Legacy Update

So like the over eager person I am I installed the patch literally 20 minutes after it was released, of course forgetting that my legacy game relies on mods to make it not crash, so like with the SN update the legacy will be on hold until NRaas updates his mods which should be by the end of next week, along with a few other mods or scripted objects I use such as pose player which may need to be updated.


I’m doing a bunch of drafts at the moment and I can reveal that generation 4 will go on for at least another 4 chapters, and then we will reach the halfway mark! Also with the help of some fellow simmers I’ve decided on how to end Tempest because the end of Tempest will also tie in with  the beginning of my first ever rainbowacy, with a 100 BC challenge element to it as well as a style of legacy I made up xD


So the 100 BC element will be that each generation has to have 10 kids, fathers can be the same or different (different is better, more genetics flying around) while the style of legacy I made up is that the founder (who will be in accordance with the rainbowacy rules) will start off with a huge mansion, but all of the rooms are locked but two, a main living space and a bathroom. Will the family ever be able to unlock the entire mansion?


Any comments/questions?


Gen 4:8 Alone With You

Merida’s Point of View

We’d been sitting with a police officer at the table when the police officer’s radio crackled into life, Emmy didn’t leap up like she would have done last week. She’s lost hope.

“Officer Reeves? We’ve found a body by the volcano, looks like gun wounds.”

“I’ll be right there.” The officer stood up and cast a look at Emmy who hadn’t reacted since we put the coffee in front of her an hour ago.

“Make sure she stays here.”

“I will,” I reached across the table and placed my hand over Emmy’s, she looked at it blankly,

“Emmy, please say something.”

“What do you want me to say Merida? That I don’t think that’s his body they’ve found??” Emmy stood up, knocking her chair backwards,

“I can’t say that because I don’t believe it!! Of course that’s his body!! Gun wounds?? Sounds a lot like somebody from James’ past don’t you think?”

“Emmy, please calm down!” Emmy sank back in her chair, narrowing her eyes at me,

“I wont pretend like everything’s fine. As much as you want me to.”


Emmy’s Point of View

Of course that’s his body.. I have no doubt who did it. Or why. I stormed off to my bedroom and saw the pile of James’ clothes that mother had taken to the dry cleaners for me. What’s the point in keeping them here?? He’s dead. He’s left me alone. Misty came into my room and rubbed herself against my legs, a gesture that usually calms people. I’m barely a person anymore.

“Emmy can I come in?”

“Whatever Sebastian.”

“Look Ems, this isn’t going to be what you want to hear but..”


“Think about it, you barely knew James, your engagement was pretty damn quick don’t you think? Are you sure you were even in love with him or were you just afraid of being alone?”

“Get. Out.”

“Emmy, seriously think about it.”

“HOW DARE YOU?? I’m working my ass off trying to find a cure for you and here’s you sitting around all day, accusing me of being afraid!!”

“I’m not accusing you of anything, I’m merely questioning your shotgun engagement.”

“Most people in my family got engaged fairly quickly after meeting.”

“That doesn’t mean you had to. Because now look where you are.”

“Sebastian you have 5 seconds to get out of this room before I tear your stupid wolf head off. And you can bet that I’ll be curing you sooner rather than later, I cannot wait to get you out of my house.”

“Ems, calm down. I’ll talk to you later.” And with that he breezed out. As much as I hate to admit it, Sebastian had a point. James and I did get engaged fairly quickly, could it have been because I was afraid of being alone?


“Huh?” I shot up out of bed, I could have sworn I heard someone call my name..

“Emmy…” Hang on.. I know that voice.. This is a dream. As much as I know it will hurt when I wake up I can’t resist it..

“James? Where are you?” A blue light shone in the corner of my eye but when I turned to it it disappeared.

“I don’t know if I should let you see me..”

“Please James!”

