Gen 4:13 Wedding Bells

“Urgh, I should not have had those tacos last night..” I clutched at my stomach through the layers of satin and tried for the umpteenth time that morning not to throw up.

“More like shouldn’t have had unprotected woohoo two months ago,” Mum narrowed her eyes at me from across the room,

“Jasmyn, leave her alone. At least they’re getting married.” Dad was attempting to fix his cuffs, eventually mum got sick of him trying to fix them and went to help him. Mum then tossed me my bouquet and gently stood Hailey up and held her hand, I leaned down to Hailey and kissed her cheek,

“Hailey are you ready sweetie? You need to walk first and put the flowers on the yellow carpet okay?”

“Yes mummy,” Hailey was standing up, looking adorable in her little flower girl dress, mum and Hailey walked up the aisle first, I could hear everybody saying “awww” as she and mum walked the aisle together. Now its my turn, dad linked his arms with mine and looked me in the eyes,

“I’ll always remember the day I first saw you, I was captivated from the second I laid eyes on you, and you have grown into a fine woman. Make great grandma Rose proud!”

We left the room and began to walk slowly up the aisle, I clung to my dad and then understood exactly how he and mum felt, I was their baby and now they are seeing their baby girl grow up. I stood opposite James and his face lit up the second he saw me, Sebastian acted as minister, and we were married within 20 minutes, by which time the paparazzi had turned up to see Mortimer Tempest’s granddaughter wed, mum quickly threw a blanket over Hailey and made a dash for the Jeep, we had agreed to hide Hailey from the public eye until she was much older, which meant we were being offered extortionate amounts of money from magazines to see photos of her.

When James and I arrived home after battling our way through the sea of people who had swarmed Hailey was in bed and mum was sitting in the rocking chair in the nursery,

“How bad was it?”

“Not too bad, they owe James some stitches though.” I gestured to a bloody hole where James’ earring was,

“Didn’t you go to the hospital?”

“Nothing I can’t fix mum, anyway thank you for today!”

“No problem sweetheart.”

“Now let me look at that ear,” James winced as I healed it, but didn’t say anything.

“Ah, now that stung like you wouldn’t believe!”

“Ew, I think I’m going to be sick.”

“Its not that bad Emmy, stop being so over dramatic,”

“No you turd! I’m pregnant!!”

“You’re what?”

“Pregnant.” I smiled at James,

“How long have you known?”

“Mum made a snide comment so I snuck out to get a pregnancy test while they were fixing dads cuffs. Only a few hours,”

“How far gone?”

“Only about 2 months, we need to keep it quiet.”


“I don’t want the paparazzi crawling over our lot to get glimpses of my bump, its bad enough with Hailey!”

“Well.. Yay! We’re having another baby!” James grinned and pulled me into a hug.

Author’s Note: Apologies for the short post folks but there really was nothing more I could think of without weakening the post!


Gen 4:12 A Proposition

“James.. We can’t let her stay like this forever.. She’d be bullied at school.”

“We’ll home school her. You can’t force a transformation that taxing on a baby.”

“I wasn’t suggesting that,”

“Look, we’ll wait until she’s a kid and then we will discuss it with her. Now your mum will not stop ringing me to tell me you’re late for the gym, now go!” I kissed James on the cheek and ran to meet mum at the gym, she had taken it upon herself to be my personal trainer to help me slim down for mine and James’ wedding next month. We had decided to get married at the spa, where our guests could enjoy complimentary spa treatments before returning home.

“So have the spa confirmed everything with you?”

“Yup! And you’re coming to Hailey’s birthday next week?”

“Of course! She is my granddaughter after all!”

“Can we stop for a second? I’m getting a stitch,” Mum switched off the music and slowly came to a stop,

“Lets hit the pool, that might relax you.”

“I’m getting a smoothie first!” As I stood at the bar I noticed a guy staring at me, he looked at his wife and her eyes bugged out before they came over,

“Greetings cousin Emily!”

“I’m sorry?”

“Oh our mistake, we should explain first! I am the granddaughter of Belle Goth, sister to your grandfather, Mortimer! And my husband is grandson to Casper Ritz, whose mother married your great uncle Liam. Small world eh?”

