Gen 3:8 Unwarranted Attention

“I hardly feel that’s appropriate in a work place, Dr Smith.”

“You can call me Jerry. And please, we’ve had a connection since the day you started,” He was leaning over the desk, practically leering at me.

“You are aware that my uncle is a lawyer who could get your butt kicked off these premises if you look at me like that again.”

“And then what? You’ll bring the Goth family into it? Old money equals power? The Tempest family is pathetic, your heritage was made up by a crazy bitch who was thrilled when her parents died. Your mother was forced into marriage. Your existence is a lie, dear Jasmyn.” I could almost hear my blood thrumming through my veins as he came closer to touch my cheek I shoved his hand away,

“Touch me one more time asshole. I dare you.” His hand reached out to me again and I just lost it.

I walked to the door and he spoke up,

“You could have anything you wanted, money, fame, cars, pretty clothes.”

“You are mistaking me for a prostitute Dr Smith.”


Ew. That’s all I can think as I’m filing in these forms. Slimy old pervert. My uncle Liam looks over the desk as I shudder.

“I can fill them in for you Jasmyn.”

“Are you sure this is a good idea? I mean it wasn’t assault.”

“It was still sexual harassment, which is definitely valid. Have you handed in your notice?” I chewed the end of the pen,

“Wouldn’t filing for a sexual harassment lawsuit give some kind of hint? And does it even count as sexual harassment?”

“I’ll make it count. Your mother is literally twisting my arm over this. It might be an idea to do hand in your notice as well.” I nodded at my uncle, he looked almost exactly like grandad except his hair was blond, streaked with gray.

“How’s aunt Eliza?” He looked up from scanning the forms, abruptly panicked.

“What do you mean?”

“Well I haven’t seen her in a while, and I was wondering if she was okay.”

“She’s fine, just you know sensitive skinned and all!” I nodded, Eliza had a rare skin condition which made her skin practically peel in the sunlight, so we could only ever visit her at night and even then she would look sickly, her eyes were far too bright.

I left Liam’s office and took a quick detour home through the bar. Well, I say quick, what I mean is about a 3 hour stop off. I came home giggling and could barely open my own door, “best not to walk upstairs tonight,” a small voice in my head told me. I stumbled into the living room and crashed on the sofa, feeling drained.


Eventually Dr Smith was found guilty of sexually harassing 13 of his assistants and 3 other colleagues besides myself. He was fined but strangely not fired. The next week I handed in my notice through his assistant and began a new plan of action. Dr. Smith was head of the genealogy department but if I went to the surgeon or even GP end of Medical I wouldn’t even have to pass Dr Smith in the halls, just occasionally accidentally on purpose scratch his car with my keys.


Gen 3:7 New Home, Same Town

“Are you sure you’ll be okay?” Mum was hugging me so tight I’m pretty sure my face matched Zoe’s hair

“I’ll be fine! It’s only a little house!” That was true, the house had finally been built, a little 3 bedroom which would have probably fit in the garage of the old house.

“We’ll be a 5 minute walk away if you need us!!”

“Yes mum, I know!” Dmitri was holding on to Phoenix’s hand, crying his eyes out, I kneeled down in front of him,

“Hey Dmitri, I’ve got a present for you!” His eyes brightened up and he grinned as he looked at my empty hands,

“Is it chocolate??” I laughed and ruffled his hair

“Something better!”

He ripped the wrapping paper off and squealed with delight,

“What is it Dmitri?” Mum was looking at the box which was still half wrapped,

“Jazzy bought me an ice cream machine!!” Mum’s head jerked up to me,

“You didn’t!”

“I’ve got presents for the rest of you too!” I handed Zoe hers and she threw her arms around me,

“I’m going to miss you!!” I smiled,

“Was that too hard to say? You can come and stay sometime!” Zoe opened her present and her jaw dropped,

“Oh my freaking god, this is insane!! Where did you get this?” I’d bought Zoe a CD of one of her favorite and rarest ever bands.

Phoenix had set his face but the minute I handed his present to him, he burst into tears and like Zoe threw his arms around me,

“Easy, Phoenix you’re gonna crush me!!” Phoenix let go almost instantly and then looked down at the envelope in his hands,

“Open it! I wanna see your face!” Phoenix opened his present and grinned at me,

“Thanks Jas!” I’d given him a lifetime gym membership.

Mum and Dad hadn’t wanted a gift but I insisted on something so I had jokingly installed a stair lift at their new house along with a serious present of a couple of multitabs. Mum pulled me in for one last hug, and whispered in my ear,

“I swear to god if you ever get hurt by any guys I will make their poop come out of their eyes.” I smiled but I knew mum was being serious, then dad pulled me in,


Eventually my parents left, taking my crazy siblings with them. I felt a sudden pang of loneliness as I watched their car pull away, mum had never felt this way, she’d never been alone. She had aunt Summer, then dad, then us kids. Instead of moping about the house like I so badly wanted to I decided to get to work early. Nothing cheers a girl up more than cleaning up soiled bed pans!


“Jasmyn Tempest to Dr Smith’s office.” Oh hell, what had I done now? I put down the book I’d been reading, (I was on lunch break!) and began navigating my way through the maze some people call a hospital. Eventually  I found the right room and sat down inside,

“Ah, Jasmyn. The hospital is having a routine inspection soon and I’d like you to be one of the ‘show’ staff as it were.”

“I’m sorry?”

“We have certain staff that excel to the point we have to show it off to the inspectors, that way we get a higher rating,”

“But, I’ve only been here a week, and I’d hardly say I excel, I clean bed pans!”

“Well that’s true however, beautiful women like you should hardly be kept in the shadows should they?”