Gen 3:4 Inappropriate Guest

“Woah!! Easy boy!” Tek was trying to get Orion into the garage while I stood behind him awkwardly,

“Need any help?” Tek raised an eyebrow at me,

“This horse is pure muscle, feel free to lend a hand!” I took that as a yes and joined Tek in the unceremonious hauling of a horse into a garage. Orion was not budging whatsoever and I could’ve sworn he was smirking at us, eventually after much hauling Orion trotted into his stall and began drinking from the trough. Tek locked his gate and we walked back into the house,

“So I’m assuming I’m not sleeping in the garage with Orion?”

“No your room is next to the garage, here.” I gestured toward the only guest room in the house, which was my room when I was a kid. He looked at all the hand print paintings,

“Cute. Whose room was this?”

“Mine when I was younger but its too small for me now, we moved most of my stuff upstairs when I turned 13.” He nodded.

“So do I get a tour of the entire house or a map?”

“You want a tour? This house really isn’t that interesting!”

“I grew up on a ranch, its interesting to me,”

“Okay then, tour time!” I led him round the house avoiding Zoe’s bedroom as there was suspiciously loud music playing in there. Tek seemed awed by the art studio we’d put in for Phoenix,

“Daang, my art studio at home is known as the hay loft.”

“You paint?” He turned to me,

“Surprised? You’ve met my dad, you don’t think he would pressure me into painting from a young age?”

“I didn’t think he was the sort to do that, he seemed quite happy with the fact you help Roxane.”

“Hmph, he’s happy that we have a shared interest.”

Mum came running in chasing after Dmitri who clung to my waist and tried to hide behind me,

“Dmitri come on bath time!” Dmitri giggled, thinking mum had no idea he was behind me, mum straightened up a bit and smiled at Tek,

“Did you get the horse settled in okay?”

“Yes, he should calm down eventually, and I apologize in advance for the manure Mrs Tempest.”

“I’m sure Zoe will be able to put it to good use when she is doing community service in our garden, which reminds me,” Mum stormed across the landing and banged on the door  to Zoe’s room,

“Zoe if you don’t kick the boy in your bed out of your room by the time I count to three..” Zoe’s door opened and she emerged, red faced and wearing her very rumpled shirt, shortly followed by an equally shame faced guy.

“Get out of my house now.” Mum gestured to the door,

“Zoe, don’t you think I wont talk to your father about this. Family meeting tonight. Jasmyn you can take Tek out tonight and show him around,” Tek was still standing next to me while Dmitri stared at Zoe in shock,

“Quit staring you little brat.” Zoe slammed her door shut and the music returned to its original volume.


Gen 3:3 Birthday

Originally the plan for my birthday was that I’d be home the day before my birthday but thanks to my ridiculous father I flew home a good week before my birthday. But mum did try hard with my birthday, she made sure the twins were home as Zoe would always be out with a different guy and Phoenix would be out partying. Dmitri would have stayed home no matter what. I honestly can’t believe how much Zoe, Phoenix and Dmitri had all grown since I went to France though. And now its my turn

We’d all been sitting at the table when my phone started ringing, I quickly excused myself and answered,


“Hey, Jasmyn, happy birthday!”

“Uhh who is this?”

“Oh sorry, sweetpea! It’s Roxane!”

“Oh hey Roxane,”

“Also could I ask you a favor? Tek’s coming to Lucky Palms in a few days for a contest but, typically he hasn’t got a place to stay. I was wondering if he and Orion could stay at your place for a few weeks?”

“Uhh I’m not sure if we could accommodate Orion though,”

“You could get a loose box built in a garage, its not ideal but its a quick solution.”

“I don’t know, I’ll have to talk to my mother about it.”

“Okay, look I’ve got go, ovens about to explode.” Roxane hung up. I didn’t realize until later that I’d got a new phone for my birthday and nobody had my number yet.

After dinner I spoke to mum about getting a loose box put in the stable,

“It would only be temporary, and Orion is generally a quiet horse.”

“The horse that threw you off?”

“Only because he was scared, mum please, Roxane and Hideo let me stay at their place the least we could do is let Tek stay here!”

“Fine, I’ll make you a deal. Since you’re going to be leader soon anyway, you can organize it all. All the family funds are yours to deal with for a week.”

“Deal! Thanks mum, I know Tek will be grateful,” Mum laughed,

“You think it will be easy don’t you? He’s coming in a week no? You’d better start finding someone to help you with the horse stuff.”

After 3 hours of googling I discovered that loose boxes do not come cheap, nor are they easy to install but I found a company who would deliver and assemble within 3 days of an order being placed for §1500, now to check that the family account could take it. I logged into mums bank account and nearly had a heart attack, looks like dad’s been doing better in business!

Mum came in later, to ask me how I was doing,

“Not bad, just looking up floor plans for my home.”

“And the horse accommodation?”

“Sorted. They’re coming to the house tomorrow to assemble it, I explained who I was and they seemed more than happy to throw in a couple of bales of hay, a water trough and a salt lick for the horse.”

Fabulousa News

Hey guys,
Master controller was finished last night and I’ve been able to rebuild the family without losing any genetics. I also have 6 drafts so I think posts should be pretty regular for a while. Although I’m going back to school tomorrow and its going to be a busy year so posts will be a lot slower. Hope you guys understand!

Also in other random news, its my 16th bday in 3 weeks!! 😀