Gen 4:2 Collision

“Hey Merida, wake up! Its my birthday!”

“Urgh, Emmy go away!”

“No! Get up!” Slowly Merida dragged herself out of bed giving me the evils as she did so, then doing a double take,

“So when you age up do you have a growth spurt?”

“Huh? Oh yeah I guess so.” I left Merida alone to get dressed and ran downstairs to where mum and dad were packing boxes,

“Packing already?”

“Well, we figured the building is gonna take a while without us clogging up the place.”

“What time is Sebastian coming over Emmy?”

“Uh in a couple hours, he’ll be staying on the sofa in my room.”

“Well as long as there’s no mischief going on..” Dad looked uncomfortable about this particular topic so mum changed the subject,

“Is your uhh table ready to be put into storage?”

“Mum, its an alchemy table. And its already in the basement.” We had now converted our basement into a temporary living space for Sebastian and I while the building went on above us. It wasn’t exactly ideal but it was better than a tent I guess. Eventually Sebastian arrived, armed with boxes of his stuff. He’d aged up the day before me but was suspiciously broad shouldered.. And hairy. After he’d put his boxes in the basement I pulled him aside,

“Hey dog breath you aren’t wolfing up right now are you?”

“No, its fine. Just a little side effect of being a fully grown werewolf. Which reminds me where is the little wolves room?”

“The toilet or the room for your transformations?”


“Well the toilet is there and this is your room.” As a joke I’d put a dog bed in one corner, which of course he was first to notice,

“You racist!” Sebastian playfully bumped my shoulder as he sniffed around the room. Ana came down carrying a tiny box but acting like it was the world’s biggest deal. And then I realized.. Ana had aged up!

“Hey Ana when did you age up?”

“A few minutes after Nathaniel. Merida’s just aged up too by the way.”

“Bring her down here Ana, please?”

“Get her yourself and tell wolf boy not to dribble on the carpet.”

“Urgh, fine. MERIDA!! Get your butt down here!”
Merida came running down shortly after I called, saw Sebastian and blushed a little bit.

“Oh hey Seb, I forgot you were here.”

“Well, I doubt you’ll be forgetting tonight. Full moon and everything.”

“Oh yeah, haha.” Was Merida attempting to flirt with ‘Seb’? I could see her brown eyes warming up and her face softening while they spoke.

“Isn’t that right Emmy? Emmy!”


“We’re gonna cure me right?”

“Oh yeah sure.”

“I don’t know, you kind of rock the whole werewolf look.” Yup. She’s definitely flirting.

There was a squeal of tires from above us and I ran upstairs to see a guy lying on my lawn..

“Oh my god!! Are you okay?”

James’ point of view

This is my third night of sleeping rough, I choose to sleep near people’s houses, close to the wall so I blend in a tad more. And following me testing my card with an atm nearby I discovered Christophe has not yet frozen my account. I could go anywhere. I eventually decided on going to the airport. Anywhere to get me away from this hell. I closed my eyes and pointed to a random destination. Sunlit Tides? No way they’d think to go there if they come looking for me, I hate hot climates. I guess it’ll be a small price to pay.

This is worse than I imagined, its sticky and just gross. Then again leather isn’t exactly the classic gear for a place like this. Finally my motorbike on its cargo plane landed and I raced up a street, there had to be an abandoned house somewhere around here, I was to busy looking for any empty houses and I crashed into someone’s yard. I heard a scream and a girl came running towards me,

“Oh my god!! Are you okay?” She kneeled beside me and pressed her palm to my forehead, I sighed and tried to speak but I could only cough.

“Hey, shh. I’ll make it better.” She looked around before pressing her hand to my knee, I looked at her and after several attempts managed to ask her what she was doing but she smiled at me,

“Stand up.”

“Are you crazy?? It must be broken I can’t move it!”

“Trust me, stand up.” I don’t know why, but something about this girl told me I needed to stand up, I braced myself for the agonizing pain as I got up but there was none. The girl smiled at me before introducing herself,

“I’m Emily Tempest, heiress to the Tempest family.”

“James Salling. Can I ask you what you did to my knee?”

