Gen 4:6 Plans

Christophe’s Point Of View

“Dammit Nicki!!”

“What now?”

“We lost some money thanks to your genius decision to get rid of James.”

“He’s still out there though, and believe me, I’ll make sure he’s dead.”

“What did he ever do to you?”

“He took my place.”

“You sound ridiculous right now! What if he’s met someone Nicki?”

“Then they can die too.”

“You’ll be the death of me, woman.”

“And many others.”

James’ Point of View

I felt Emmy begin to wake up and slowly tried to sneak back into my own room before Merida would catch me sneaking out of her sister’s room. Because that wasn’t awkward last week. I felt Emmy grab my wrist and her nails dug in slightly,

“Where are you going?”

“Trying to prevent your sister from having the scarring thoughts of me spending the night in here.”

“I have to deal with the fact she’s sleeping with my best friend. She can deal with this.” Emmy pulled me back into bed and then closed her eyes again,

“What’s the point in me being here if you’re just going back to sleep?”

“I feel safer when you’re here. If you’re bored read a book or something.” We heard the floorboards outside Emmy’s room squeak,

“That’ll be Merida.”

“What time is it James?”

“Umm about 5am.”

“Okay, go tune your exhaust or whatever and leave me to sleep then.”

“Is that an innuendo?”



“God your worse than a teenager.” Emmy crawled out of the sheets, wearing one of my old shirts,

“See you’re out of bed now!”

“Not willingly!”

“Aw come on! Look at the sky out there!” I gestured to the window hoping to cheer her up a bit,

“James, its still dark out there. Anyway, I’d better get some research done, I think I might be on the brink of discovering something that can change Sebastian to human form once he’s in werewolf mode, a half cure I suppose!” I watched as she slid into her alchemy cupboard as she called then went downstairs to go do some work on my bike. And practice some guitar which Emmy has been encouraging ever since her aunt’s wedding.


“James, where are you?” I dusted off my hands with an old shirt and saw Emmy come running out of the house, I leaned up against my bike as she approached, but somehow she moved to fast for me to keep up, something was wrong.

“Are you okay?”

“Yeah.. It’s Merida, can you pick up some painkillers, she’s got another one of her migraines. I keep telling her its probably from the fumes!”

“Sure thing, hey, don’t look so worried. She’s fine.”

“I hope so, anyway I’ll see you in a bit.” Emmy kissed my cheek as I left the house.

Emmy’s Point of View

“Merida, are you sure you’re going to be okay today?”

“Yeah, I just need some rest.”

“Maybe you should stop bed hopping for a few nights.”

“Only if you do too.”

“I don’t do the bed hopping, James does. Now go back to sleep.” Merida eventually fell back to sleep while Sebastian sat in the kitchen with a cup of coffee, he smiled at me,

“Any sign of a cure yet?”

“Not yet.”

“How’s Merida?”

“Sleeping now. I’d like to make sure she gets some full nights worth of sleep for the next week or so. So no bed hopping!”

“Right you are Emmy. Sooo full moon tonight.”

“Are you ready?”

“What for the first full transformation? No I am not bloody ready!! It hurts when I’m only half transforming, tonight is going to be a bitch!”

“You’re staying in your room in the basement yeah?”

“Of course, I wouldn’t put you or Merida at that level of risk, although if you felt like putting James down there with me I would have no complaints about ripping his throat out.”

“I’m sure you wouldn’t. But that’s not happening.”


“Don’t get all huffy with him! That’s my job! Speaking of which where has he got to?”

I chewed on my nail absent mindedly while trying to phone James, I had to be sure he was fine. Maybe I’m just over-reacting or something. I tapped my foot all the way through the ringing but it eventually went to voice mail  He must be in the store and not able to hear it or something.

“Not answering his phone?”

“No, must be in the store or something.”

“Or with another girl.. First sign of a cheating boyfriend. Keep that in mind Emmy.” Sebastian sauntered past me to go check on Merida while I helped myself to a coffee. An hour later and I was on my 5th coffee, still trying to phone James.

“This is James. Leave a message.” Every time I heard those 6 little words my heart felt as though it would break. Why is he not answering his phone??


“..And that was the last I saw of him.”

“Okay, well based on what you have told us about your fiance Miss Tempest we should be able to find him fairly easily so long as he has not been removed from Sunlit Tides. That is when we must hand it over to the international crews and that’s when you really begin to have trouble.”

After the officer left Sebastian came and sat beside me, gently putting an arm around me. Before I knew it Sebastian’s shirt was soaked with tears,

“But I-I asked him to leave. I-It’s my fault.” I bawled into his shirt,

“Emmy its not your fault! I always wished something like this would happen, maybe it’s my fault.” Sebastian tried to smooth my hair  but that just reminded me of how James used to play with my hair every morning and I sobbed even harder.

“I want him back Sebastian!”

“I know you do, and I promise I will do everything I can to help you find him.”

“Thank you, it means a lot to me.” I hiccuped a couple of times before fixing myself up, trying to ignore James’ leather jacket on the banister, his shoes by the door and the bouquet of flowers for me that he would replace every week.


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