Gen 3:6 New Job

“A toast to Miss Jasmyn Tempest for becoming a doctor! And to Tek for winning that contest or whatever,” Dad had had way to much champagne but was so mellow now it was hard to believe what he’d been like when I was younger. By this point my dad had his arm around an uneasy looking Tek while mum attempted to remove the alcohol from the table,

“I’d better check on Orion, settle him down for the night.”

“And I’m going to bed, goodnight.” I raced up the stairs as Tek left the house and ran into Dmitri’s room, chasing him into his bed

“You got the water balloons?” Dmitri nodded grinning from ear to ear,

“Okay come over to the window and…. BOMBS AWAY!!” We threw an entire bucket on Tek as he came out of the house, he looked up at us and we ducked down.

“Jasmyn, I know that was you.” Dmitri was on floor next to me howling with laughter.

“SHUT UP YOU LITTLE RUNT!!” Zoe had slammed Dmitri’s door open, Dmitri was quiet and cuddled up to me, I stood up and walked calmly over to Zoe.

“Sis, calm down, go back to bed.” She pulled away from angrily,

“I’m fine!! There’s nothing wrong with me!!” She stomped back into her room and I could hear her calling her boyfriend, a different one from last week’s incident.

When I was in my room I began to wonder about Zoe, she’d been acting strange lately, constant mood swings, more so than normal teenagers. Hmm, I remember learning something in my high school psychology class about Bipolar Disorder, so I tapped that in to my favorite search engine and quickly found a page. Zoe matched all potential symptoms,

“Mum, could you come in for a sec?” Mum came in brushing hair out of her eyes,

“Whats up sweetie?”

“Check this out,” Mum looked over my shoulder at the screen,

“I can’t mention this to her. She’d have another episode.”

“Mum she needs help, we can’t pretend she’s fine.”

“I’ll take her to the doctors when we move out, right now isn’t good, its all stressful, trying to pack up all this stuff you know!”

“Yup, I know. Speaking of which I’d better finish doing my boxes.” Mum nodded and left me to pack.


Urgh, well I hardly pictured a pristine perfect first day at work, but being a bed plan cleaner isn’t fun it turns out! I came home feeling like I’d been the victim of some human rights act violation and ran straight upstairs and into the tub. I could hear Zoe humming in the next room, eerily calm. I must have stayed in the bath for ages because by the time I climbed out and got downstairs dad was watching one of the football matches, his favorite after dinner pastime,

“Hey Jasmyn,”

“Where is everyone?”

“Well Zoe is upstairs packing, Phoenix is out at the movies, your mother is helping Dmitri to pack and Tek is out in the garage with that ruddy horse who will not shut up! How was work by the way?”

“Demeaning. Cleaning bed pans is not fun.”

“Were you expecting it to be? And you have to start somewhere! I used to fetch coffee for the CEO, now I’m his boss!!”

“I guess, I’m gonna go out to the stable and see if Orion’s alright..” Dad grumbled something about ‘should’ve been made into glue’ as I left the room.

I walked out to the stable and saw Tek with Orion, neither had noticed me,

“Care to explain something?” Tek spun round looking slightly surprised,

“Umm, sure?”

“Why does your horse end in a point and glow?”

“You and both know that you know exactly why.” I leaned against one of the saddle stands,

“So.. He’s a unicorn?”

“Crazy huh?”

“Completely and utterly insane. You’re going back home tomorrow right?”

“Do I annoy you that much?”

“No, I’ll miss having someone semi sane to talk to!”

“Well, you know my number,” He put down the brush and pulled me into a hug, I swear I felt sparks the second he touched me.. probably just static…