“As you wish,” After a blinding flash of light left me half blinded a blue figure materialized in front of me, with his head bowed,

“James?” He looked up at me, his eyes glowed brighter blue,

“I’m sorry,”

“Can I.. I mean.. Are you solid?”

“I don’t know..” I walked over to him and placed my hand against his cheek, he leaned into it. He felt freezing,

“You’re cold,”

“And you’re warm.”

“Am I dreaming?”

“That depends, I can go away and you can believe it was a dream.”

“No, don’t leave me again!”

“You really want me to stay? Like this?”

“I could bring you back!”

As I spoke the birds outside were beginning to tweet and the edges around James were beginning to fray,

“Where are you going?”

“Don’t worry, I’ll be back tomorrow night. Sleep, my princess.” James kissed my forehead and faded completely,

When I awoke I was alone, and my heart hurt. I went through the motions of daily life, then stepped into my alchemy room, the only place I ever feel alive. The cure for Sebastian was just bubbling when a wind blew in the room and some wolfsbane fell into the cauldron.. But there are no windows in this room..

“Hello?” No answer. Of course. What was I expecting? James to appear like he did in my dream last night? The cauldron began to spit and I took it off the heat.. It looked like mouldy orange juice, and didn’t smell much better, but it’s worth a shot I suppose,

“Sebastian, can you come here?” Within seconds Sebastian had run into the room, and I swear had he been in wolf form his tail would have been wagging,

“Did you find a cure?? And jesus what’s that smell?”

“That’s your cure I’m afraid,”

“Ew. Well hand it here then.”

“Feel any different?”

“I don’t know,”

“Well, what usually makes you transform? Besides a full moon?”

“Um.. Getting angry I suppose.”

“Try and get angry,”

“Roger that!”

I could sense frustration within 10 minutes, but Sebastian hadn’t even bulked up let alone transformed,

“Is it safe to say I’m cured?”

“Hmm… I would say so.”

“Do you want me to move out now?”

“I guess.. All of the houses here have a basement, yours could easily be modified for the next full moon, you know in case the cure doesn’t work. I assume you’ll be taking my sister with you?”

“If she wants to come with me. I know you want to be alone for a while,” I nodded once and turned to clear up all the ingredients, after a few seconds Sebastian walked off to go find Merida.



“Huh?” I stretched out my legs and opened an eye, to see James standing at the foot of my bed,

“Hey there sleeping beauty,”


“You’re welcome for earlier by the way.”

“What do you mean?”

“That gust of wind?”

“You did that?”

“Yeah, it’ll make it easier for you. He’s been causing you a lot of stress recently.”

“How do you know?”

“I’ve been lingering here ever since I died.”

“How long is that?”

“About a week, long enough to know how much pain I put you through, and how much pain you are still in.”

“Not any more.”

“Yes, even now Emmy. You can’t let go of me, like you should, because I stand before you. I’m messing with the natural order of things.” He sat down beside my bed as he spoke, holding his head in his hands,

“Please don’t leave me again!”

“I can’t stay here, you know that.”

“Fine. Then let me join you,”

“What?! No! I can’t let you do that Emmy!”

“Then I cant let you leave. As selfish as it sounds, I can’t. And I won’t.”

“You couldn’t stop me if I wanted to leave.”

“You wouldn’t leave unless I forced you to.” He smiled faintly,

“You know me too well, move over.” I moved over to my side of the bed and he sat down beside me,

“Spend the night.”

“I always do,”

“You know what I mean,”

“I do, and you and I both know that’s not happening.”

“You said I can pretend this is all a dream right?” He looked at me uncertain as to where I was going with this,


“Well if it’s my dream, surely I’m in control.”

“But say its not a dream? Then surely I have some kind of control?”

“Pretend its a dream for 5 minutes James..”

“5 minutes? I’m offended!”

Gen 4:7 Discovery

“What do you mean sweetheart?”

“He’s an ex-gunman, been caught once. But hasn’t been suspected of the recent deaths in Moonlit Falls.”

“You mean he killed people?”