“No kidding! You have Cornelia’s hair,” I gestured towards the woman’s purple hair and she smiled warmly, just as mum come running over, still dripping from the pool,

“Well I never! Beatrice and Mark! How the heck are you guys?”

“We’re good, in fact Beatrice is carrying the world’s first Goth-Ritz!”

“Well what brings you to Sunlit Tides?”

“Well.. Mortimer recently contacted my mother, in a right state. You see, the oil companies are going bust, and with the amount of money that the Tempest family puts in, it could be a huge risk. Mortimer is getting old before his time anyway, always panicking to much. We have a proposition which could benefit all the families.”

“I’m all ears,” Mum now spoke as leader,

“Emily, you have a daughter correct?”


“Do you intend on naming her as heiress?”

“Well I thi-“

“I’m afraid Hailey is illegitimate. That illegitimacy costs her the title of heiress.”

“May I ask which one of you is acting leader of the Tempest family?”

“I am. Until Emily marries next month, I am leader.”

“Well then this decision will affect Emily. Will you not be naming your child as heiress because of her illegitimacy?”

“Probably not. James and I want a large family anyway, we’re bound to have more than one girl. Anyway, your proposition?”

“I am carrying a son. We want to merge the families once again.”

“Surely that would mean my daughter marrying a cousin?”

“A very distant cousin. Barely related, and this would mean that the Goth and Ritz families would be able to help your family out of a difficult situation, face it, Tempest Oil Industries is going bankrupt, Jasmyn, I’m sure you have seen the figures.” Mother nodded quietly and then spoke,

“But Tempest and Goth marriages haven’t gone well in the past have they?”

“We will draw up a contract if need be. Just please, let us help your family!”

“My family doesn’t need your help. We shall manage just fine.”

Eventually they left and mum fiddled with her wedding ring,

“Are you okay?”

“Yes. But what they said is true. The oil companies are failing, you know why? Because that oil is nearly gone. By the time this family reaches our ninth generation we will not only be bankrupt but there will be no oil left. And the world will be paying sorely for it.”

“Should I take them up on their offer?”

“Do you want your daughter to marry her cousin?”

“Well as they said, they are barely related.”

“It will be up to you in a month’s time. Lets reschedule this for another time. You look exhausted, go home and make sure James knows everything.”


“So they want our baby girl to marry her cousin. Nope. Not happening.”

“James my family is nearly bankrupt! It would be a way to sustain her future.”

“We’d be sacrificing her happiness!!”

“Maybe not, we could draw up a contract?”

“A marriage contact.. Slow down their you romantic devil!” James retorted sarcastically,

“What if we were to encourage them to fall in love? And not mention the contract?”

“And we could have grandchildren with tails!”

“I’m trying to protect my family.”

“I understand, but protection wont help the family. Our kids will be so pampered they wont have a realistic idea of life. You cant wrap them up in cotton wool, look at Hailey, in 18 years time, she will think we’re dinosaurs and want to move out to a city and marry a movie star, because we wont have given her a “real” upbringing. She needs to know how rough the world is and that she wont get her way all the time.”

“This isn’t something we can decide now. We need to seriously think about this, if we are going to betroth her to someone.”

“Do you truly believe betrothal is the only option?”

“Well look at us, we weren’t betrothed and look how that turned out! You ended up dead!” James smiled,

“Are you saying you’d prefer to be betrothed?”

“It would have taken some pressure off. Look, I’m sorry, I’m just stressed about the wedding and everything.”

“Go take a bath, I’ll keep an eye on Hailey.”

“Thank you.”


“Yay!! Well done Hailey!” We all smiled and clapped as Hailey giggled and blew out the candles, her cool skin almost freezing my arms, I placed her on the floor for a split second and it seemed almost as if my baby girl had become a toddler in a split second.

We settled into raising Hailey as best we could, fairly early on we discovered the Hailey could crawl through objects and could even momentarily disappear. Hailey’s first word was “papa” which came out with a slight Italian accent which amused James and I no end. Potty training her was slowly becoming a nightmare though, James kept knocking over the seat so all sorts of muck would cover the floor of the bathroom.

“..And then the beautiful witch went away in a big blue box on all sorts of adventures. Night night Hailey!” I kissed the top of her head and pulled the railing up, leaving Hailey to play with the doll that Beatrice had sent her,

“Ni-night Mama!”