“We’ve just met, I’ll explain another time. I haven’t seen you in town before, whats your story?”

“Uh, just moved her from umm Moonlight Falls.”

“Wow, why would you move away from there?”

“Bad crowd.”

“Oh, well if you don’t have anywhere to stay you are more than welcome here. I mean we are in the middle of a house re-construction but even so.” Wait, this girl was being nice to me. Everyone I’ve ever met has either been scared of me or used me. Emily, I think her name is, seems to be genuinely nice.

“Oh, um thanks. I could use a couple nights in a real bed and not a tent.” Emily smiled and gently pulled me in the direction of some stairs,

“We’re living down here while my house is built, you can have my room. I’ll sleep on the sofa.”

“Oh no, I can’t take your bed. I have a sleeping bag, I’ll just camp out in the living space or whatever.”

“No James, you’re my guest, take the bed. I’ll get another one tomorrow easily.” Emily didn’t appear to take no for an answer, and she was grinning when a massive German shepherd came running in,

“Jesus! What do you feed that thing?”

“Uhm… My mum cooks all his meals at the moment so mostly gourmet pet food.” I bent down to the dog but he began growling and showing his fangs,

“Sam! What’s the matter with you? Behave!! This is our guest!”


Gen 4:1 Running Away

James’ point of view

Walking into Christophe’s house after doing a job is always a relieving feeling, I’ve got away with murder.. Quite literally! Even if this particular job meant I had to sleep under a bridge for a night a return home at 9 am. I try to sneak in through the back and get to the shower before anyone sees me but Nikki catches me just as I get my leg through the window,

Where have you been?”
“I was doing a job!”
“You certainly took your time! Anything for me?”
“As always.” I handed Nikki a crystal bracelet and made my way into the living room,

“Ah there you are! Did the job go according to plan?”
“Of course, I’m gonna go take a shower. Got some blood on me.”
“You’re always messy! See Nikki over there? She’s clean,”
“That’s because she uses poison, it takes longer. Guns are more efficient, even if they make more mess. And how many times did she get caught when she used to strangle them?” This is an argument we always seems to have but I try to keep my voice light, Christophe is not kind of guy I want to piss off. Nikki glowers at me as I leave the room to go clean myself up.

I watched as the water in the shower turned from clear to red to pink back to clear and frowned. I’m 24 years old and what do I have to show for myself? Most guys my age have girlfriends, some are married with kids. What do I have? A motorcycle and 12 murders under my belt. I barely looked 24.. The circles under my eyes added at least 10 years, something Nikki would point out if she was having a bad day. As I crept along the hallway to my room I passed the living room once again and could hear Nikki and Christophe arguing,
“Are you seriously telling me he’s irreplaceable? You could easily kill him and no one would be the wiser! He has no family, nobody would care enough to launch an investigation.”
“Nikki, I don’t want to kill him yet. He’s doing a good job!”
“He’s doing a messy job! I’ll leave if he doesn’t!”
“So I have to choose between my girlfriend and a gun man? Fine. He’ll be gone by next week.”
“Good, and I’ll be selling this bracelet he got me. Like I do with all the junk he gives me.”
“Why does he do that?”
“When he first started working with you I told I’d poison his food if he didn’t bring me stuff.”
“You’re evil!”

I stood in the hallway,sweat trickling down my back, realizing how they were so calmly discussing killing me based on Nikki not liking me. I tried to silently run to my room and threw on some clothes. No time to take any others, Christophe acts bloody fast! I heard the living room door open and heard footsteps running past my room and up the stairs, sighing with relief I inched my door open and crept out. It’s a stupid way to escape, in broad daylight but its my only shot.


