Game File Crash

Last night my legacy game file crashed, so the new post will be delayed by quite a bit while I try to rebuild the family tree. Meh. I hope you all have a great week and I will try to get the post out as soon as I can.


Gen 3:2 Accidents Happen

Roxane woke me up early so I could help her to get the horses ready. By 5am we were in the garden trotting around with the horses. Orion had been a nightmare to get out of the barn, Roxane ended up yelling “get out you ornery brute!!” And he pretty much cantered out of the barn. Slowly we had begun to pick up pace, we were trying to train Orion in jumping since he apparently had the perfect build for jumping but Orion had other ideas, we’d been trotting up to the first hurdle when he reared up, throwing me off him, Tek came running out from the house and caught Orion’s reins before he could run off,

Once Orion was relatively calm, he dropped the reins, turned to me and offered his hand,

“Are you okay?” I shook my head my ankle was throbbing and my lower stomach was killing me, the minute I’d stood up the ache in my stomach felt worse. I was holding onto Tek while he held the reins, Roxane ran over and helped me to stand up properly.

“Jasmyn, I think we’re gonna have to take you to hospital, just to make sure you haven’t hurt yourself to severely,” I nodded and let them help me into the car, Tek offered to stay home but Roxane said she’d need him there to help me out of the car. The drive to the hospital was mercifully short but my ankle had swollen up pretty badly by the time we were all in the waiting room.

“This waiting room is as cramped as a rabbit hole!!” Roxane complained as she helped me to sit down, Roxane had phoned my mother on the way and mum had said that she would talk to me afterwards as she had an important meeting to go to. We’d been waiting for a few minutes when Roxane huffed and stormed over to the counter, I couldn’t see what she said but all of a sudden we were  being called in to see a doctor, Tek glared at Roxane and she shrugged, ushering me into the room. The doctor smiled at me and asked me to stand up and as I did I winced, it was bearable but painful as hell. Tek caught my elbow just as I swayed,

“Hmm, okay well I think that could be a sprain.. Lets get a quick x-ray. Anything else hurting?”

“Yeah my stomach,” The doctor gently prodded at my stomach,

“Hmm.. Feels fine to me, probably just cramped up.” I nodded and sat up, Tek and Roxane were across the room looking like they were involved in some kind of serious stare down. Finally Tek looked away and over at me and he winked. Roxane rolled her eyes from behind him and smacked him on the back of the head.

After I’d had my foot x-ray done and been told I had a sprained ankle mum phoned,

“Are you okay sweetheart?”

“Yeah, mum its just a sprain! Accidents happen!”

“Well okay, but your father panicked a bit and changed  your return flight.”

“When am I flying home?”


“But I only just got here!!”

Gen 3:1 Champs Les Sims

Finally! My plane’s landed in Champs Les Sims, now I need to find Hideo… found him! He’s the only guy in the airport with bleach blonde hair with orange tips. Hideo smiled when he saw me and came over to help me with my bags,

“Ah Jasmyn! How was your flight?” He hauled my bright pink carry on over his shoulder,

“It was okay, I slept through most of it. I had a quick look at the plan you made for our trip.”

“Any questions?”

“Yeah, who are Tek and Roxane?”

“Oh, thats my wife and son. You’ll see Roxane in a second..” As he spoke a woman with scarlett hair came running over to us, pulling  my suitcase behind her.

“You must be Jasmyn! I’m Roxane, Hideo’s wife.”

“And you’re coming horse riding with me?” She nodded

“Since we live on a ranch we figured we’d show you the horses we share our lives with,” Roxane looked like the most glamorous ranch owner I’d ever seen, yet her clothes fit the ranch look. She seemed to glow as she looked at Hideo and I could’ve sworn I saw a flicker around her ears, and her ears became pointed, like an elves, probably just bad lighting.

The drive to their house was brief and as we pulled up I could see a guy by the stables with a foal, helping it to stand, Roxane dived out the car before it had even stopped and ran over to the mare who was standing nearby  putting her arms around it,

“Thats Roxane’s horse, Melody. We’ve been waiting for her to foal for 3 days now, looks like it finally happened. I’ll take you up to your room. You’re in the attic, so you have a birds eye view of the stables and paddock.”

“You don’t look much like someone who lives on a ranch.” The words were out of my mouth before I could even stop them, I looked at him hoping not to offend him, to my surprise he laughed,

“I’m a painter, Roxane is the one with all the horse expertise, she brought her horses here when she moved in 2 years ago, Tek took a real shine to one of the stallions, and ever since he’s been helping her out. It’s the only time they ever talk.”

