Gen 3:12 Mafia Family

I don’t know what it is but Tek’s changed so much with me since we met each other out here, he’s been more open. Before he was like a closed book.

“What you thinking about?” Tek caught me off guard as I stared off into space, he was standing at the easel in my living room, painting my portrait, much to my displeasure,

“Wondering why on earth you’re subjecting to me to such cruel and unusual torture,” He looked over at me from the easel and rolled his eyes,

“Be thankful I’m not carving an ice sculpture,” Hmm he had a point but still!

“You working tonight Jasmyn?”

“Uhh, no I get off work at 4, why?”

“3 months ring any bells? We’re going out to dinner for our 3 month anniversary!”

“Where are we going this time?”

“I was thinking of surprising you, do you mind if I get showered here?”

“Sure, your clothes are where they always are,” Tek had thought of the fantastic idea of slowly moving his stuff into my house, meaning I was cramming the spare room full of manly stuff, or in Tek’s case, chick flicks. And lots of them.


“You spoil me,”

“You say it like its a bad thing! You deserve to be spoiled!” I laughed and flicked a bit of sand at him while he continued staring up at the sky,

“Don’t make me dunk you in the sea,”

“You wouldn’t dare!”

“Don’t tempt me, I can easily pick you up.”

“Oh really?” He stood up and without missing a beat picked me up,


“Okay, point taken Mr. I spend my life at the gym, put me down now? So any reason why you brought me here?”

“Well.. yeah.”

“And that reason would be?”

“Can you guess now?”

“Hmm, might need a bit more of a hint,”

“Jasmyn Rose Tempest, will you marry me?”

“Do you mind if I get back to you?”


“Of course I will, now if you like it, put a ring on it!” He grinned as he slipped the ring on my finger,

“One question?”


“Why so soon? We’ve only been together for 3 months,”

“We’ve known each other for nearly 3 years, I would say that’s long enough to know whether or not you want to spend the rest of your life with someone. Happy?”


“Guess I’d better get you home, you have work tomorrow don’t you?”

“You could stay over,”

“Trying to tempt me again?”

“As always,”

“Your mother would have me arrested, whether what we’ve done is legal or not.” Poor guy, I’d introduced him to my parents when they visited and they dragged him off giving him a total mafia family talk. Tek came out of the study looking scared for his life. And with the impression my mother was a psychopath.

“They’re bluffing,” He smiled at me with a raised eyebrow

“Good things come to those who wait, Jasmyn. Incidentally I had to wait 3 weeks before your father would give me permission.”

“You asked permission? You make it sound like we are a mafia family!”

“Kind of had to, asking permission was something your parents mentioned when they hauled me into the study and interrogated me about my intentions.”

“I’m sorry about them by the way,”

“No problem, but I’d better get you home, falling back on your career due to me was mentioned also.”


As usual he walked me to the door and kissed me goodbye but this one was different, he kept it briefer, and I knew why. He wanted to come in. Badly,

“How about a shotgun wedding?” I whispered the words I knew he was thinking,

“Tempting. But I’ve gotta go before I end up losing my last bit of self control with you.”

“I would have no complaints.”

“I know,” He touched his fingers to my cheek as he turned to leave,