Gen 3:16 Secrets

“Jasmyn, at least eat something!”

“Tek, I’m gonna be late!” He threw an apple at me from across the kitchen as my carpool beeped impatiently, I made it just as Dr. Jones was about to drive off,

“Dear god, what time did you get to sleep last night Dr Tempest?”


“I remember when my husband and I were in the honeymoon period.. Woohoo every night! Lucky if I get some once a month now. Enjoy it while you can Jasmyn!”

“Of course, Justine.”

“No pregnancy yet?”

“Uhm. No.” That was a lie, but I’d lost it so early on, Tek had no idea still..

“Hmm.. Surely you would have had at least one scare by now!”

I shifted awkwardly in my seat, this is not something I ever tend to discuss with colleagues, Justine noticed my unease and pointed out the new graffiti by the grocery store while I drummed my fingers on the dashboard.


“Honey, I’m home!” I called out trying to figure out where he was, while trying to hold back a snigger at how my voice sounded

“In the kitchen, go get changed, we’re going out!” I dashed upstairs to get ready,

“Would you mind telling me where we’re going?”

“I told you last night, surprise!” I dived in the shower as Tek called up the stairs to me to hurry up.

“You ready yet?”

“Give me a sec,” I ran down the stairs and fell into Tek who was standing by the door,

“Woah! Jeez, we haven’t even had dinner and you’re already throwing yourself at me?” He winked as he helped me out to the car.


“So any particular reason for that dinner?”

“Other than to spoil my beautiful wife? I wanted to see you without your nose in one of your research journals. And I think we need to talk.”


“While you were at work, Dr Topolski called. He said you needed to come in for a post miscarriage examination. Care to explain?” I looked at my feet, now buried in the sand, I knew he would find out but I never pictured it like this.

“It’s pretty obvious what happened isn’t it? I lost our baby.”

“Why didn’t you tell me?” I looked up and saw hurt in his eyes, hurt that I had denied while dealing with it.

“I was afraid.”

“Of what? Jasmyn, I’m nothing like your dad was. Surely you know that.”

“I know..” I saw splotches of water on my hand, Tek saw I was crying and pulled me closer,

“Hey shh, I’m sorry,”