“Well then perhaps its best he is dead! He sounds monstrous!”

“Mum he changed! I helped him! He told me I was his light.”

“I am not funding the search to see a murderer brought back to my daughter, his EX-girlfriend.”

“You can’t do that.”

“I’m leader, I shall do as I like.”

“If I marry I succeed as leader. What’s to stop me from marrying now?”

“The lack of a willing groom?”

“I have Sebastian,”

“Wait what now?”

“Sebastian stay out of this it doesn’t concern you!”

“Uhh it kind of does if you are planning to marry me to become leader.”

“Mother, please continue funding. For me. He’ll pay it back to you when he has enough.”

“You have six months. After that funding shall cease.”

Mum left shortly after that. I sighed and went up into my room, opened my wardrobe as saw the dress mother had bought me when she approved of James. I slipped the bag open and stared at it.

I hunched over on the floor crying, smearing black on the dress. I can’t do this. I’m nowhere near strong enough, I have the weight of my entire family on me. It’s too much for me to handle. My phone buzzed on the bedside cabinet beside me and I crawled over to it,


“Emily Tempest?”

“Speaking.” I heard a woman laugh and then the phone was passed to someone else,



“Yes baby its me.”

“Are you okay??”

“Uhh yes. Look, I need you to do something.”

“As long as I get you back.” The phone was passed back over and was replaced by the original woman’s

“Good girl. Now, come to the volcano, just at the base. Leave §500,000 in a bag at the bottom and then James will be returned to you.” The phone clicked off and left me alone in my wedding dress once more.

“Hey Emmy..” Merida poked her head around the corner,

“Hey sis.”

“Who was that on the phone?”

“Nobody. Look, I’ve gotta go out to the bank.”

“Not like that.”

“What? Oh. Yeah I’ll get changed.” Eventually Merida left and I sat on my bed.. Did I even have that much money? I’d have to-its the only way I’ll ever see James again.


I placed the bag with it’s money in some bushes and then sat on a bench near to the volcano, waiting for James. Eventually the sun set and I decided to return home, maybe James would be there for me.

When I got back home I found Merida and Sebastian sitting out on the porch looking at each other uncomfortably while there were two police cars outside.

“Emmy!! There you are!! We were so worried!! You’ve been gone for hours!”

“I’m fine, why are the police here?”

“I panicked and called them. I’m sorry Emmy.”

“So you haven’t found James yet?”

“No we haven’t yet. We will though.”

“I’m going up to my room.”

As I walked up the stairs I felt like the world’s biggest idiot. I’ve been conned out of half a million.. But what else am I supposed to do? A feeling of sickness overtook me and I gripped the banister, catching sight of my engagement ring and I broke down once again.

I didn’t sleep that night. I lay on my bed staring up at the ceiling, I heard Merida and Sebastian talking outside my room, occasionally checking up on me but I just waved them away. Eventually birds started tweeting and the town became alive once more, leaving me in my bed. Merida went to school and left Sebastian to take care of me.

“Emmy, c’mon you’ve been lying there for almost a day. At least get showered and have something to eat.”

“Whats the point?”

“The point is, wherever James is right now he would want you to try and remain some level of normalcy in your family. You know how high profile the Tempest family is, ever since your grandfather Mortimer made that deal with the oil companies. The press are dying to know where you and James are. There’s rumors of elopement, double suicide, its hot news!”

“I’m not leaving this house until James is back.”

“Thats okay, and I understand that, but please just come and eat something, pass by a window so they stop hounding Merida and I about your elopement slash suicide.”

I hauled myself out of bed, washed my face and put on an old shirt of James’, breathing it in as I stood by my window and smiled. But it was so fake. The entire show of washing and getting changed, none of it felt real. Everytime there was a knock at the door I would find myself running towards it, only to find it was not James but a family member, police officer or a member of some religious group.

