Gen 4:1 Running Away

James’ point of view

Walking into Christophe’s house after doing a job is always a relieving feeling, I’ve got away with murder.. Quite literally! Even if this particular job meant I had to sleep under a bridge for a night a return home at 9 am. I try to sneak in through the back and get to the shower before anyone sees me but Nikki catches me just as I get my leg through the window,

Where have you been?”
“I was doing a job!”
“You certainly took your time! Anything for me?”
“As always.” I handed Nikki a crystal bracelet and made my way into the living room,

“Ah there you are! Did the job go according to plan?”
“Of course, I’m gonna go take a shower. Got some blood on me.”
“You’re always messy! See Nikki over there? She’s clean,”
“That’s because she uses poison, it takes longer. Guns are more efficient, even if they make more mess. And how many times did she get caught when she used to strangle them?” This is an argument we always seems to have but I try to keep my voice light, Christophe is not kind of guy I want to piss off. Nikki glowers at me as I leave the room to go clean myself up.

I watched as the water in the shower turned from clear to red to pink back to clear and frowned. I’m 24 years old and what do I have to show for myself? Most guys my age have girlfriends, some are married with kids. What do I have? A motorcycle and 12 murders under my belt. I barely looked 24.. The circles under my eyes added at least 10 years, something Nikki would point out if she was having a bad day. As I crept along the hallway to my room I passed the living room once again and could hear Nikki and Christophe arguing,
“Are you seriously telling me he’s irreplaceable? You could easily kill him and no one would be the wiser! He has no family, nobody would care enough to launch an investigation.”
“Nikki, I don’t want to kill him yet. He’s doing a good job!”
“He’s doing a messy job! I’ll leave if he doesn’t!”
“So I have to choose between my girlfriend and a gun man? Fine. He’ll be gone by next week.”
“Good, and I’ll be selling this bracelet he got me. Like I do with all the junk he gives me.”
“Why does he do that?”
“When he first started working with you I told I’d poison his food if he didn’t bring me stuff.”
“You’re evil!”

I stood in the hallway,sweat trickling down my back, realizing how they were so calmly discussing killing me based on Nikki not liking me. I tried to silently run to my room and threw on some clothes. No time to take any others, Christophe acts bloody fast! I heard the living room door open and heard footsteps running past my room and up the stairs, sighing with relief I inched my door open and crept out. It’s a stupid way to escape, in broad daylight but its my only shot.


Emmy’s point of view

“You really want this house? Its so.. Dark.”
“Yes but I would lighten the interior.”
“Hmm alright then hun. And I’m assuming you have got a room for your ‘experiments’?”
“Of course, in the basement.”
“Alright then. Well as long as you’re sure!” Ana came in the room and gave me a dirty look on her way to the fridge,

“What? Freakzoid hasn’t put frogs eyeballs in the fridge?”
“Ana!! Be quiet!”
“But mum she’s so weird! I mean who plays with voodoo dolls?”
“I’m so tempted to bind one to you Ana, be careful what you say to the ‘freakzoid’, she can hear you now!”
“Whatever, weirdo.” I could see dad rolling his eyes behind his coffee and he picked up the newspaper to whack Ana over the head,
“Be nice Ana.” Merida came in the room and sidled up to me looking at the house plan on my screen,

“Where’s my room going to be Emmy?”
“Your room is going to be along the corridor from mine. And Sebastian will be over here,” I pointed to the room on the first floor, next to the bathroom. Sebastian has been my best friend ever since we both got locked in a classroom together in detention when we were kids. And the reason he is living with me is because I may or may not have accidentally placed a werewolf curse on him when we had a fight.

So since I feel bad about it I’ve agreed to let him live with me until I can find a cure for him. I’ve mastered an animal forme charm which turns Sebastian into a massive German shepherd, but that doesn’t solve much!
“I can’t believe you want to live with that fre- I mean our ‘sister’ instead of me and Nathan!” Ana’s quotations marks stung and as I tried to bite my tongue the ice cream machine next to Ana exploded, dad burst out laughing while mum tried to mop Ana up but Ana stormed off mum gave me a Look,
“Did you do that on purpose?”
“No I promise! You know that’s what happens if I try to bottle up!”
“Okay sweetheart. Please try and be more careful,” now she gave dad a Look who was still smirking behind yet another cup of coffee, he winked at me from across the room, which unfortunately for him mum noticed and playfully whipped him with the dishcloth,
“Tek! Don’t encourage her!”
“Oh come on Jas it was pretty funny!” Nathaniel was next to come into the kitchen, still in his pjs at 11am, he looked at the mess on the floor and looked at me straight away,
“Did you make it explode Emmy?”
“Well its bigger than the food processor, so bravo I guess!”
“Nathan, you wanna play some good old fashioned Foosball with your old man?”
“Sure, let me get some food first though.”
“Hey, no food in the ‘man cave’ alright boys?” They both grunted in perfect timing as a response. I think mum uses the term man cave a bit loosely to be honest. I mean there’s nearly an entire wall covered by dad’s chick flick movies.


Gen 4 Emily Tempest-Introductions

My name is Emily Rose Tempest but most people call me Emmy. I am the adopted daughter of Jasmyn and Tek Logan-Tempest, I was 3 years old when they adopted me and I had lived in the children’s home for most of those years as people were afraid of me. They thought I was a witch, strange how things turn out eh? Oh, I should explain! When I was a child I accidentally set my dolls house on fire when I was angry.. I was standing 5 feet away from it. I told my step-grandmother as she is the closest to a magical being I know and she told me that I was indeed a witch and that while I was young my powers would manifest and cause accidents like that. So she helped me to build a lair in my room where I could practice in peace, now I am heiress I can have a bigger lair in my new house! I haven’t really thought much about marriage or kids yet but I suppose if the worst comes to the worse I can always use magic to help me settle down.