Authors Note: Also, here’s a little pic of what human Hailey would look like,

Gen 4:11 Cured

“Emmy this is the 5th batch you’ve attempted today! Hun, I don’t think its going to work.”

“James please, give me a little support?” Mum nodded from across the room while dad tried to fix the food replicator we had bought for this, only Sebastian had broken it by trying to replicate his hair or something.

“Okay, I guess we wont replicate this attempt. Eat up!” I placed the food in front of James and he slowly put the fork in his mouth, he was stuffed full of non responsive ambrosia,

“How do you feel?”

“A little light headed..” Suddenly a glow began to form around him and he was lifted into the air,

The glow became unbearable, glowing too many colors, but just as I closed my eyes I heard James,

“Emmy? Open your eyes,” I opened them and James was standing in front of me, eyes soft and his browny-purple hair shining in the sunlight,

“James!” I threw my arms around him, “It worked! It really worked!”

“I know baby!” James turned slightly, with me still wrapped around his neck and nodded, with some difficulty, to my parents

“I think she’s happy to see me,” Mum laughed at him and joined in the hug while dad awkwardly patted James’ back.

“So when are we marrying you off? I assume before the baby’s born?”

“Mum I can’t fit into my dress at the moment, I think we should wait until the baby’s been born.”

“You know that means the child is therefore illegitimate? If it is a girl she will not be heiress.”

“A rule I can change when I am leader.”

“Spoken like a Tempest! But no. That’s not happening.” Mum smiled at me as I finally relinquished my hold on James and stared at him, almost in awe. Not bothering to argue with my mother.

“Emmy, I’ve been here the whole time. Why are you acting like you haven’t seen me in a decade?”

“Because it feels like I haven’t seen you!” James pulled me into his arms and smiled down at me,

“I know what you mean,” Mum and dad were standing awkwardly beside us so they eventually made some excuse about Ana’s cheerleader practice and left. Needless to say, that night we re-acquainted ourselves with each other. I’d missed his warmth so much.


“So, the nursery is all finished and the birthing plan has been made?”

“Yup! Now all we need is the baby!” James laughed,

“Easy there Emmy, one step at a time! By the way, Anna told me to tell you that she’s gonna be giving you another scan tonight after dinner, just to check everything’s okay. She’s worried about the head not being engaged.”

“Yeah, I know about that, she was asking if I knew anything about my family’s history of childbirth etc. Hey James? Only more 3 weeks to go,”

“Jesus. Time really does fly when you’re having fun huh?”

“I guess so.” James had been absolutely incredible throughout this pregnancy, running out to the store to get me the weirdest things at all hours. There had been one night in particular where I convinced him to go to the spa store at 4 am to get me some lavender bath salts because I felt sure I needed them to get to sleep. By the time he’d come home I was fast asleep and he was cold and grumpy.

“So you haven’t burned the kitchen down yet? Maybe I can trust you in there then, when you practice a bit more.” James had taken over kitchen duty after I nearly spilled soup down myself, I tried hard not to gag on the macaroni and cheese he’d made me, knowing it was my favorite food. It wasn’t that he was a bad cook, just sometimes he was a little “experimental” in the kitchen. And not in the good way.

“Okay so, if I’m seeing this right. And I assume I am, the baby’s head is actually engaged now, and with 3 weeks left until you’re due I think we need to seriously start looking over this birthing plan.” I handed the sheet over to Anna who chewed the end of her pen,

“Now, it says here you want a water birth? Do you have sufficient equipment for the birth or will we need to rent?”

“Surely I can just ‘magic’ some up?”

“Ah yes, I forgot you are a witch. Wow this child certainly has some interesting heritage. The father was a ghost, the mother is a witch and don’t get me started on the grandparents!” Anna smiled at me and packed away her equipment, as James entered the room,

“Birthing plan sorted?”

“Yessir! I’m gonna go practice conjuring up a birthing pool,”

“Hmm. Maybe you could do it after you check out what I conjured up in the kitchen?”

I walked into the kitchen to see a table laid with candles and dinner for two set up, I smiled at James and he pulled the chair out,

“My lady?”

“Why thank you,”

“James.. I don’t mean to spoil the moment or anything.. But I think my waters just broke..”

“Oh balls!! ANNA!!”