“Emmy? Mum made dinner for us. It’s downstairs,” Ana, my sister I think she was, was stood at my door,

“Thanks  Ana, I’m not hungry.” Suddenly Ana’s face crumpled and she ran towards me,

“Please, eat something. We’re all worried about you. Dad’s getting to the point of which he’s willing to get the army to start searching for James.”

“What does mother think?”

“She’s worried about the decision you’re making, but is willing to keep funding his search. She only wants you to be safe Emmy.”

“She told you about James didn’t she” Ana nodded,

“She didn’t mean to, it slipped out. Don’t worry, I wont tell anyone. You can’t help who you are in love with.”

This time it was my turn to nod and then more tears slid down my face,

“Ana.. Be heiress.”

“What?? No! That’s your duty, you can’t forsake it because time gets tough! You’re a Tempest woman! We are strong and fiercely independent!”

“I’m adopted.”

“It doesn’t matter, Tempest by name, Tempest by nature. You are as much of a Tempest as I or Merida,”

Gen 4:6 Plans

Christophe’s Point Of View

“Dammit Nicki!!”

“What now?”

“We lost some money thanks to your genius decision to get rid of James.”

“He’s still out there though, and believe me, I’ll make sure he’s dead.”

“What did he ever do to you?”

“He took my place.”

“You sound ridiculous right now! What if he’s met someone Nicki?”

“Then they can die too.”

“You’ll be the death of me, woman.”

“And many others.”

James’ Point of View

I felt Emmy begin to wake up and slowly tried to sneak back into my own room before Merida would catch me sneaking out of her sister’s room. Because that wasn’t awkward last week. I felt Emmy grab my wrist and her nails dug in slightly,

“Where are you going?”

“Trying to prevent your sister from having the scarring thoughts of me spending the night in here.”

“I have to deal with the fact she’s sleeping with my best friend. She can deal with this.” Emmy pulled me back into bed and then closed her eyes again,

“What’s the point in me being here if you’re just going back to sleep?”

“I feel safer when you’re here. If you’re bored read a book or something.” We heard the floorboards outside Emmy’s room squeak,

“That’ll be Merida.”

“What time is it James?”

“Umm about 5am.”

“Okay, go tune your exhaust or whatever and leave me to sleep then.”

“Is that an innuendo?”



“God your worse than a teenager.” Emmy crawled out of the sheets, wearing one of my old shirts,

“See you’re out of bed now!”

“Not willingly!”

“Aw come on! Look at the sky out there!” I gestured to the window hoping to cheer her up a bit,

“James, its still dark out there. Anyway, I’d better get some research done, I think I might be on the brink of discovering something that can change Sebastian to human form once he’s in werewolf mode, a half cure I suppose!” I watched as she slid into her alchemy cupboard as she called then went downstairs to go do some work on my bike. And practice some guitar which Emmy has been encouraging ever since her aunt’s wedding.


“James, where are you?” I dusted off my hands with an old shirt and saw Emmy come running out of the house, I leaned up against my bike as she approached, but somehow she moved to fast for me to keep up, something was wrong.

“Are you okay?”

“Yeah.. It’s Merida, can you pick up some painkillers, she’s got another one of her migraines. I keep telling her its probably from the fumes!”

“Sure thing, hey, don’t look so worried. She’s fine.”

“I hope so, anyway I’ll see you in a bit.” Emmy kissed my cheek as I left the house.

Emmy’s Point of View

“Merida, are you sure you’re going to be okay today?”

“Yeah, I just need some rest.”

“Maybe you should stop bed hopping for a few nights.”

“Only if you do too.”

“I don’t do the bed hopping, James does. Now go back to sleep.” Merida eventually fell back to sleep while Sebastian sat in the kitchen with a cup of coffee, he smiled at me,

“Any sign of a cure yet?”

“Not yet.”

“How’s Merida?”

“Sleeping now. I’d like to make sure she gets some full nights worth of sleep for the next week or so. So no bed hopping!”

