Gen 3:15 Surprise

“Why are we going out at this time of the morning? Its downright ungodly!”

“Keep up Jasmyn!” Tek had decided to take me out early morning jogging.. at 4am.

“Tek, I can see a bright light and I swear if you don’t slow down I’m going to walk towards it.”

“Come on we’re almost there!” Tek slowed his pace down to match mine and we walked up to a huge house,

“So? What do you think?”

“It’s pretty but, isn’t this trespassing?”

“Not when you own the house it isnt!”

“I’m sorry, Mr Logan-Tempest?”

“Roxane and my dad bought the house for us,” He opened his palm and showed me the keys to me,


“Yeah, Roxane had it renovated for us specifically, she’s put in a secret basement and a box in the garage for Orion.”

“Oh wow, this is just.. incredible!”

“So do you wanna move in now? All the furniture’s there, and Roxane can handle selling the old house. Plus, there’s a sauna in the basement that I’m dying to try out.”

“Sauna? I’m there!”


“Why didn’t we think of having one of these in the old place?”

“I honestly have no clue, especially since we could have done this..” Tek stood up and poured more water over the stones,

“Jasmyn.. I think I have a splinter.”

“Did not need to know that.”


“Tek! There’s a massage table down here too!!”

“I know! Roxane was asking me where she should put it! And then she gave me a bunch of massage manuals, and so far I haven’t stabbed anything when trying acupuncture!”

“I wouldn’t say no to a bit of acupuncture right now,”

“I bet you wouldn’t.”

“Can I show you around the house now?”

“What time is it?”

“Almost 3,”

“Would you mind if I got something to eat first?”

“Why on earth would I mind?”

“Fair point, and then you can show me around the day bed that I saw by the pool.” I winked at him as he packed up all the needles, and promptly dropped them all as I spoke.

“What took you so long?”

“The fact that I didn’t want to have to do dishes later, and then I spilled mac and cheese down my top,”

“No splinters this time?”


“Glad to hear it,”


“Come on Mrs Tempest, bed. You’ve got work tomorrow!”

“Tek, I’m not even tired!”

“Doesn’t matter, I don’t want you to pass out at work tomorrow.” He leaned over and kissed me,

“I’ll go to bed if you come to.”

“Jasmyn, I’ve got a painting I really need to get finished, and I’ve got a surprise for you tomorrow.”

“The painting for the art gallery in Sunset Valley?”

“Yup, I’m almost done though, I promise.”

“Fine, but don’t stay painting all night, I’ll miss yooou.” I cooed at him over my shoulder as I left him to go work on his painting.


10 responses to “Gen 3:15 Surprise

  1. i thought they were gonna go crazy with the woohoo and do it t every chance… like when Jasmyn asked Tek to go to bed with her haha

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