Emmy’s point of view

“You really want this house? Its so.. Dark.”
“Yes but I would lighten the interior.”
“Hmm alright then hun. And I’m assuming you have got a room for your ‘experiments’?”
“Of course, in the basement.”
“Alright then. Well as long as you’re sure!” Ana came in the room and gave me a dirty look on her way to the fridge,

“What? Freakzoid hasn’t put frogs eyeballs in the fridge?”
“Ana!! Be quiet!”
“But mum she’s so weird! I mean who plays with voodoo dolls?”
“I’m so tempted to bind one to you Ana, be careful what you say to the ‘freakzoid’, she can hear you now!”
“Whatever, weirdo.” I could see dad rolling his eyes behind his coffee and he picked up the newspaper to whack Ana over the head,
“Be nice Ana.” Merida came in the room and sidled up to me looking at the house plan on my screen,

“Where’s my room going to be Emmy?”
“Your room is going to be along the corridor from mine. And Sebastian will be over here,” I pointed to the room on the first floor, next to the bathroom. Sebastian has been my best friend ever since we both got locked in a classroom together in detention when we were kids. And the reason he is living with me is because I may or may not have accidentally placed a werewolf curse on him when we had a fight.

So since I feel bad about it I’ve agreed to let him live with me until I can find a cure for him. I’ve mastered an animal forme charm which turns Sebastian into a massive German shepherd, but that doesn’t solve much!
“I can’t believe you want to live with that fre- I mean our ‘sister’ instead of me and Nathan!” Ana’s quotations marks stung and as I tried to bite my tongue the ice cream machine next to Ana exploded, dad burst out laughing while mum tried to mop Ana up but Ana stormed off mum gave me a Look,
“Did you do that on purpose?”
“No I promise! You know that’s what happens if I try to bottle up!”
“Okay sweetheart. Please try and be more careful,” now she gave dad a Look who was still smirking behind yet another cup of coffee, he winked at me from across the room, which unfortunately for him mum noticed and playfully whipped him with the dishcloth,
“Tek! Don’t encourage her!”
“Oh come on Jas it was pretty funny!” Nathaniel was next to come into the kitchen, still in his pjs at 11am, he looked at the mess on the floor and looked at me straight away,
“Did you make it explode Emmy?”
“Well its bigger than the food processor, so bravo I guess!”
“Nathan, you wanna play some good old fashioned Foosball with your old man?”
“Sure, let me get some food first though.”
“Hey, no food in the ‘man cave’ alright boys?” They both grunted in perfect timing as a response. I think mum uses the term man cave a bit loosely to be honest. I mean there’s nearly an entire wall covered by dad’s chick flick movies.

Gen 4 Emily Tempest-Introductions

My name is Emily Rose Tempest but most people call me Emmy. I am the adopted daughter of Jasmyn and Tek Logan-Tempest, I was 3 years old when they adopted me and I had lived in the children’s home for most of those years as people were afraid of me. They thought I was a witch, strange how things turn out eh? Oh, I should explain! When I was a child I accidentally set my dolls house on fire when I was angry.. I was standing 5 feet away from it. I told my step-grandmother as she is the closest to a magical being I know and she told me that I was indeed a witch and that while I was young my powers would manifest and cause accidents like that. So she helped me to build a lair in my room where I could practice in peace, now I am heiress I can have a bigger lair in my new house! I haven’t really thought much about marriage or kids yet but I suppose if the worst comes to the worse I can always use magic to help me settle down.

Gen 3:21 Decisions

“Are you sure your mother would allow it?”

“Emmy is our daughter Tek.”

“I know she is but your mother might have an issue with you naming Emmy heiress.”

“Emmy is the best option.”

“How can you tell? Merida and Anastasia are still toddlers! I think you’re just trying to make up for the fact you didn’t give birth to her!”

“Maybe I am, but I truly believe Emmy would be a fantastic leader!”

“Can’t you wait until the triplets are older before deciding?”

“Roxane is a good judge of character and she thinks Emmy is the best choice. She says Anastasia will be too vain and Merida too shy. Emmy is perfect.”

“If you are happy to name Emmy as heiress now then okay, its just you can’t exactly take it away if you change your mind.”

“I won’t change my mind,” I smiled at Tek before going to find Emmy, eventually I found her in her bedroom, standing beside her bookshelf looking as if she’d been caught doing something bad,

“Hey kiddo, what you up to?”

“Oh uh nothing, just reading.” I looked at her suspiciously,

“You don’t seem sure.. But anyway your father and I have some news for you!”

“You aren’t pregnant again are you?”