“Right you are Emmy. Sooo full moon tonight.”

“Are you ready?”

“What for the first full transformation? No I am not bloody ready!! It hurts when I’m only half transforming, tonight is going to be a bitch!”

“You’re staying in your room in the basement yeah?”

“Of course, I wouldn’t put you or Merida at that level of risk, although if you felt like putting James down there with me I would have no complaints about ripping his throat out.”

“I’m sure you wouldn’t. But that’s not happening.”


“Don’t get all huffy with him! That’s my job! Speaking of which where has he got to?”

I chewed on my nail absent mindedly while trying to phone James, I had to be sure he was fine. Maybe I’m just over-reacting or something. I tapped my foot all the way through the ringing but it eventually went to voice mail  He must be in the store and not able to hear it or something.

“Not answering his phone?”

“No, must be in the store or something.”

“Or with another girl.. First sign of a cheating boyfriend. Keep that in mind Emmy.” Sebastian sauntered past me to go check on Merida while I helped myself to a coffee. An hour later and I was on my 5th coffee, still trying to phone James.

“This is James. Leave a message.” Every time I heard those 6 little words my heart felt as though it would break. Why is he not answering his phone??


“..And that was the last I saw of him.”

“Okay, well based on what you have told us about your fiance Miss Tempest we should be able to find him fairly easily so long as he has not been removed from Sunlit Tides. That is when we must hand it over to the international crews and that’s when you really begin to have trouble.”

After the officer left Sebastian came and sat beside me, gently putting an arm around me. Before I knew it Sebastian’s shirt was soaked with tears,

“But I-I asked him to leave. I-It’s my fault.” I bawled into his shirt,

“Emmy its not your fault! I always wished something like this would happen, maybe it’s my fault.” Sebastian tried to smooth my hair  but that just reminded me of how James used to play with my hair every morning and I sobbed even harder.

“I want him back Sebastian!”

“I know you do, and I promise I will do everything I can to help you find him.”

“Thank you, it means a lot to me.” I hiccuped a couple of times before fixing myself up, trying to ignore James’ leather jacket on the banister, his shoes by the door and the bouquet of flowers for me that he would replace every week.

Gen 4:5 Mine

James’ Point of View

“Are we there yet?”

“Emmy I don’t understand you, your parents both go jogging, why do you not have the stamina?”

“Because I always hid in my lair when they tried to take me out.”


“So how is your stamina so high?”

“Running away from crime scenes. Anyway, we’re here.”

Emmy leaned forward to catch her breath while I wiped my palms on my shorts and tried to calm myself down. I slipped my hand into my pocket checking the box was still there.



“Uhh I have a question for you..”


Oh god, well there goes the romance in this..

“Will you marry me?” The surprise on her face nearly killed me, clearly she wasn’t expecting this.. maybe its too soon. Oh my god I’ve ruined my chances with her..

“Yes.” Wait.. What??


“Of course!!”

“You don’t think its too soon?”

“Are you trying to change my mind?”

“No, but.. I didn’t think you would say yes.”

“Is that self deprecation I hear? You know the rules!”

“I’m guessing you didn’t ask my parents?”

“Are you kidding? Your mum helped me pick out the ring, and is pretty much already calling me son!” That was true Jasmyn was being absolutely lovely to me. I doubt she’d treat me the same if she knew everything about me.

“Oh jeez, sorry about that!”

“Don’t be, your mum is nice!”

“Pfft. For now.”

Emmy’s Point of View

“I love your laugh.”

“And I love you.” I heard my phone beep and pulled it out,

“Congratulations on your engagement darling! Dress shopping tomorrow?”

“How on earth does my mum now you just proposed?”

“Erm. Turn around,” I turned and saw mum waving over at us from a bench with dad,

“Oh god. I’m so sorry!”

“It’s fine.”

“Do you think they’ll let us sneak back home?”

“If we run..”


“Mum… This really doesn’t suit me.”

