Gen 3:14 Tempest-Logan

“Tek organised this?” I sneaked a peak out of the temporary gazebo we’d put up while mum and Zoe fixed my dress.

“He picked the venue and the decor, the guy’s got good taste! I mean a beach, with the arch at the end of a pier? These wedding photos will be gorgeous!” Dad poked his head around the corner of the door and raised an eyebrow at my outfit,

“Bit revealing don’t you think?”

“Mortimer leave the poor girl alone! Its her wedding day, you’re not selling her away to a brothel so stop acting like you are!”

“Scarlett, all I’m saying is the dress is a bit low cut, doesn’t leave much to the imagination does it?”

“Bearing in mind they will be getting married in 20 minutes and producing children I don’t think she needs to leave much to the imagination! Tek’s lovely, you just need to see that not every guy is out to hurt Jasmyn.”

“Too darn nice.”

“Okay honey, well you just go wait outside while we finish Jasmyn’s hair.” Dad grumbled but eventually stood outside where we could hear him muttering about Tek.

Zoe burst into the room grinning wildly, her hair sticking up at odd angles,

“He’s under the arch, and looking quite literally delicious.” Mum swatted at Zoe,

“Well go find your own one, that ones taken!” She then attempted to smooth Zoe’s hair but it became obvious that Zoe’s hair was not going to co-operate this time. We walked outside and dad took my arm, slowly walking me towards the pier, dear god I had to walk all that way too?

“Not too late to pull out, fake falling over and breaking your leg!”

“Dad.. the only one who is going to be breaking their leg is you! Now shhh!”

“Don’t think much of the boy’s seating taste. What kind of peasants stand to watch a wedding?”

“Its a tradition in Roxane’s family, he wanted to honor them.”


Eventually after what seemed like the world’s longest walk, my hands were placed in Tek’s and our wedding began,

The second “You may now kiss the bride” were spoken, Tek pulled me into his arms and kissed me as if my father wasn’t standing right beside him, in fact I doubt he cared.


“Can’t see why he doesn’t change his name to Tempest, I did.” Dad whispered to mum as I cut the cake,

“Mortimer, he added Tempest on and she added Logan to her name. It doesn’t change the fact they are married. Now stop being so goddamn grumpy and smile!”

“That bloody dress will be the death of me. Far too revealing.”

“Mortimer, I swear if you don’t shut up I’m going to push you off this pier.” I sneaked a glance at Tek to make sure they hadn’t offended him and he looked like he was about to burst out laughing at my parent’s ‘disagreement’.

“Ready to do the fireworks?”

“You bought fireworks??” Tek looked at his feet,

“Why not? Pretty awesome way to announce marriage!”


Gen 3:13 Bachelorette Party

“Zoe, I am not wearing this inside my own house. Let alone out for my bachelorette party.” Zoe stood next to the door on the balcony admiring her handiwork.

“Sis, come on! Last night of freedom!”

“Is that honestly how you see marriage?” I looked over my shoulder at Zoe who merely shrugged,

“I’ve never been interested in marriage or kids, just doesn’t appeal to me. Now partying, that interests me!”

“Fair enough, but I’m going to get changed before Tek sees me in this and asks me to wear it constantly.”

“Wait till he sees your dress! Mum picked it out, with some help from me.”

“So I have no say in this?” Zoe grinned back at me,

“None whatsoever.”

“Can I at least see the dress?”

“Nope. Its a surprise!”


“This dress is not cute Zoe!”

“Its gorgeous, now come on! The dancers are gonna be here in a minute!!”

“I can’t believe mum actually planned this with you.”

“Oh just let your hair down for once!”

“You made sure of that,” I gestured to the mane of black curls framing my face, which was rock hard from all the hair spray Zoe had put in it.

“Oh how witty of yo..” Zoe’s voice faded as some cops walked in and began dancing randomly while saying the party needed some livening up, I rolled my eyes and walked over to the bar. Trying to ignore the strange guy who appeared to be rather wasted and hitting on the mixologist,

God knows how I’d had to drink but I somehow ended up on the inflatable bull ride Zoe had had set up so she could laugh while watching people fall off, and then Zoe hauled me off over to the damn crystal ball  she had been staring at since we arrived at the venue

“Relax, Jasmyn, it’ll be easier for me to see.”

“This is totally a hoax, like you’re gonna be able to predict my future.”

“Well my therapist said I need to do something to distract myself, why not fortune telling? Could probably make some money from it to.”

“Well, okay but as long as this reading is free,”

“Family discount?” I rolled my eyes and waited for her to begin, she grabbed my palms and pressed them to the crystal which promptly began to float in the air and glow,

“I see… pink eyes and pointy teeth,” I snatched my hands away from the crystal ball,

“Nice trick, so is it held by string or what?”

“You’re so skeptical, yet you know magic exists around us. Roxane for example,”

“How do you know about Roxane?”

“Roxane is standing across the road with her hair tied back right now. Don’t look up. Just continue looking at me. She needs to talk to you because she knows about the point teeth thing and is pretty pissed that I played with the crystal ball by the looks of it.

I looked over at Roxane briefly, through the strands of my hair and the stare I received in return chilled me to the bone.. and then I passed out.