Author’s Note: Certain parts of this chapter were co-written by my close friend, Emeradam001 from the site, in other words, the “I missed his warmth bit” 😉

Gen 4:10 Ambrosia

“Death fish.. life fruit. Can’t be too hard to find.”

“What can’t be too hard to find?”

“The ingredients for ambrosia,”

“I seriously don’t think you should be attempting it in your condition.”

“My condition? James, I’m pregnant not a leper.”

“I know but still, you could be putting our child at risk,”

“You’re forgetting the numerous wards I’ve put on myself and the baby. I top them up daily remember?”

“Even so! Look, I’ll get the ingredients, you can make it. But it wont change anything, I’ll still be a ghost.”

“I’ll do anything to get you back full time James. You know that,” He nodded,

“Do you want me to get the stuff now?”

“Please, I need life fruit and death fish.”

“Life fruit is growing around the front of our house, death fish might take me a while,”

“That’s fine, we’ve got time!” James flashed out and I sat at the breakfast bar when I got a craving for spaghetti and ice cream, as I put the spaghetti in the ice cream tub a small voice in the back of my head told me this was so wrong but an even louder voice was shouting, “eat the damn thing woman!”

“Great, so you’re going to be giving me some crazy cravings huh Smudge?” Smudge was what we called the baby, as the first time James looked at the scan photo he’d complained that it was smudged to which I’d replied,

“No James. That’s our baby.” Anna had just laughed the entire way through and said her husband had said the same thing to her, and when her son had been born her husband accused her of having an affair because both her and her husband were blonde and the baby had very dark hair.


“And then I crashed in mummy’s garden and she fell head over heels for me the second she saw me!” I laughed at James putting on the silly voice,

“That’s not at all what happened James! Don’t lie to our unborn child!”

“Okay, I’ve gotta get going, I think I’ve found somewhere I can get a deathfish for you.”

“Be careful!”

“Emmy. I’m dead. There’s not much that can harm me.”

“I know.. but still.” He winked at me and flashed out again,

“Hmm.. I’d better start looking at baby names for you huh Smudge? You can’t go around your whole life being called Smudge now can you?” I felt a kick in response and laughed, but a ring around today’s date on my calender stopped my laughing. It was family dinner night, and I was going to have a lot of explaining to do to my parents.


“Emmy.. Would you mind explaining the new threads?” I rubbed my wrist,

“Mum just come inside and I’ll explain it all. Is it just you and dad tonight?”

“Yes. Ana is out at cheerleader practice, Nathaniel is doing something for drama club and Merida is probably with Sebastian. Your dad’s just parking the car.”

“Okay well, come into the living room and I’ll explain to you, about the.. style change.” James appeared behind me and grabbed my arm,

“Are you sure this is a good idea? They might reject it.”

“They can reject it all they want. I love you and this baby, I wont give up either of you.”

“Okay lets go then.”

I walked into the living room where dad was sitting in a state of absolute shock while mum tried to comfort him,

“But.. Those are maternity clothes Jasmyn!! Whats she done??”

“..Tek its fine. She’s going to explain whats going on.”

“Uh. Mum, dad?” They both looked over at me,

“Yes dear?”

“What do you see beside me?”

“Well, a painting of a cat.. Am I supposed to see something else?” I pulled out my wand and waved it around James a few times, and then turned to my parents to see if my spell had worked,

“James? How on earth??”

“Mr and Mrs Tempest.” James bowed his head to them,

“Explain. Now Emily!!”

“Do I need to explain anything? James is a ghost and I’m pregnant. You do the math.”

“So.. That baby would be a.. ghost?”

“We don’t know, it’s a hybrid, it could be human with ghost abilities or a ghost with a more human appearance than my own.” James gestured to the hole in his neck as he spoke.

“We’re trying to find a way to resurrect James, and we think we’ve found a way. But its going to take time. I’m going to need to guys to support us and help James as in a few months I’m not going to be much help.” My parents nodded, dad still looking shocked,

“So this is my first ever grandchild?”

“Of course,”

“Well, I always knew you would have children Emmy but I never would have guessed you would be pregnant with a ghost. And you’re making me a grandmother this early?? I’m only 35!”