“What are you talking about? It’s perfect!”

“I really don’t feel comfortable wearing something this low cut.. Can I try something I like on?”

“Hmph. Fine.”

“It’s not really a wedding dress is it Emmy?”

“I see your point.. How about this one?” I picked up the dress lying on the couch near mum and Merida,

“Oh my gosh Emmy! It’s perfect!” Merida clapped her hands in delight while mum kept asking me to twirl,

“Well.. The colors are gorgeous and it makes your eyes stand out! So now we try on shoes!! I’m thinking purple like your frills?”

“Okay then, let me get changed back into my clothes, and then you can throw shoes at me.”

Another 3 hours of trying on various clothes, shoes and veils we were finally done. I collapsed on the bed in my room and sighed, My door creeped open and I sat up,

“Knock kno- Holy crap! Your mum really went to town today didn’t she?” James was staring at the bags surrounding me,

“You can say that again. 4 hours of squeezing into various corsets and dresses.”

“Sounds like some form of torture to me.”

“Oh believe me it was, I was considering teleporting out of there.”

“Why didn’t you?”

“Because I would have had hell to pay.”

“Fair enough,” James lay on the bed beside me, after dodging about 50 different bags of various bridal garments.

“Merida and Sebastian have gone out to the park for the day, at least I think that’s what she said.”

“Probably snuck off to a hotel,”

“Well that means we don’t have to.”

“Have to what?”

“Sneak off to hotel James!”

“Oh, gotcha.”

Author’s Note: Sorry for the short post, next one will be longer 🙂

Gen 4:4 Butterflies

“Dear god these things go on for hours”

“James shush!”

“Seriously though I would kill for some water”

“That is so not funny.” James nudged me

“C’mon it is a little bit.”

“You sir have a sick sense of humor”

“You’re smiling! See?”

“James shut up!” He bumped my shoulder playfully but turned his attention to where Zoe and her new wife were now kissing,

“Damn that’s hot.”

“Why did I bring you again?”

“So you could introduce me to your parent’s on neutral territory!”

“I’d hardly call my garden neutral territory.”

“Even so. It’s better than us going round their house.”

“So how is this gonna work? Do I just go up to them and say ‘Hey mum, dad, this is the guy I mentioned on the phone. And oh, he used to be a gunman but don’t worry I’m safe!’?”

“No, just introduce me as your friend from out of town. They don’t need specifics do they?”

“They’ll probably track your family history..”

We walked up to my parents who were sitting at the bar, I kept fiddling with my dress while James kept itching his elbow.

“Ah there you are Emmy sweetheart! And who is this?” Mum gestured a perfectly manicured hand to James,

“This is James, a friend from out of town, he’s living with me temporarily while he saves for his own house.”

“Oh. Well hello James, what do you do?”

“Umm I work as a mechanic down town.”

“I assume that doesn’t pay much?”


“Oh look Jasmyn, everybody’s dancing now. Lets go show them our moves!” As dad dragged mum off to the dance floor he winked at me and mouthed’ you owe me kid’. I laughed and gave him the thumbs up.

“Care to dance Miss Tempest?”


“Before wolf boy over there grabs you.”

“Stop it. This isn’t some kind of Twilight movie.”

“Fine, he’s dancing with your sister now anyway.”

“Good. Now lets go,” James led me over to the dance floor and moved away from my parents,

“Thanks for letting me come here.”

“Well, I couldn’t exactly lock you in your room all day could I?”

“You could’ve have asked me to leave.”

“I didn’t want to.”

“By the way, nice lie to my parents about your job, is that what you want to do?”

“Not exactly.”

“Well, what do you want to do?”

“Its embarrassing..”

“I’m sure its not.”

“I want to be a musician, a guitar player.”

“That’s not embarrassing.”

“Fine, what do you want to do?”

“Not let my family down.”

“No I mean goal wise.”