“Can I meet the horses?”

“Sure, get settled in first though and phone your parents.” Hideo directed me up the stairs and led me into a cute little guest room, he flicked the light switch and pointed to a door,

“En-suite bathroom.” He stood awkwardly in the doorway for a few seconds and left. I peered around the room, it was small and cosy just the way I liked it. I dumped my bags and went back downstairs and walked out to the stables, Roxane was in there with the foal, bottle feeding it. She smiled when she saw me,

“Melody can’t feed her own foals, we have to bottle feed them. Want to try?” I nodded and Roxane taught me how to hold the bottle for it, Melody was looking at us from her stall, making sure we weren’t hurting the foal. Hideo came in and saw the empty box next to Melody,

“Has Tek taken Orion out again?” Roxane nodded,

“He’s gone to go get some food for dinner.” Hideo nodded and left us alone in the barn again.

“So we’re going horse riding tomorrow?” Roxane nodded,

“Tek says you can ride Orion since I’m supervising, Orion can be a bit of a nightmare on a bad day. But he’s perfectly safe!” As she spoke Tek came in to the barn leading Orion, and putting him in the box without a word to either Roxane or I.

Gen 3: Jasmyn Tempest-Introductions

Hey everyone! Jasmyn Tempest here, first born child of Mortimer Goth and Scarlett Tempest. I’m the third generation heiress, granddaughter of the late Rose Tempest the family’s founder. My mother was forced into marriage by her mother, the marriage that first of all failed because my father was abusive. When my parents marriage fell apart so did my father. He lost his job and his kids so he came back promising never to hurt any of us again. So far he’s kept his promise, and done more. He’s paying for me to go to France, where I will have my own tour guide! I plan to become a doctor then worry about marriage and kids, I mean, I’m only 16!

Gen 2:13 The Inspiration

When I first started writing this legacy a few people recommended me using Mortimer Goth. But since I found generation 1 a very easy story to write, I mean, sims meet, fall in love, get married, have kids I wanted more of a challenge for generation 2. It was either going to be, Mortimer cheating on Scarlett or a domestic abuse project. I picked domestic abuse because I felt more comfortable writing it. I was always unsure about how anyone reading it would take it but a lot of you seemed to love the story I weaved between them.

During the time I was writing this story a young singer called Jasmine Villegas released a song which told of her experience with domestic abuse with boyfriend/wannabe rapper Jinsu. The song is called “Didn’t Mean It” it was featured on the Leader’s Songs page. The lyrics read as

“He’s down on bending knees
You’re down on bending knees
Saying, you didn’t mean it
you didn’t mean it
if you didn’t mean it
Then why would you say it
he didn’t mean it
you never mean it.
Then why in the world would you say it”

In the video Jasmine shows a disturbing scene in which she is presumably on webcam, when her boyfriend starts banging on the door demanding to be let in, when Jasmine opens the door, she is hit to the floor and then dragged into a room where she screams for him to stop. It is unknown whether or not the man in the video was Jinsu or not.

The real idea for the story though came from the story everyone is familiar with. The Chris Brown/Rihanna story. Rihanna has a song called “Love The Way You Lie (ft. Eminem)” and “Love The Way You Lie Part II (ft. Eminem)” which clearly relate to her abusive ex-partner, however Rihanna released a song with Chris Brown called “Birthday Cake” which caused a lot of people to believe the pair where back together, however a source close to Rihanna said they were just friends despite just the year before Rihanna had a restraining order on Brown. Rihanna has shown it is possible to remain friends after an abusive relationship. Although I do not endorse this. It is purely your choice!

There are also two other women I’d like to thank, for helping me to write this story and talk to them about their experiences, however I will not say who they are for privacy reasons.

If you or someone you know is a victim of domestic abuse please contact,

Women’s Aid (UK Only)

Love Is Respect


Gen 2:12 Second Chance

“Mum!! Mum, get up!!” Urgh, it was early. Way too early and Jasmyn was shaking my shoulder,

“Mum, in case you haven’t forgotten you’re getting married again today and dad’s already at the gazebo downstairs!!” I slowly sat up and saw Jasmyn standing in a stunning purple dress, there were flowers woven in her hair and Dmitri was in her arms in his dungarees, waving at me.

