legacy! (Seriously? again..?)
    So, if you don’t mind, please take a look and tell me what you think of it. πŸ™‚ Oh, and I’m not forcing you, I know you’re busy. I’m just.. i dunno, asking nicely? *batting eyelashes*
    Anyway, here’s the link :

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