“Turn the whole town into zombies,” James leaned away from me slightly,

“Relax. I’m kidding,”

“Seriously, what do you want to do?”

“I guess further my alchemical research and perhaps become an alchemist.”

“That doesn’t leave you much room to find a guy, you know, to continue you your legacy,” I could feel the butterflies in my stomach rising into my throat as I became more aware of his hands around my waist, and suddenly he dropped his hands to his sides.

“Maybe I’ve already found a guy..”


“He’s not perfect.. But who is?”

“True. But if its who I’m thinking about then maybe he is too far from perfect.”

“Are you saying he is undeserving of love?”

“I don’t think he thinks he’s worthy of it. You might have a different opinion though.”

“I see the good in people, surely you know that by now?”

“Of course, but there is no good in me.”

“Please just please stop with the self-deprecation for 5 minutes.”

“Why don’t you make me?” His eyes light up playfully,

“I could easily, but not in front of my whole family.”

“I meant something more like this,”

“..Well, that could work.” My voice sounded uncharacteristically high as he pulled away.

“That wasn’t 5 minutes but maybe it gave you a break from me.”

“Do you think my parents noticed?”

“Either that or your dad really wants to ask me the score of the Llama’s game last night.” I looked over to my dad who was glaring at James and giving him the ‘you. here. now.’ gesture.


James’ Point of View

“So what was that little display out there?”

“Um. With due respect, sir, I’m fairly sure you know what that was.”

“Don’t get smart with me son!”

“But sir! I’m not trying to be smart, how is it when your daughter introduces me as her friend you like me but now we are romantically involved your being this way?”

“I’m only treating you the way I was when I first became involved with a Tempest woman. You must understand that I’m trying to scare you out of hurting my daughter,”

“Well, I think you should also understand that I have no intention of hurting Emmy.”

“I’m glad to hear it.”

“In that case, welcome to the craziness that is the Tempest family. And stop calling me sir for the love of god. Call me Tek.” Soon after he said that Emmy’s dad let me leave the study to where Emmy was dithering by the wall chewing her nails,

“How bad was it?”

“Not that bad. In fact he welcomed me to the family.”


“Yup! But I wonder if your mother is going to extend the same courtesy to me?”

“She’s drunk at the moment so I’m sure she’ll try discussing kids names with you.” I laughed and pulled Emmy into a hug, I feel so safe with her. And I guess having 200 pounds of werewolf living in the house helps with somebody’s issues with safety, because despite how much Sebastian hates me, Emmy is the only one who can cure him. So he’ll do anything she says.

“By the way, I have a present for you.”

“What is it?”

“A surprise obviously.”

“Not even a hint?”

“Well.. I don’t think Sebastian will like it. It’s in the sun room, in fact it’s been there most of today.”


“You got me a cat?”

“No, I got you a familiar. Witch’s familiar’s are cats right?”

“Yup, I’m happy to see that you are comfortable with dating a witch.”

“Well.. You’re a hot witch. So I’ll allow it.” I winked at her as she bent down to pick up the kitten.

Gen 4:3 Truth

“So I guess I’d better be going to a hotel or something?”

“James why on earth would you do that? I told you, you’re welcome to stay until you can afford your own place!”

“That could take forever, houses around here aren’t exactly cheap,”

Sebastian came strolling into the kitchen where James and I were having our daily argument about house prices. Sebastian and James don’t exactly get along since Sebastian tried to attack James when he first came. Although James isn’t aware of that. Merida followed shortly after Sebastian, looking noticeably disheveled but I decided not to ask in front of everybody.

“Alright, well I’m gonna go do some work down in the basement. Merida, you too.”

“What the hell are you playing at Merida??”

“What do you mean?”

“You don’t think I bloody heard you last night creeping along the corridor? I let you live with me but I will not be held responsible if you end up pregnant.” Merida hung her head and her cheeks glowed red,

“I’m sorry.”

“Don’t bother apologizing, just please, be careful. Or wait!” I decided to end the conversation there. Realizing how much I sounded like mum.