“No, your father and I decided to name you heiress!”

“Really? Why not Merida or Ana?”

“Your grandmother is a very good judge of character, she thinks Ana would be too vain and Merida too shy. She thinks you will be perfect!”

“Is that grandma Tempest or grandma Logan?”

“Grandma Logan. We haven’t spoken to grandma Tempest about this. She’s coming over for dinner tonight to discuss the heiress, I want you present of course. Your aunt Zoe can’t come tonight as she’s on a date with her girlfriend and uncle Phoenix is out in Lucky Palms with some friends.”

“What about grandpa and uncle Dmitri? And what about grandma and grandpa Logan?”

“I think grandpa is coming as well as uncle Dmitri, if my parents let him out of studying. As for grandma and grandpa Logan, they’re out at some horse auction tonight.”


“And of course Chelsea is insisting on a white dress for both of them, this wedding will cost a fortune, and the white represents purity, something Zoe hasn’t exactly got!”

“Mother!” I hissed gesturing discreetly to Emmy,

“Ah yes! Little ears! How are you Emmy?” Emmy choked on her juicebox, she was always nervous around my mother and tonight was no exception.

“Uh I’m fine, grandmother.” My mother studied Emmy for a split second then turned to me,

“Where’s that son in law of mine? Hiding from me?” As she spoke Tek walked into the room humming and then saw my mother and looked ready to run out of the room,

“Ah there you are! Why are you covered in paint?”

“Apologies Scarlett, Jasmyn didn’t tell me you were coming over tonight. I’ve been working on some paintings for a gallery in Bridgeport,”

“Ah yes, you paint. That’s right. Anyway let’s get down to business! You’re naming Emily as heiress no doubt?”

“How can you tell?”

“I might be old but I’m still sharp. And Emmy is sitting at the table while your ‘nanny’ plays with the triplets. Why you would need a nanny I have no idea, you have 3 siblings who are always able to look after them!”

“Zoe’s always with her girlfriend and seems to have no time for us anymore, Dmitri is at college and Phoenix is busy with work. I can’t always rely on my siblings, besides Ceres is a great nanny.”

“Hmph. Well anyway, Emmy do you want to be heiress?”

“I thought once the leader chose their child to be heiress that that heir has no choice but to accept.”

“Mother! I am leader and I have chosen my heiress, if you have a problem you will have to deal with it. Emmy, you can decline it if you want but earlier you seemed happy about it.”

“I am happy about it, I can’t wait to be leader!”

“Good, that’s exactly the attitude I want to hear. And I’m sure your great grandmother Rose would love to hear that too sweetheart. Now, run along. Your parents and I have some family stuff to sort out! Dmitri go play with Emmy.”

“Mother, I’m not a child.”

“Dmitri go look after your niece for 15 damn minutes or I will remove you from my will.”

“Scarlett don’t upset yourself, remember what the doctor said. You have high blood pressure!”

“Mortimer I was there at the appointment!” As mum and dad began arguing my mother’s life span Dmitri and Emmy sneaked away from the table while Tek watched them leave, looking like he’d be glad to join them.

“Right, so you’re naming a child that you did not give birth to as heiress? I wonder what my mother would say to that..”

“I don’t think grandma would have had a problem with it. What she would have a problem with is you trying to use the fact she’s dead to make me feel bad about every decision I make as leader!”

“I’ve never used my mother’s memory in that way!”

“Yes you have!! I wanted to move to Sunlit Tides, what do you say? ‘Oh that’s a shame, granny Rose is buried here,’ when Tek proposed and I told you I agreed to take on his name as well as my own, ‘I wonder what granny Rose would think. I doubt she would approve..’ And now this, mother, I am leader now. You had your time, and now I am head of this family, I make the decisions. And that includes your care homes.”


“I’m proud of you today.”

“Oh really? You aren’t proud of me everyday?”

“Of course, but today you stood up to your mother for once. So many times I’ve seen you wince while talking to her because she tries to make you change your decisions. You stood by what you believed in today and for that I’m proud of you.”

“Well I’m hardly going to let her sit there complaining about me picking Emmy based on the fact that I didn’t give birth to her am I?”