“Momma wake up!! Daddy downstaiws!!” I shooed them out of my room and began getting ready, I’d bought a new dress for this day. Mortimer and I had agreed on just having our kids at the wedding. Dad had gone to a retirement home and was beginning to develop dementia aged just 61. I snuck a peek out of my window and saw Jasmyn trying to settle the Dmitri in the gazebo. Mortimer was fixing up the camera so Zoe and Phoenix could watch from school after their school’s rejected our request to have them home for a few days. Eventually I made my way out to the garden and stood under the arch next to Mortimer, he grinned at me like a little kid. We said our vows and then we went out for dinner still in our wedding clothes.

Once inside the restaurant we were offered champagne but Mortimer turned his down, smiling at me while Jasmyn tapped on her cell phone keys,

“Jasmyn, put that phone down before I take it away! Who are you texting?”

“Hideo, he wants to know what time my plane is landing.”

“You can tell him tomorrow, come on and enjoy yourself! This reservation wasn’t cheap!”

Jasmyn sighed and tucked her phone into her purse then began doing the airplane game with Dmitri who squealed and kicked his chubby legs on the high chair.

We ended up getting home at about 1 in the morning with Jasmyn carrying a sleeping Dmitri and Mortimer carrying me. Jasmyn was packing late into the night and by morning she was passed out on the sofa in her room.

“Jas, get up! You need to have breakfast, and then finishing packing!” She waved a hand at me asking me to get out.

“I’ll get up in a minute!!” 10 minutes later I came into her room and handed her a bowl of cereal while she began packing up more clothes. She nodded at me and began haphazardly throwing in her make up.


“Have you got your passport?”

“Yes mum!”

“Are you sure?” We were at Jasmyn’s departure lounge checking the last minute things. Hideo had arranged to pick her up and she would stay in his house. He’d given us an agenda of all the activities and ensured us that Jasmyn would be perfectly safe while in his care.

“Flight 503 going to Champ Les Sims is boarding now, please make your way to departure lounge 3.” Jasmyn grinned and hugged us goodbye as she ran onto the plane, carrying her overnight bag.

Gen 2:11 Decisions

Mother was propped up on some pillows, her gray hair fanned out on the pillows. I’d never though my mother could look weak. But here she is relying on a machine to keep her alive. Mortimer wrapped an arm around my shoulder.

I turned to the doctor,

“Is there any chance she’d make it?”

“If she did she could be potentially brain damaged.”

“Would she be in pain if she makes it?”

“It seems like she would be in pain and possibly reliant on painkillers.”

Dad came behind me,

“Sweetheart, I love her too but it wouldn’t be fair to keep her alive, like the doctor said earlier she has a very slim chance of survival.”

“Pass me the consent forms.”

I signed along the dotted lines and went into mother’s room to say goodbye, I held her hand and closed my eyes. Eventually her breathing settled and her face became a serene mask, dad came in and took mother’s other hand and kissed it. I felt a funny ripple beneath my feet and a hooded skeletal figure appeared in the room, I could swear I’d seen a grey ghost stand before the hooded figure but I blinked and it was gone. Mother’s bed was empty and an urn was placed on the floor.

I found that after the urn appeared on the floor I felt relieved, dad was handed some graveyard leaflets and he was staring at them in his hands. I knew what he was feeling, he was older than her. He felt guilty that she had gone before him.


After mother died, Dad moved in with us and helped with the wedding plans after Mortimer asked for his blessing after taking dad to go see a Llamas football match. Summer and Chase had moved out to Twinbrook after Chase was offered a job there. Jasmyn is already getting excited for her trip to Champs Les Sims, I’ve made sure she has her own tour guide and that he will stay with her throughout her trip and keep her safe. She has spoken to him on the phone a few times and she seems to like him, I’ve spoken to him too, he seems very nice, he’s staying in France and is a painter but does tour guides to up his income, his name is Hideo Saito.

We had a special plot of land for Mother in the local cemetary and we laid flowers over it-Roses, just like her name. Dmitri-the only one of my children with her hair had begun to walk and he wandered off over to the wild rose bushes and said to us,

“Momma! I see gwandma!!” Jasmyn scooped him up and looked to where he was pointing,

“No silly, thats a Rose bush!” She chucked him under the chin and he gave her a dribbly giggle.


Jasmyn is gonna make a great mother and she already has a bunch of boys at school who are keen on her. Unfortunately her France trip clashes with prom but she isn’t that interested in going. She wants to experience some culture then she’ll be studying to be a doctor! I’m happy my girl is putting career before marriage and kids. She says she’s going to have a little three bedroom house built as the mansion we have now is just too big for her!