“Now pass me the wolfsbane.. I think I’m close to developing a cure for Sebastian.” We were silent for the rest of the day, a part of me wanted to apologize but Merida is still so naive, if I apologize she’ll think it’s the go ahead.


“Emmy, I think you’re being a little hard on Merida. I mean its partially my fault as well.”

“Oh don’t worry Sebastian I’m holding you just as responsible. If not more, she’s a kid, you’re an adult!! Couldn’t you have waited??”

“She’s not a kid anymore Emmy! She knows what she wants!”

“And what is that exactly?? It’s a teenage crush you big dope! She’ll be over you in a few weeks!”

“Emmy, I’m making sure we’re careful. Have a little faith in me at least.”

“Fine. I’ll allow you to date my sister, if you stop getting grumpy when James is around and try to cut down the amount of time you spend together. For my sanity’s sake.”

“That’s hardly fair, he’s a douche!”

“Oh really? You know him so well?”

“I probably know more about him than you. Think about it Emmy, you barely know this guy yet you invited him into your home.” I stormed off shortly after Sebastian said that and went to find James, as annoying as Sebastian is, he’s right. I know virtually nothing about James.

“Hey James, can I talk to you?” He looked up and marked his place in his book,

“Whats up?”

“Well, Sebastian and I were just talking and I kind of realized I know next to nothing about you.”

“And that’s a problem?”

“Well considering you live with me, yes.”

“Look, I don’t mean to sound rude but there are plenty of things in my life I’m not proud of. And I don’t want to burden you with it.”

“I’ll tell you how I fixed your knee if you tell me the real reason you moved away from Moonlight Falls.”

“I told you the real reason, I got in with a bad crowd.”

“Then tell me how you got in with that crowd or why they were bad.”


James’ Point of View

I can’t tell her the truth, she’d call the police but the pleading tone of her voice made me realize she was scared. She was scared because she didn’t know who I was or what I was capable of.

“Do you want me to pack first?”

“What do you mean?”

“What I’m about to tell you, you wont like.”

“Do you want to go first then?”

“Why not, okay this ‘bad crowd’ is my.. I guess you could call him my boss, Christophe and his girlfriend Nikki. They’re part of a much larger gang which operates in Starlit Shores, when I joined them I was 16, my parents had been killed in a car crash. I was angry, and I looked for an outlet. The outlet they offered me was being their gun man,” I paused to look at Emmy, she was expressionless but staring at my face, looking for a sign I was lying.

“And that’s the path I chose.”

“Why did you come here?”

“Lets just say Nikki and I have certain differences and she’s now convinced Christophe that I’m the next ‘job’.”

“So if I ask you to leave, you would be in danger?”

“Potentially, but I’ll understand if you ask me to leave,” I went to get up but Emmy’s hand caught my wrist.

“I don’t think I would be able to let you leave.”

“Why not?” She looked down at the ground for a second,

“I guess I feel responsible for you. Not for your past but for you now. You’re more interesting than I imagined. And I don’t want to see you get hurt.”

“I deserve it. Everything I’ve done, this is probably my karma.”

“You got in with the wrong crowd. True it was you who pulled the trigger but you had another gun pressed to the back of your head each time. You may stay as long as I feel I can trust you.” I nodded and looked down at my feet, unsure what to say next.

“And now, my part of the deal. How I healed you.” I nodded, still looking at my feet,

“I’m a witch.” Now that grabbed my attention,

“I’m sorry, what?”

“I’m a witch.”

“Care to prove it? Because no offence, that’s a little unbelievable,” She smiled and stood up she held out her hand in front of her and within a few seconds produced an apple, as I opened my mouth she held a hand up to me,

“I’m not done yet.” She placed the newly conjured apple onto a table and pulled a wand out while muttering a few incantations, the apple glowed and then disappeared with a bang, to be replaced by a space rock.

“Do you believe me now?”