“You let her complain about you taking my name, your dad was pretty quiet tonight.”

“I think he’s still in shock about Zoe marrying another woman.”

“How does your mother feel about that?”

“I don’t think she thinks ‘granny Rose would approve.” Tek laughed and pulled me closer,

“Would she approve of this?”

Emmy Wins!!

Thanks to everybody that voted!! I can now name the generation 4 heiress to be Emmy! 🙂

Emily Rose Tempest (Emmy)


Animal Lover

Hopeless Romantic


Green Thumb

-Emmy was adopted by Tek and Jasmyn to help Jasmyn deal with her miscarriage. When she was a child she began building a secret lair in her room with the help of Tek’s elf stepmother, she then began exercising her hidden magical abilities. Emmy is now a teen who wishes to further her magical abilities, and maybe use her magic to find her perfect match.

Side Note: Technically, Emmy is Tek and Jasmyn’s daughter, but for the purpose of the storyline she is adopted. She will still carry key Tempest features, such as Rose’s black and red hair.

Gen 4 Heiress Vote!! -closed-

Emily Rose Tempest (Emmy)


Animal Lover

Hopeless Romantic


Green Thumb

-Emmy was adopted by Tek and Jasmyn to help Jasmyn deal with her miscarriage. When she was a child she began building a secret lair in her room with the help of Tek’s elf stepmother, she then began exercising her hidden magical abilities. Emmy is now a teen who wishes to further her magical abilities, and maybe use her magic to find her perfect match.

Side Note: Technically, Emmy is Tek and Jasmyn’s daughter, but for the purpose of the storyline she is adopted. She will still carry key Tempest features, such as Rose’s black and red hair.

Anastasia Harlow Tempest


Mean Spirited


Party Animal


-Anastasia is one of the triplets Jasmyn and Tek had following a brief vampiric experience. Anastasia dislikes Emmy and frequently calls her weird due to Anastasia fear of the supernatural. Anastasia is not the only family member aware of Emmy’s “experiments” but she is the only one who refuses to tolerate it. Anastasia intends to move to Bridgeport to become a famous stylist and then marry a rich client.

Merida Charisma Tempest





Dog Person

-Merida is the other female triplet but unlike Anastasia, she fully accepts Emmy’s love for magic and often helps her with particularly complicated potions but refuses to allow Emmy to experiment on her. Merida is somewhat quiet and can always be found in the library with a book when she isn’t helping Emmy. Merida wants to become a famous author, writing about her sister’s potions without giving her secret away. She intends to live with Emmy no matter what.

And here’s a cute little pic of baby Nathaniel.. because he is adorable!!

Gen 3:20 How Many??

“Agh! Tek come here quickly!” I’d dropped a plate thanks to these stupid ‘braxton hicks’ Tek came running in and raised an eyebrow at the plate, concern etched on his face,

“Are you sure you don’t want to go to the hospital?”

“Tek, these are false contr-woah!” The next one caught me off guard and nearly had me floored,

“Okay that’s it! Get in the car. I’m calling your parents to look after Emmy, Ceres is out of town at the moment.” I nodded and walked out to the car, breathing deeply hoping they would soon subside but the second I got out of the kitchen my waters broke.

“I knew it! You’ve never dropped a plate before! Do you think you can make it out to the car?”

“Well I can hardly walk to the hospital can I?” He smiled, used to my bad moods by now and helped me into the car while phoning my mum who was staying at a nearby hotel due to me banning her from my house after she dyed Emmy’s hair black and gave her contacts to ‘help her fit in’ thankfully, Emmy’s hair had pretty much rejected the hair dye.


“Okay Jasmyn, we need a big push from you now!”

Soon after I pushed I heard a baby crying, Tek brushed my hair out of my eyes, smiling with tears in his own.

“Its a girl!”



Our celebration was slightly short lived as the doctor began encouraging the next onset of pushing.

“Can’t you do it for me?” I pleaded with Tek and he smiled in response,

“Um ‘fraid not Jasmyn.”

