Gen 3:11 Escape

My first day in Sunlit Tides was pretty uneventful, the usual moving routine I guess. Get to your new house, wonder where the hell all your stuff is, get a phone call from the removal men saying they’re running an hour late and then having to go find work because you completely broke your bank by moving.

On my second day, however, I still had no work so after grabbing a slice of cold pizza *shudders* I decided for a walk around the island a bit, I’d been looking like a total tourist with my head buried in a guide to the town when I’d walked smack into a guy,

“Tek? What are you doing here?”

“Uhh, I live here now. You?”

“Just moved here yesterday.”

“Really? How come you never mentioned it?”

“I wasn’t exactly planning on it until recently, it was more of a spur of the moment thing.”

“Look, sorry but I’ve gotta get to the airport, Orion’s been flown out here and is waiting to be picked up. Why don’t we go out to dinner tonight, I mean, if you’ve just moved here you’re probably living off cold pizza,”

“How did you guess?”

“Cold pizza is like the official food of moving, so I’ll see you at 6? I’ll pick you up, this island’s a little confusing in case you haven’t noticed”

“Six is good for me,”

“Alright see you then,” He smiled and jogged off towards the airport. It took me 10 minutes to realize I was utterly lost and I was holding a boating map.


“Jasmyn, are you ready?” I could almost hear Tek shifting his weight from foot to foot downstairs,
“Just a sec! Trying to find my shoes!” All my stuff was still in boxes and so getting ready had been a real nightmare. Aha! Found some shoes. I came dashing down the stairs and saw Tek looking at the painting grandad had done for granny Rose,

“Who painted this?”
“My grandpa, he painted it as a wedding gift to my grandmother,”
“Is that a family tradition?”
“I don’t think so.. Dad never did it for mum.”
“Shall we get going then?” He wrapped his arm around my waist and led me out to his car,
“What, no unicorn drawn carriage?” He snorted,
“Because that wouldn’t draw any attention would it?”


“Thanks for dinner Tek, it was definitely better than cold pizza!”

“No problem, we should do this again sometime.” I smiled up at him,

“Jasmyn.. I really like you..” Tek was blushing like a teenager as he spoke and he could barely look me in the eyes,

“I like you too Tek.” My cheeks were probably glowing by now too.. Tek looked at me, eyes soft and he leaned in almost shyly,

I was the first to pull away, holding on to his shirt, hands shaking.
“Well.. I think we can effectively say we’ve destroyed our friendship,” he leaned his forehead on mine staring into my eyes,
“I don’t mind,”
“Nor me.”
And with that he pulled me back, ending any hope of conversation.


Gen 3:10 Roxane’s Secret

I can’t stop staring at her ears… They’re so.. pointy..

“Jasmyn, please stop staring at my ears.. Its making me rather self conscious.” She smiled from across the living room at me,

“Sorry, I.. uh.. What were you trying to tell me again?”

“That I’m an elf,”

“Umm, okay, so what would that entail?” Her expression changed to mild amusement,

“It does not mean I work for Santa. It simply means I have pointed ears and reasonable access to magical abilities.”

“How can you speak so calmly about it??”

“Because I’ve been like this since I was born.”

Can’t argue with that…

“And Orion?”

“I was given him as a child, as a protector. Its a tradition in my culture. When I married Hideo Orion was released from his duty to me but chose to stay with me but as Tek’s protector now.”

“Why would you need protection?”

“Hmm, think of it more like a lucky bracelet, Orion is a lucky charm.”


“You’re taking this rather well I must say,”

“Oh trust me, I’m freaking out on the inside. What about Melody? Is she just a horse?”

“Yes, and I was rather surprised to see that her foal failed to get his father’s ‘uniqueness’ but it probably would have raised a bunch of awkward questions had you have seen a baby unicorn trotting about!”

I sunk back into my chair a little, Roxane noticed and looked panicked,

“This is a lot to take in, I know.”

“Why are you telling me all this stuff?”