“Mother, you celebrated you’re 42nd birthday last month. Are you sure you’re not going senile?” James smiled at my joke and then walked over to my dad,

James’ Point of View

“Are you okay sir?”

“I told you before you died.. Call me Tek! And I’m sure you’ll understand when I say I’m in a little bit of shock.”

“So was I when she told me, I expected her to move on and have kids with some other guy.”

“Well, you’re lucky. Tempest woman are faithful, I don’t think the family would have survived Emily. She never would have gotten over you, you know that?”

“I felt sure she would, when I first started watching her, I saw her with Sebastian and I saw that potential there. But then my jealousy got in the way and I showed myself to her.”

“Don’t feel bad about it, you’ve probably saved this family. And hey when you’re cured you can get a real job!” He smirked at me,

“How did you know we lied about that?”

“Please, Nathaniel got his hacking skills from somewhere! And lets face it, finding a job record isn’t exactly hard.” I smiled at him, this man was truly a great guy. I expected him to hold a grudge against me for hurting his daughter. As if he could read my mind, he leaned in slightly,

“I don’t hate you for hurting Emmy. It was entirely out of your control. Just try not to get killed again okay?”

“I’ll try sir!”

Jasmyn and Emmy appeared to be done with their in depth talk of nurseries and sat on the sofa next to Tek and I,

“My mother made an interesting point, James.”


“She’s worried that the media will find out the truth. I mean we were lucky enough to be able to cover up your death, but if the police go public about this whole thing we’re screwed!”

“Jasmyn, that would never happen. You forget Roxane works for the newspapers and that my father works in the police force now. They wont let the stories surface, I guess we just have to hope that Emmy’s baby isn’t a ghost.”

“If it were a ghost we could cure it!” Emmy rose from her seat slightly, ready to argue,

“Emmy, we don’t know for sure if the cure will work or not. Your dad has a point, even if we can bury the story about me, if we have a ghost baby it will be everywhere! Remember, you’re the granddaughter of Mortimer Goth, who just last week has become the 10th richest man in Lucky Palms!”

“Really? Well that racks up your inheritance by quite a lot Emmy! As well as mine!” Jasmyn said with a joking tone while Emmy rolled her eyes slightly,

“Okay, then we’ll need to sort out this cure soon. James how is the deathfish hunt going?”

“Hmm, well they can be caught in the graveyard here at night,”


“But you need an angel fish to catch one. And angel fishes are quite probably the rarest and hardest to catch fish in the world.”

“Not yay.”

Gen 4:9 Interference

“I don’t mean to sound insensitive Emily!” I balled my fists up under the table,

“Then what did you mean mother?”

“Only that, its been 2 months now.. Maybe you should try to start moving on. I mean I could set you  up with some lovely boys!” A blue blur in the corner of my eye let me know that would be impossible.

“And how do you know I haven’t got over James? And I don’t need you interfering in my life”

“You still wear his shirts to bed, and your engagement ring. Not to mention the way you constantly whisper to yourself. Darling, its downright worrying!”

“Leave me to deal with my grief in my own way.” Mum placed a hand over mine, in an attempt to comfort me but I shied away from it. A twist in my stomach reminded me that I was still recovering from some kind of stomach flu and I ran to the bathroom,

“Emmy? Are you okay?” I felt James sitting behind me, worry creasing his face,

“Yeah, just feeling a little ill still.” I whispered, hoping mum wouldn’t be able to hear us,

“I should probably go, in case she busts the door down.” James began to fray again,

“She wont see you!”

“Doesn’t matter. I need to do some stuff. Love you,”

“I love you too.” He smiled and was gone,

“You okay?”

“Yeah, just recovering from some stomach flu.”

“Guess I’d better leave you alone then, to get better.”

“Bye mum,” As I stood up to hug her I was hit by yet another wave of nausea and barely made it to the bathroom, mum leaned against the door frame, concern etched on her seemingly ageless features,

“The only time I’ve ever thrown up like that was when I was pregnant. How unusual..” And with that she left me leaning my head against the cold porcelain, the last James and I had woohooed would have been 3 months ago, I would have a bump.. small but existent nonetheless Unless, as impossible as it sounds in my mind, I’m pregnant with a ghost child. I staggered into the library and sat down at the computer, typing in various access codes Nathaniel had hacked for me when I was trying to find out more about James’ death. I knew the sites to look for and within seconds I had found exactly what I wanted.

