Gen 3:5 Night Out

“It’s not fair!! If Jasmyn was acting the way I was you’d let it slide!!”

“Jasmyn is an adult, Zoe you are a child!!”

I slammed the door shut while Tek pulled dad’s car to the front of the house,

“Are they still yelling?”

“Mhm, she’s playing the “you prefer Jasmyn” card now,”

“So she’s blaming you for her sleeping with random guys?”

“Yup. Typical of my sister.”

“Huh. Did you know I grew up here?”

“You grew up in Lucky Palms?”

“Yup, my dad moved us away when my mum died. Then he met Roxane, and she changed his world completely.”

“So are you going to surprise me with our outing?”

“But of course!” He pulled up to the casino and opened my door for me,

“You’re taking me to a casino?”

“Well, you’re old enough to go to one.” I smiled and hopped out of the car as he gestured towards the door,

“Don’t go betting money you don’t have. I’ll be right back.”

Tek left me standing in the entrance hall as he went off to god knows where, eventually I found my way to the slot machines and had won a grand total of §2000 by the time he came back,

“Jeez did you hack the machine?”

“Just lucky I guess,”

“Well come on, lets go to the bar nearby!”

“Yes bringing me home blind drunk will make an impression on my parents wont it?”

“I dont intend on getting you drunk, I intend on showing you a good time.”

“What time is it?”

“1am, why?” Holy crap! We’d been here for 3 hours??

“I have a job interview at 9am, can you take me home please?”

“Sure, you should have mentioned it earlier! I would’ve kept a closer eye on you,”

We walked back to the car in comfortable silence but Tek almost crashed the car when we got to the house,

“What the hell is Zoe doing??” I looked to where he was pointing. There was my sister, standing on the roof.

“Oh my god,” I jumped out of the car and stood next to mum who was chewing her nails anxiously,

“Whats she playing at?”

“Your father and I sent her to bed but she climbed up there. Phoenix is going up there to calm her down,”

“Tek could you give me a hand?” Dad was attempting to move a trampoline under where Zoe and now Phoenix were stood. Tek ran over and grabbed the other end, his eyes never leaving my siblings on the roof.

Zoe saw she had an audience and began a slur of insults at mum,

“You’re surprised I turned out this way? A teen tearaway I’ve heard you call me. Well at least my boyfriend respects me!! He wouldn’t dream of hitting me!!”

“Zoe. You’re not doing anybody any favors. Please come down before you hurt yourself!!”

“Shut up Jasmyn!! Little miss perfect!! Like you’ve ever had any guy interested in you!!”

Phoenix grabbed Zoe from behind and shoved her inside, where we could still hear her screeching at him that he was a traitor and a liar among other things.

Mum turned to the neighbors and paparazzi that had spawned outside our house and began waving them away while Tek helped dad put away the trampoline, I walked into the stable to make sure Orion hadn’t gotten upset from all the noise, but was shocked with the site in front of me,


Note from Mollie: Yup! We’ve gone mythical now :’)