“I know things Jasmyn, about you and your family, I know who you are going to marry, where you will live, when you will die. Call it an elf’s gift.”

“So what? You’re stalking me?” She burst out laughing,

“Quite the opposite, when you visited us for some reason you attached ties to me. Ties which I can’t break, I can feel your emotions, see your dreams.”

“Okay, that’s beyond weird. How do we break this connection then?”

“There is no ‘we’ Jasmyn. You must do it of your own choice, and mentally you’re not ready to let go.”

“Doesn’t it break naturally?”

“Yes, but it will be harder for us to break given the way our paths intertwine.”

“You’ve lost me,”

“Good, you’ll understand soon enough. Now if you don’t mind I’d better be off, Hideo’s getting anxious. He doesn’t like me teleporting like that, especially so suddenly, but I was getting negative vibes from you. But I see you are fine,”


So I’m friends with an elf who has a pet unicorn. Well.. not many people can say that can they? My brain was beginning its daily conflict while I started packing up some boxes ready for my move. Some wind was blowing through the open door, which I never opened.. Roxane had closed the door, I’d checked! I could almost feel a presence in the room but whatever it was, I had no idea. Eventually the door slammed shut and I could hear almost ghostly laughter fading away.

Gen 3:9 Leaving

“Sweetie, don’t you think you’re overreacting?”

“I’m pretty damn sure I know what I saw!!”

“It could’ve been somebody else!”

“No it was that creep. I’d know him anywhere! I can’t stay here, I can’t stay somewhere I don’t feel safe.”

3 weeks after my resignation all my motion lights outside had switched on, and after looking out my window I’d discovered it was Dr. Smith, “casually” jogging past my house and then creeping onto my lot. I’d been watching, hoping that it was just one off, but every night I’d be lying in bed or doing some research, and there he was, by my window. Every. Night.

“Where are you thinking of moving sweetheart? The dry lake bed is pretty, or the houses along the pier?”

“I was kind of thinking of moving away from Lucky Palms..”

“But Jasmyn, Granny Rose is buried here!!”

“I know, and it would be a shame but I can’t stand being here,”

“Where were you thinking?”

“Uhh the little Hawaiian town that is 5 hours away by plane?”

“Sunlit Tides?”

“Yeah, I mean the climate there is perfect and it seems like a great place to raise kids.” I heard mum sigh down the phone,

“Its entirely up to you Jasmyn, I would love it if you stayed here, but if your heart is set on Sunlit Tides then go, as long as you send us emails from time to time and let us visit you!”

“Okay mum, look I’ve gotta go. I’m going to look at some property prices out there, I was thinking of having another house built.. but if there’s one there that’s perfect for me then I guess I’ll move faster.”

“As long as you’re happy sweetheart, I’m always here if you need any help,”

“Yeah, I know, talk to you later mum. Roxane’s been phoning for the past hour, gotta see whats up.”

The joy of having a house phone.. It never stops going off! Ah well, haven’t heard from Roxane in a while, better make sure she’s okay. The second I thought that the phone began ringing again.. She has impeccable timing,

“Jasmyn? Are you okay??”

“Yes, I’m fine, why?”

“Hmm, had a funny gut feeling, you know when somethings about to go wrong?”

“Oh yeah I get those all the time, probably nothing to worry about.”

“Jasmyn, I don’t mean to pry but is everything okay at home? You seem tense,”

“Well, I’ve had an obnoxious pervert staring in my window every night, if that wont make you tense what will?”

“Oh god! Would you like me to send Hideo over?”

“No Roxane, I’ll be fine. How did you get my number by the way?”

“Lucky guess?”

“Don’t lie, I know about Orion, you should be able to trust me.” I heard a sigh down the phone,

“Look let me come over and I’ll explain it all.”

“But your in France,” A funny noise in my yard distracted me from continuing my point and my jaw dropped as Roxane and Melody appeared in my yard.

“May I come in or shall we continue this conversation on the phone?”