“Ghost Child Born On Halloween To Widow” The first report read, a woman whose husband had died the previous year had become pregnant and given birth to a ghost. Scientists blamed the amount of alcohol the woman had in-taken during her pregnancy and said that it had caused a mutation in the child’s skin pigmentation but she swore her husband had come back to her on new year’s eve. I drummed my fingers on the desk and scrolled down, similar stories but most had ended in the mother abandoning her “monstrosity”, I chewed my nail, so there was a possibility that ghosts could be born. I began to become more curious, if there were stories, then where were the children? I accessed more files and began hacking into high security stuff, when I discovered something that made me want to throw up again. The mother’s.. these women.. were abandoning their children in the worst ways, they would frequently leave the child outside a specific location that an unlicensed “midwife” would give them. The child would then be tested on, seeing how long they can hold their breath, could they survive various diseases? Of course the children weren’t immortal, nearly all of the children didn’t survive the tests, the ones that did were kept in the programme until they died of natural causes.

If I am pregnant will I be forced into handing my child over?

Maybe I shouldn’t even be entertaining this idea.. I placed the test next to the sink and sat down on the edge of the bath, turning my phone, my phone alarm beeped letting me know it was time to look.

“Impossible.” I stared at the test in utter shock, how on earth?

“JAMES!!!!!” I yelled for him, I had no idea what to do. A blinding blue flash and then James appeared beside me,

“Whats the mat-wait what??” James eyes focused on the pregnancy test and anger crossed his features,

“Whose is it then?”

“Yours.” He shook his head,

“No, that’s not possible!”

“Go look at the computer in the library and then tell me whats possible.” James left almost instantly but when he came back 10 minutes later his eyes were almost bugging out of his brain,

“You mean that’s my baby?”


“Will it be.. like me?”

“I don’t know, I suppose there is a chance it could be human.”

“Those stories, the mothers throwing their children away like they’re nothing.. You wont do that will you?”

“You think I could? Of course I wouldn’t. And I wont be handing the baby away to the government any time soon.”

“You realize this means that you need someone who knows about ghosts to be in charge of your antenatal care?”

“Do you know anybody?”

“Yeah. She’s a midwife, better still she’s a ghost! Do you want me to go find her?” I nodded, amazed at how well James was handling this all, it almost seemed planned.

“So where is the lady then?” James flashed into the room, accompanied by an older ghost, she smiled when she saw me,

“Exactly like you painted her.. James.” He nodded and gestured for me to come over, I shook her hand and tried not to shudder when her cold skin touched mine,

“Pleased to meet you.. um?”

“Annabelle Salling, but you can call me Anna!” Salling? Wasn’t that James’ last name? I looked at him frowning slightly and he shrugged,

“So how far gone are you Emily?”

“Call me Emmy, and I don’t know, I’ve been having morning sickness, and my body must be registering the pregnancy by now.”

“Okay let me have a little ‘shopping trip’ at the hospital and then I’ll see if I can date this pregnancy, this is my first ghost baby!” She flashed out, leaving James and I alone,

“Salling? Is she related to you?”

“I don’t think so.. Is it important?”

“Well no, but what if she was your mother? Wouldn’t you like to know her?”

“My mother died. That’s how things remain in my mind. How things should be in your mind, but I was selfish.”

“I’m glad,”

“You shouldn’t be. Jesus! I sound like some douche from Twilight. Shut me up?”

“Oh! I apologize!”

“No worries Anna,” She smiled at me and then began tinkering with all the equipment.

An hour later we had determined that there definitely was a baby in there, I was 2 months pregnant and the baby was healthy. Anna left shortly afterwards to return all the equipment but we convinced her to stay with us while I was pregnant, in case I needed immediate medical attention, I could hardly go into a hospital now could I?

“Guess I’m more deserving of good things than I thought, you being the first example. And now the baby,” I smiled,

“Now do you see what I see in you?”

“Of course not, that I’ll never be able to do.”

“Do you think I’d ever be able to bring you back? Surely there’s a cure.”

“Could go bad, zombie apocalypse anyone? Actually, I’ve heard there is a way but its complicated and there’s a lot of skepticism surrounding it.”

“What is it?”