“Come on! One big push for us Jasmyn,” I pushed hard, headbutting Tek in the process, who then fell on the floor,

“Tek are you okay honey??”

“Yeah, keep pushing!!” Tek eventually reappeared with a red mark on his forehead,

“Okay Jasmyn, one really big push!!” Eventually another baby was handed to Tek who was now grinning like a kid at christmas time,

“Its a boy!”

“Okay the last baby will be coming in about 10 minutes,”

“Wait, what?? How many am I supposed to be delivering here??”

“Triplets. Didn’t you know?”

“My doctor said it was twins, oh my god Tek we don’t even have 3 cribs!!”

“I’ll sort it out, you’ve got a night in hospital don’t forget!”
Eventually I delivered our third and final baby, another girl.

“Any names yet?”

“Thank god we had two of each we liked, Anastasia Harlow Tempest, Nathaniel Lincoln Tempest and Merida Charisma Tempest.”

“Which of the girls is which?”

“Hmm, Tek pass me one of the girls,” Tek helped to move me to the rocking chair and handed me a bundle of pink blanket, I pushed the blanket away from her face and studied her,

“This one’s Merida.” Tek looked down at her and nodded in agreement, before picking up the other girl,

“Which would make this one Anastasia.” I stood up to go put Merida in her crib and almost immediately the doctor was by my elbow, guiding me. I gently scooped up Nathaniel,

“Poor boy, he’s gotta grow up with four women in his house.” Tek smiled at me as he put Anastasia in her crib and then came over to look at his son,

“With a chick flick loving father as a role model?”

“You’re not that bad!” I handed Tek the blue bundle of baby and smiled as I watched Tek holding him.


“Have we definitely got all their stuff??”

“Jasmyn, besides the babies there isn’t much to bring home!”

We’d just finished loaded up the car and I was thinking of all the things we could have forgotten, as I climbed in I counted the babies again, yup definitely 3. Tek looked behind him into the car seats and smiled to see the 3 faces staring back at him. Tek slammed on the brakes when we arrived home and gaped at our house,

“What did Roxane do??” We were looking at our house now covered in “its a boy” and “its a girl” banners while Roxane stood in the garden playing hostess but she dashed over to us the second she saw us unloading the car,

“Let me see my grandkids!!” Roxane cooed over the babies while I looked about for Emmy,

“Where’s Emmy?”

“She’s upstairs in her room, large crowds make her uncomfortable.”

“I’ll go make sure she’s alright,” I handed Anastasia to my mother and went to go find Emmy, who somehow seemed to have grown much older almost overnight.

“Hey there kiddo.”

“Mum! Did you bring the babies home?”

“Yup! And I have a surprise, there isn’t two, there’s three!” Emmy grinned up at me, putting her book down.

“Can I see them?”

“Of course, but you have to come downstairs.” She nodded and slid reluctantly off her bed.


“That is the last time we allow Roxane to throw a party at our house.” Tek and I had managed to settle the triplets down and had just finished un destroying our house.

“Agreed.” I moved over to Tek and snuggled up with him,

“Come on Jasmyn, bed.”

“You sound like my mother,”

“Well you’ve just given birth to 3 babies, I’d say that warrants an early night, wouldn’t you?”

“Fine, but you’re carrying me upstairs.” He turned and raised an eyebrow,

“You say it like it’ll be a challenge!”

Tek and I were just drifting off when one of the babies started crying, waking the other two, I got up groggily and threw a pillow at Tek who almost fell out of bed as we went to go settle them down again. We went into the nursery and Emmy followed us shortly afterward holding her lamp,

“Did somebody hurt the babies?”

“No sweetheart they’re just hungry, go back to bed.”
Emmy put her lamp down and walked over to the nearest crib, Nathaniel’s and held his chubby fist for a few seconds and whispered to him, almost instantly he fell back asleep,
“I think he had a nightmare mum,”

“What would a baby have a nightmare about Emmy?”

“Maybe not being near its mother?”
Emmy was now whispering to Merida and Anastasia as I watched, stunned by how she settled them down. When all three were asleep Emmy picked up her lamp and returned to her room,

“How on earth?”

“I have no idea.”