Legacy Update

So like the over eager person I am I installed the patch literally 20 minutes after it was released, of course forgetting that my legacy game relies on mods to make it not crash, so like with the SN update the legacy will be on hold until NRaas updates his mods which should be by the end of next week, along with a few other mods or scripted objects I use such as pose player which may need to be updated.


I’m doing a bunch of drafts at the moment and I can reveal that generation 4 will go on for at least another 4 chapters, and then we will reach the halfway mark! Also with the help of some fellow simmers I’ve decided on how to end Tempest because the end of Tempest will also tie in with  the beginning of my first ever rainbowacy, with a 100 BC challenge element to it as well as a style of legacy I made up xD


So the 100 BC element will be that each generation has to have 10 kids, fathers can be the same or different (different is better, more genetics flying around) while the style of legacy I made up is that the founder (who will be in accordance with the rainbowacy rules) will start off with a huge mansion, but all of the rooms are locked but two, a main living space and a bathroom. Will the family ever be able to unlock the entire mansion?


Any comments/questions?


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